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Please Tell Mr. Ninomiya Kazunari…

If you know Mr. Ninomiya Kazunari, please tell him that I love him. I may not be “in love” with him but I love him. So bad. I’m aware that there are a hundred million other fangirls around the world who probably say the same thing, who proclaim their undying love for him by flashing their boobies screaming their lungs out during concerts and buying every single version of their albums… In the greater scheme of things, I know that am but a nobody.

Please tell him, however that despite the fact that I haven’t met him in person and that there’s clearly a huge language barrier between us (the only Japanese phrases I’ve perfected are “Hai. Sou desu.” and “Ganbarimasu! Fight-o!”), he had affected me in ways a lot of people won’t even understand. I fell for him hard the first time I watched his performace of Konseki. I think I died that night when I realized he wrote that song himself. And the more I listened to his self-made music, the more I found myself getting lost in his awesomeness.



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The Dream Date

She knocked on his bedroom door and no one answered. It was already half past nine when she got to his almost empty house, the notes on the fridge reminding her that the folks were out for the weekend. Slowly pushing the door open, she was welcomed by a hanging cardboard with an arrow hastily painted on it. It was pointing towards the ceiling but when she lifter her head, there was nothing there, except for the brown marks drawn by the leak on the roof.

She looked around, trying to find any traces of him and there was none. It started to worry her, after realizing that it was beyond unusual for him to message “i need u 2nyt. pls drop by the haus asap… i mean, f u can. tnx!”, especially on a Friday, when he’s supposed to be out getting wasted with friends.

And then she heard a familiar sound- the strumming of a guitar, and it dawned on her that it was coming from the rooftop.

“Is he being emo again?”, asked her, while rolling her eyes. She has gotten used to his bouts of self-pity and depression, where he’d sulk in the corner of his room and do a CSI or Scrubs or House marathon. But this time, it’s different because he actually went on the roof and played the guitar. He was only 14 when he attempted to learn the instrument.

The rooftop was an unchartered territory for her. After thinking long and hard of ways to get on the roof, she finally decided to let it go and take the fire exit ladder, which she never even knew existed. And on her last step, she looked up and saw what would be her “true-love snapshot”, according to Mitch Albom.



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I Think I Like Jolina… Erm.

When I was much younger, I thought that Jolina Magdangal was some weird-ass celebrity trying to impress people with her flamboyantly gay clothes. I always got confuzzled whenever I watched her host on TV, with those Rainbow Bright-inspired outfits and accessories that would put any drag queen to shame.

But recently, I realized, hell. We pretty much have the same sense of fashion. I then began LOL-ing at myself and wondered when people would coin a word synonymous to “jologs” based on my name.

I don’t know why they had an inherent aversion towards her style then, given that it was so hip, so individualistic, so Tokyo. She never tired to conform, didn’t try to be your typical, boring pretty face whose name we never heard of again after G-mik. Most of all, she was a trendsetter.

Do you remember those butterfly hair clips with springs to make them look like they’re moving? Well, those were first seen on Jolina, when she guested on ‘Sang Linggo Na Po Sila, if I’m not mistaken. Same goes with those tacky mini clips that didn’t really do much for your hair except make you look like you’re 4 years old. 2 days after she wore them, the clips were already being mass-produced and sold in palengkes.



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Unsent aka Love, Kring

I have to get these outta my flat chest. So, just pretend I’m Alanis Morisette, singing that late ’90s mellow rock song back when she was still made of angst and didn’t go spreading her legs for magazines. I loved that girl, you know. And yes, this is my 2nd consecutive mush entry. It’s that time of the year, with the typhoons, flooding and all, when I feel the need to hang my self upside down. While crying blood.

Disclaimer: I hope I don’t come off as a snappy playgirl with a harlem of boys around her. I mean, I wouldn’t really mind and I’d even have an excuse to walk around in a dominatrix costume but sadly, I’m just your typical girl who’s been single since birth. YES I MUST MENTION IT IN EVERY SINGLE POST, MMKAY? May the guys I wrote these letters to not get to read this and cut off ties with me for eternity.

-Names have been changed to protect the persons involved. Whattalulz.-

Dear Rez,

You’re right. 10 times karma, that’s what I got. I never thought that breaking someone else’s heart at a young age of 13 will hunt me for the next decade. I was a kid then, what was I supposed to know? I have already apologized a long time ago and we’ve pretty much forgotten about each other since then but just now, I wished that life was just like plurk and my posting this would increase my karma.



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“Coming Out Hair”

“Coming Out Hair”, that’s what my friends call it. One asked if I already got fed up hiding in the closet, that I decided to “come out” by looking more butch than Aiza Seguerra. I don’t know what’s the big deal about it, really. I was tired of my long, damaged hair so I pretty much chopped it all off (not in a G.I. Jane kinda way, mmkay?) and ended up getting varied reactions from people.

Ego, friend of a blogger friend: Kring! You uhm, cut your hair… O_o Are you depressed?

Heysel, long time friend: Why, hello tharr, tita Jovy! (referring to my mom. We apparently look like twins now.)

Ms. Elvie, our accountant: Nice! You’re so pretty! It looks better on you!

P0yt, tanggera: WTF, dude. -_-

Wil, retarded friend: Aiza!!! *sings* pagdating ng panahon… Wahahahahahaha!!!

Boss: Who is this guy? Kring?! What the hell???
Me: Shuddup. It looks hot. Imma get more guys with this ‘do!
Boss: Oh yeah, and girls, too. *smirks*
Me: Is that supposed to be a bad thing?

NO. I’M NOT A LEZBO. THERE’S NO REASON FOR ME TO COME OUT, TOO BECAUSE I WAS NEVER IN THE CLOSET TO BEGIN WITH. I honestly just wanted to look completely like a certain leader of a Korean boyband lol and ended up looking like a gay guy pretending to be a girl who’s trying to look androgynous. Confused? Me, too.

Pics after the jump! (Huh? Where do we jump? Is it New Year’s Eve already? Why am I so corny?)



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Like I’m So Like Random and Stuff Like Yanno

This past week had been… wow. It wasn’t really hectic or crazy but let’s just say I had quite a few discoveries and/or realizations one of which is that I’m male.

First and foremost, I have a new favorite band- A Korean indie group called The Melody. OMFG THEIR SELF-TITLED ALBUM IS SO MUCH THE SHIT, IT WILL PWN YOUR FACE!!! (I love how I write with so much class and maturity lol) There’s not a song in the album that I don’t like, I swear. But of course, Love Box and Remember top my list! Here’s the live version of Love Box, which apparently is also from the Coffee Prince OST but I wouldn’t know as I haven’t seen the series yet. Seriously, you don’t even need to know Hanggul to know good music. One of these days, I’ll do a pimp post of my fave Asian artists…

I spent about 3 days at Ilocos Norte and I tell you, Pagudpud is soooo underrated. Hell, my country is underrated. We got to Pagudpud at around 10pm and I kid you not, I P.I.’d like I never have before when I looked up at the sky and saw the stars in their full glory. I’m a stars person and if others search for surf spots or dive sites, I look for the best star spots. I can’t even explain how beautiful the skies were. And the sunset was beyond breath-taking, too. And did I mention that the blue water looks like it was jobos’d? Only God can come up with a production design like that! Exquisite.



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