A Letter to Myself 10 Years from Now

When I was in 5th or 6th grade, I started to keep a journal where I wrote down all my thoughts and secrets. From my frustrations with the exam results, to my friend’s story that she’s being molested by her lolo, to my own version of chicken soup for the soul, except mine’s tuknene and isaw. It would’ve been nice if I can read again what I wrote then and maybe tap into my old self. Unfortunately, however, I’m an idiot who buried that journal in our backyard (in a “time capsule”) and we have since built a new house over the it.

Much thanks to the internet, I can now keep a journal and read it anytime, anywhere. And so, I’ve decided to write a letter, addressed to my self ten years from now. By then, I’d be 33, and maybe, just maybe… I’d still be very happy.

Dear 33 y/o Kring,

How are you? I honestly hope and pray that you’re doing well and that things have turned out the way you planned them to. Have you seen the world yet? I know you have always wanted to do that, to get out of this place, not to run away from it all but to experience the world as it was made to be. By now, I’d assume you’ve been to Japan, Australia and The Holy Land already. Okay, the last one may be a stretch but I at least wish you’re well-traveled.

Okay, this is really what I want to know- are you on your way to being the first female to ever create an empire in the country/region? Please, I beg of you, do not tell me you’re still doing segments and small shows like the ones I’m doing now because you know you can do much better. EMPIRE. Don’t you dare forget. EMPIRE. And how many films have you done already? Have you won awards yet? Please tell me you’ve also met and your heroes Gwak Jae Young, Wong Kar Wai and Iwai Shunji or have at least done something that would make them proud. EMPIRE.



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10 responses to “A Letter to Myself 10 Years from Now

  1. Quick smoking already 😀

  2. EMPIRE!! Huzzah!
    All bow not just to the Cult of Kring but to the Empire of Kring!

    And you’re right Happiness is a choice. Always find a reason to smile.

  3. cool post! we always wonder what we will be in the future, how we’ll change, or what will stay the same.

  4. I lol’d on the flabs part. What the. What if Future Kring wrote back? Hmmm. That’d make a premise for a vlog.

    Oh, and I’m sure Wong Kar-Wai would’ve at least casted you in some future film. Stay intelligent and perky. 🙂

  5. funnysexy

    I will… Eventually. 😉

    @ Spacebunnygirl
    OMFG SHEA!!! HOW ARE YOU?!!? *glomps* Empire of Kring… Now that sounds fierce. Wanna be a part of it. LOLZ. How’s your career, dear?

    @ Shan
    Eyelabthiscommenter *kiss*

    @ ceemee
    That’s true. Though I’ve long stopped thinking about the future too much and started living in the now. It’s really less stressful.

    @ George
    Awww… Thank you! Oh yeah, that would be a nice episode! I’m sure she’d be all chic and Sarah Palin-ish but has smokes like a chimney. LOLZ. And I sure hope she’s less that 130 lbs. >_<

  6. Are you kidding? I’m totally there in the Empire of Kring.

    Guess what? I go from being a girl wanting to sing in Japanese to managing three – count em 3 – start up companies. One in food, one in fashion, and one in cell phone accessories. How’s that for a career switch? O.o

  7. Kring! I missed dropping by your site. 🙂 I like this post a lot. Makes me all anxious about the “10 years from now” part. Magkaedad pa naman tayo. Hehe 😀

    I also wish that by the time I’m 33, I’ve seen the world and I’ve done monumental things already.

    More importantly, that I’ve become part of changing the world for the better. 🙂

    Best of luck with everything!

  8. I’m sure The Empire of Kring will be standing tall when you’re 33. Or better yet, before 33. Aja, my dear! *hugs*

  9. This is cool. I should probably write something similar for myself. 🙂

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