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Names and Such

If you noticed, I don’t really do memes (well, I don’t “do” a lot of things, yanno. *nudge nudge* ^_^) but since it was The Noisy Man who tagged me and the topic is something I’d actually write about, I figured, why not? Well, I’m supposed to share the different names that different people call/has called me but I’m sure none of you really give a shit. Heh, I’m still doing the meme anyway.

Well, I have a weird name, albeit it has character. In fact, a lot people remember me because of it. KRING. C’mon. How can you forget that? Sure, it sounds jologs and funny but I actually have a very posh and non-ghei name on my birth certificate.

Sheena Jeanne (not “jin”. It’s French, bitch. ) Krystle – I think my parents were under the influence when they were thinking of a name for me. They were never a creative, artsy couple so it still boggles me that they came up with such a long, oddly-spelled name. I like it though. I mean, no offense meant but I just can’t imagine myself named… Anna. Or Joan. or Michelle.

Sheena – Unless you were gradeschool classmate or teacher, DO NOT call me this, I swear.




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