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“Coming Out Hair”

“Coming Out Hair”, that’s what my friends call it. One asked if I already got fed up hiding in the closet, that I decided to “come out” by looking more butch than Aiza Seguerra. I don’t know what’s the big deal about it, really. I was tired of my long, damaged hair so I pretty much chopped it all off (not in a G.I. Jane kinda way, mmkay?) and ended up getting varied reactions from people.

Ego, friend of a blogger friend: Kring! You uhm, cut your hair… O_o Are you depressed?

Heysel, long time friend: Why, hello tharr, tita Jovy! (referring to my mom. We apparently look like twins now.)

Ms. Elvie, our accountant: Nice! You’re so pretty! It looks better on you!

P0yt, tanggera: WTF, dude. -_-

Wil, retarded friend: Aiza!!! *sings* pagdating ng panahon… Wahahahahahaha!!!

Boss: Who is this guy? Kring?! What the hell???
Me: Shuddup. It looks hot. Imma get more guys with this ‘do!
Boss: Oh yeah, and girls, too. *smirks*
Me: Is that supposed to be a bad thing?

NO. I’M NOT A LEZBO. THERE’S NO REASON FOR ME TO COME OUT, TOO BECAUSE I WAS NEVER IN THE CLOSET TO BEGIN WITH. I honestly just wanted to look completely like a certain leader of a Korean boyband lol and ended up looking like a gay guy pretending to be a girl who’s trying to look androgynous. Confused? Me, too.

Pics after the jump! (Huh? Where do we jump? Is it New Year’s Eve already? Why am I so corny?)



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The Evolution of my Hair

When I was 11, my hair kinda died on me. If it wasn’t stuck on my scalp, I would’ve buried it beside my the grave of my 3rd grade diary (ain’t shitting with yah!) but you see, I had to live with it.

It had been puffy and brittle and dried ever since and quite honestly, it’s one of my biggest frustrations in life. I mean, who wants to have walis tambo for hair? Over the years, I’ve come to realize that no matter how fug you may be, hell, even if you have an eye above your bellybutton, if you have great hair, guys wouldn’t mind getting into your pants.

Also, just so you know, none of those hair products you see on TV work. NONE. At least, for me. So in my quest to have better hair, I’ve concentrated on the style, not so much the quality anymore because each strand of this goddam mane looks like it came from the pubis area.



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