Female. Early 20’s. Filipina. Has a lot of Issues. Frustrated Actress/Crime Detective/Japanese. Grinds teeth at night. Ambitious. Alcoholic, chain-smoking bitch. Was named after a ‘bold star’ (seriously). Diva. Complicated. Exaggerated. True.

20 responses to “Funny+Sexy

  1. dYu


    wow sexy!

    ayyy… funny 😀


  2. cokskiblue

    They say I also grind my teeth at night. Hehe. 😛

  3. undextrois

    According to also
    called bruxism is related to sleep-apnea.LOL 🙂

  4. Nood tayo TV series ng Densha Otoko! Nyehehe. Pwede ring Great Teacher Onizuka, o 1 Litre Of Tears. Oh pwede ring buong Ring Cycle. 😀

    Added you on my links list, magandang dilag.

  5. ahmmmmmmmmmmm? *speechless* hehe

  6. here she is! one of the actors behind the trinoma AVP spoof! Congrats! Hahaha! You are all marvelous! Super Laugh trip! hahah!

  7. a tribute! hands down. galing. =”)

    dropby if you can.

  8. wow too sexy ang funny blog you got, pwede po xlink

  9. hey 🙂 nakita ko website mo sa iBlog 4 kanina.
    links ex??

  10. If funny is the new sexy, then I am the old sexy, but not as old as the actual sexy.

    Met you briefly at the blogger party at Katips.:)

  11. Hello Ms. Kring. Saw your nice portrait from Markku and dropped by your site to visit. I saw you in the Katips blog party as well but we never really met. Just wanted to say Hi!

  12. twas nice meeting you. (@ Katips) =)

  13. koreanmine

    funny indeed! sexy indeed!!! whole package!
    even w/o the D cup 😀

  14. OMG! seen you yesterday, lapit mo lang din pala dito sa office namin, your wearing with the number “29”, and yes, natulala na lang ako, lapitan sana kita kaya lang baka sampalin mo na lang ako bigla, anyway, basta nakita na kita ng personal. Funny+sexy proven to be real

  15. swallowedapple


    drop by whenever you can.^^

  16. Hi! I saw you at the wordcamp. Unfortunately i wasnt able to witness your talk. Napaka konti kc ng oras. Just want to ask if i may have a copy of your presentation? im interested in making videos kc.thanks

  17. btw, here’s my e-ad for the presentation im requesting:
    thanks again.

  18. hey you funny+sexy! glad i met you in person last night. i like you na. seriously ha. see you again soon, amiga.

  19. bocahbancar


    Nice to meet u..

    I’m Indonesian..

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