WordCamp Moments of Crack and Lulz

I know I have made an entry about WordCamp Phils already but I just thought I’d share this video with you (albeit it’s long overdued). These are just random video clips, mostly of me haha from that day, as compiled and edited by Coy. While watching it, I honestly thought I should just be on video all the time because in person, I’m more erm… let’s just say “weird-looking”.

Also in the video are Matt Mullenweg, Ria Jose, Billycoy, P0yt and KevJumba. PWNED.



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One response to “WordCamp Moments of Crack and Lulz

  1. Hi….
    Nice blog you got…It’s a fun read……….
    I googled ‘videoblog’, and end up here.
    Learned that you did a presentation (lots of buzz ’bout it)at wordcamp, but can’t find the video. Is there one?
    ….really like your writings….keep at it…
    I also started a blog . Can I link you?…http://abstracthorizon.wordpress.com/

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