The Dream Date

She knocked on his bedroom door and no one answered. It was already half past nine when she got to his almost empty house, the notes on the fridge reminding her that the folks were out for the weekend. Slowly pushing the door open, she was welcomed by a hanging cardboard with an arrow hastily painted on it. It was pointing towards the ceiling but when she lifter her head, there was nothing there, except for the brown marks drawn by the leak on the roof.

She looked around, trying to find any traces of him and there was none. It started to worry her, after realizing that it was beyond unusual for him to message “i need u 2nyt. pls drop by the haus asap… i mean, f u can. tnx!”, especially on a Friday, when he’s supposed to be out getting wasted with friends.

And then she heard a familiar sound- the strumming of a guitar, and it dawned on her that it was coming from the rooftop.

“Is he being emo again?”, asked her, while rolling her eyes. She has gotten used to his bouts of self-pity and depression, where he’d sulk in the corner of his room and do a CSI or Scrubs or House marathon. But this time, it’s different because he actually went on the roof and played the guitar. He was only 14 when he attempted to learn the instrument.

The rooftop was an unchartered territory for her. After thinking long and hard of ways to get on the roof, she finally decided to let it go and take the fire exit ladder, which she never even knew existed. And on her last step, she looked up and saw what would be her “true-love snapshot”, according to Mitch Albom.




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28 responses to “The Dream Date

  1. nan

    “You happened.” ZOMFG! More cheese, please πŸ˜›

  2. that is just heart-melting, hearing those words from a guy (most guys wouldn’t speak up like that).

  3. β€œDo you really want to know what and why?”, he said, looking down on his feet. β€œThree years ago tonight, something happened.”

    She quickly tried to recall any monumental thing that might have occurred on February 27 three years prior but she was caught at a dead end.


    β€œYou happened.”

    Best part of the story. I mean, I’ve never met someone who would remember little things like the first day the friendship started, first date, the proposal, and all that. And how I wish that scene will happen. That would be sweet. And I can see some personal touches on the story, the symbols like the ‘I Survived Sagada’ shirt. Seems you can’t really get enough of your Sagada experience. LOL.

    And you know what, I actually remember the first time I met with my special friend: January 16, lunch break around 1PM, my first friend in college practicing “More Than Words” with his two group mates, including her. Crush ko na siya since first term ng frosh year ko, but that’s the only time I was totally stunned by how she really looks like up close and personal – she frequently wears lolita clothing, by the way. I just got to say ‘Hi’ only to her because, yeah, I’m stunned. Haha. And she has the cutest smile and cheeks ever.

    I wanted to treat her to somewhere next year on that day, but it seems that it will be only a plan. May ‘cold war’ kasi kami ngayon – the reason why I had a hard time making a comment on this post and the reason why I just said ‘Uh… wow” over your recent plurk. I finished it anyway because I really like the story that you wrote. Intense emotions can really inspire you to do things like making a short story or poem, which is cool.

    By the way, be glad that this is my longest comment ever on a blog post. πŸ™‚

  4. a major: AWWWWW. :”>

  5. funnysexy

    @ Nan
    You know what the crazy thing is? I just got that line from someone else. And I just happened to write this for him. πŸ˜‰ *hands you a QBB*

    @ Ceemee
    Inoeryt? I honestly think more guys should be more open/vocal about how they feel. ‘Coz their beloveds can up and leave anytime and it’s a pity that they won’t hear it straight from the guys. But that’s just how they are eh… Oh well. Thanks for dropping by again!

    @ Writer
    Man, props for that awesome comment and for sharing your story with me/us. No, really… Thank you! I hope next year would be better for you though! Kudos and see you around! *hugs*

    @ Cars

  6. Sarap mainlove LOL

    Meron din akong memorable “rooftop moment” with someone.


    (wala nang masabi nadala sa nabasa lol)

  7. Rooftops are actually one of the few places where I think are romantic. πŸ™‚

    Watching the skyline on a clear nightsky: priceless.

  8. funnysexy

    @ Riajose
    LOLZ Si badet napa- “haaaayyyy” na lang. XD

    @ Micamyx
    Wala pa kong rooftop moment. Boo! Ahaha.. Parang Ria Jose lang?

    @ Jake
    I know! I honestly wish our rooftop is conducive for star-seeing and romantic moment.. >_< And that we have a skyline in Fairview, too.

  9. awww, this is so sweet!
    post more of theseeee~

  10. Coy


    This is awesome Kringy. Reminds me of one of my few rooftop moments. Kaya lang yung kasama ko kausap ko lang sa cellphone. lolz.

    Dream date indeed. πŸ˜‰

  11. hmm. nice theme. πŸ™‚

  12. Now I know why I come here often πŸ™‚

  13. funnysexy

    @ megumi
    Thanks, dear! Though I’m not sure when my next “I’m inspired to write something cheesy” moment would be. XD

    @ Coy
    Awww.. You’ve had rooftop moments? Inggit ako! Lolz. Do I happen to know who that girl is? πŸ˜€

    @ Juned
    Thanks, Juned! Uhm… You come here for the crack, the cheese or the layout? Ahehehe

  14. reya


    whats with the banner? *throws glitters and sparks*

  15. funnysexy

    @ reya
    lam mo na… kelangan mag-panggap. lolz

    @ Ade
    Totally, dear.. πŸ˜‰ Must be the hormones. πŸ™‚

  16. Kai

    OMFG! I thought my “manok” finally spoke up! Goddemin! I miss youuuuu! XD

  17. Kai

    Oh, and I love your banner. Soooo pretty! πŸ™‚

  18. nan

    And whoa! Your new banner is made of awesomez!

  19. Ohgaawd is this Kring?! LOL.

    :d That’s just really cheesy, but I’m think I’m getting used with those cheesy lines I’ve been reading from bloggers lately.

    C’mon, the headarrr!

  20. CHEESE IS THE NEW SEXY! -what a perfect title for this site:D

    miss na kita…see yah soon!

  21. sam

    waah! “you happened”… shet, ang gandaaaa!!!

  22. funnysexy

    @ Kai
    Dear, really… Your manok has lost already. Ahaha! Tenchu and misyah!!

    @ Nan
    Salamat! That photoshoot was made of win. Thanks to Ino Innocencio ^_^

    @ Kevin
    Yes, it is indeed Kring. I’m rather photogenic and totez don’t look like that in person. XD

    @ Shan
    Who doesn’t love cheese!?!? I FAKKEN MISS YOU TOO WHEN ARE YOU GOING BACK TO MANILA. *glomps*

    @ Sam
    Salamat. And you gotta thanks someone else for that line. πŸ˜‰

  23. ploplo


    (pero kinilig ako!)

  24. It looks like you really had a nice time

  25. “Forget about fancy restos/movies/joyrides/museum trips/etc. Rooftop + STARS + the one you care for = OMGLUV!”

    I CAN TOTALLY RELATE. Many things has happened to me and WTF. THAT VERY NIGHT WAS SOMETHING I CANNOT GET OFF MY MIND. The way SHE looked. *sigh* O.M.G. *dies*

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