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Of Solid Perfumes, Brazilian Models and Mario Dumawal

These, my friends, are the reasons why I haven’t blogged in almost a month.

Since early October, my team and I have been working on an event, which honestly, was much bigger than what I had expected- The Estee Lauder Holiday Spectacular. Much as I’d like to share more details about what we went through in putting it together, I’d rather keep mum about it or I’d lose my job and maybe upset some people. So everything you’d read here would be about rainbows and butterflies and yes, solid perfumes. Effing expensive ones at that.

(Let me just make a disclaimer that the young and beautiful Marketing Manager of Estee Lauder Philippines, Crystal Lee, allowed me to write about this…)

So the event was held last November 11 at The Gallerie of Rustan’s Makati. Sorry if this may sound brash or whatev but man, our set was just… whoah wtf. Red carpet everywhere, posh cocktail tables, showcase displays adorned with the exclusive Estee Lauder solid perfumes (more on that later), and may I not forget the humongous Gwyneth Paltrow backdrop.

Just like in any other events we’ve done in the past, we were a bunch of nerves prior to the start of the program. And when I say prior, I mean 2 weeks prior. (Oh gawd, I’m really itching to tell you of the things that almost made me punch some people in the face but I R A PROFESHUNUL and shall zip my lips and just keep you guessing *winks ala Sarah Palin*)




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