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This is the Entry Where I Show You My Boobs

Do you remember this recent post? Why O__o? Well, one of my winnar friends, Mishi (the girl I was with at the iblog afterparty) made a really crack collage that would totally make Korean fangirls hate me.

my layout ate this image. whadachamp.

LOL. I just sit and wait until this reaches the Korean netizens. Who knows, I might start getting comments like “sHUt uP U d0NT luK Lyk TEUKIE OppA 1 BiT, U wHor3!!!111one!” or even end up getting poisoned by one of them! I won’t mind meeting Gackt this Lee Teuk kid someday though. I mean, I have a male Korean celebrity for a twin- it’s supposed to be a good thing, right?

In another note (which is related to the title), I’ve finally accepted that most guys have bigger boobs than me. Serious. Even my mother would laugh at my chest when she sees me in tight tops. I mean, I’m so flat, I look like this topless.




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Boobies, boobies, where forth art thou?

I am flat-chested. To even quote my friend, “I’m so flat, I’m concave”.

Okay, I know I shouldn’t be making such a big deal about it because majority of Asian women have small breasts anyway but you know what, just for tonight allow me to. I’m an A-cup and quite honestly I always get teased about it. Maybe not so much because of their size but because I myself tend to make fun of my “booblets (little boobs)” anyway.



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