Names and Such

If you noticed, I don’t really do memes (well, I don’t “do” a lot of things, yanno. *nudge nudge* ^_^) but since it was The Noisy Man who tagged me and the topic is something I’d actually write about, I figured, why not? Well, I’m supposed to share the different names that different people call/has called me but I’m sure none of you really give a shit. Heh, I’m still doing the meme anyway.

Well, I have a weird name, albeit it has character. In fact, a lot people remember me because of it. KRING. C’mon. How can you forget that? Sure, it sounds jologs and funny but I actually have a very posh and non-ghei name on my birth certificate.

Sheena Jeanne (not “jin”. It’s French, bitch. ) Krystle – I think my parents were under the influence when they were thinking of a name for me. They were never a creative, artsy couple so it still boggles me that they came up with such a long, oddly-spelled name. I like it though. I mean, no offense meant but I just can’t imagine myself named… Anna. Or Joan. or Michelle.

Sheena – Unless you were gradeschool classmate or teacher, DO NOT call me this, I swear.



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11 responses to “Names and Such

  1. funnysexy

    @ Ade

  2. Sheena = Sheena of the Jungle
    Jeanne = Jeane Young
    Krystle = Sylivia Kristel ( joke ) … OK I am stumped on that one 😀

    Kring Kring maganda naman yun ah! Well not as funny as you though 😀

  3. “that-girl-from-the-Shiseido-campiagn”.


  4. Hi funny sexy. Just blog hopping around. I love it here. More power to you. LOL

  5. j.

    i miss you silly goose! may juicy story ako for you.

  6. KRING!! *GLOMP*

    How’s the quest for stardom girl???

    Does she even remember who I am? <>

  7. Kai

    hAi po mS. KhReng. aNg taGaL k0h p0ng hiNanap yUng bLog ny0 po.

    LOL. you should add an “H” somewhere in your name to make it super Pinoy, like maybe, Khring2x. :)) ❤

  8. Kringy? It has a nice ring to it! I think that’s what I’d call you now. 😛

    Or if I feel a bit lolcatty, Kringeh. 😛

  9. “Krystle,” I guess, is from Krystle Carrington, the character of Linda Evans in the 80s nighttime soap opera “Dynasty”.

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