“When I Grow Up I Wanna Be…”

“I swear, if I didn’t love my job, I would have long committed suicide.”

I plurked that message a couple of nights ago while I was busy writing a sequence guide in the office at 11 fakken pm. Now, I know I normally don’t write about my work here but I think it’s about time that I share the details of my day job and the misadventures that come along with it.

As you probably have read somewhere here, I work in production/media. Back in college, I told myself I won’t start my career in those big-ass networks (because ugh, the politics!) so I ended up in a small production house, which, btw, has done some really kick-ass shows. Mind you, production DOES NOT pay well unless you’re Sid Maderazo or I dunno, Ricky Lee and for noobs, it can be such a bitch.

I started as a writer/segment producer while I was still in school, hence, I was immediately made an SP when I moved to the new company. Because it’s showbusiness and I deal with artistas and talents and models and shit, people assume that it’s a glmorous job. Far from it! In fact, it’s so totally unglamorous, I sometimes feel like I do more manual labor than camote farmers.




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16 responses to ““When I Grow Up I Wanna Be…”

  1. Buti ka pa nga, you really love what you’re doing in your work. Passion = big factor. And I believe you’re going to be big someday. ‘Di naman masasayang yung mga pinagpuyatan mo no? And when that time comes, I will definitely celebrate with you when I have the chance (though 98% malabo, LOL). 🙂

    Now I should really work on my projects since it will really get me prepared for the “real world”, just like what you said to me dati on Plurk. Gusto ko sana mag-freelance, pero mas maganda narin na well-prepared ako kung ‘di matuloy ang plano na yun. But really, freelance I want! FTW!

  2. j.

    work is also fun with you around kring! love you!

  3. You shall be big in this industry. I can feel your aura reverberating that fate. Unstoppable! 😉 I believe in you.

  4. I remember last week I was complaining about the new task they assigned to me. Na-overwhelm lang ako pero after that, ok na. Nagustuhan ko na yung task na yun and I am willing to go OT maayos lang lahat.

    Now that I am finally working, dun ko narealize na ang success pala does not depend on the compensation, pero kung nageexcel ka sa gusto mong gawin at nakikita mo yung output ng pinaghirapan mo.

    Watching you nung wordcamp made me admire you more. Frustration ko rin ang pagiging scriptwriter/director hehe. Oh well We’re still young and sexy LOL pero please, rest ka din paminsan-minsan 😀

  5. Ade

    I remember writing in my obligatory “what I wanna be when I grow up” list back in prep. I wrote down “Be the dictator of a small African country.”

  6. Ade

    I remember writing in my obligatory “what I wanna be when I grow up” list back in prep. I wrote down “Be the dictator of a small African country.”

  7. funnysexy

    @ Writer
    Thanks a lot. Honestly, I don’t think I’d work for any other reason… Why not, I know of a lot of really successful freelancers! But it would be nice to expand your network first, which you can do by maybe working for a company for a year or so.

    @ J
    I MISS YOU ALREADY!!!! *glomps*

    @ Fritz
    OMG Babe thanks a lot! Will still have my photos taken by you even if I become bigger than uh, Charice Pempengco! Lolz. ^_^ Mwah!

    @ micamyx
    Seriously, if you wanna be in this industry, let nothing stop you! And thanks, just been busy these days but I normally go out and get wasted every Friday night. XD

    @ Ade
    LOLZ. Have you given up on that dream yet? You shouldn’t. I wanna be friends with a president someday.

  8. ayos lang yan, konting tyaga lang yan, makakasanayan mo na rin ang ganyan work, nyahahahaha! even though i dont know kung ilang taon ka na sa field na yan!

  9. You know what? Though I’ve only seen you personally just once, with all that you’ve been doing lately, I already smell that star on you. Really. Ilang tumbling pa, and you’ll soon reap what you’re sowing. (I suck at sayings so there)

    You’re still young (like me). We have a lot of years ahead of us. A hell lot of years to invest. A hell lot of years to make adjustments, to make errors, to make decisions. Someday… someday… andun na tayo… sa clouds… with Charice…nagba-bungee jumping with Oprah Winfrey.

  10. YOU GO GIRL! Also, text me when your girl co-workers are walking around half nekkid, k? tnx!

  11. its nice to hear na despite the busy schedule na meron ka, you still find time to write and moreover you are fulfilled in what you do. (although single ka nga lang… bakit nga ba? ha ha)

    your post title, which i assume you got from PCD’s latest single, was my LSS for days now.. and i just stop but play. like now. after writing this, imma play it one more time.

  12. One step at a time 😀

  13. Stumbled upon your blog from some plurk link. Heh.

    And here I was about to complain about my school life. Nooo, you take the trophy.. congrats! LOL.

    Seriously.. goodluck. 😀 😀 If it’s something you love, it’s definitely worth it.

  14. funnysexy

    @ kulot
    Oh, believe me… Kung hindi ako sanay, I’d give up. Uhm, about 3 years na. ^^

    @ Neil
    THE BEST ANG COMMENT MO, BUNGEE JUMPING INCLUDED! Ahahaha. I hope you do well in your career, too!

    @ Baddie
    Will do! And oh, I owe you a yosi break. 😉

    @ Source
    Actually, I didn’t get my title from that song. 😛 And I honestly NEED to write, somehow, somewhere or I’d get crazy. Also, I think there’s something wrong with me, I mean… why I’m still single. Serious.

    @ Juned
    I know, right? 😉

    @ Cars
    Awww.. Thanks a lot! And don’t worry, I used to complain when I was a student, too. It’s training, really coz real life is a bitch, 10 x. ^_^ Hope to see you around more.

  15. i can smell a star…a huge star!:)

  16. timmy

    nice entry! im from the same industry and, yes, production life can be such a bitch 😀

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