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A Letter to Myself 10 Years from Now

When I was in 5th or 6th grade, I started to keep a journal where I wrote down all my thoughts and secrets. From my frustrations with the exam results, to my friend’s story that she’s being molested by her lolo, to my own version of chicken soup for the soul, except mine’s tuknene and isaw. It would’ve been nice if I can read again what I wrote then and maybe tap into my old self. Unfortunately, however, I’m an idiot who buried that journal in our backyard (in a “time capsule”) and we have since built a new house over the it.

Much thanks to the internet, I can now keep a journal and read it anytime, anywhere. And so, I’ve decided to write a letter, addressed to my self ten years from now. By then, I’d be 33, and maybe, just maybe… I’d still be very happy.

Dear 33 y/o Kring,

How are you? I honestly hope and pray that you’re doing well and that things have turned out the way you planned them to. Have you seen the world yet? I know you have always wanted to do that, to get out of this place, not to run away from it all but to experience the world as it was made to be. By now, I’d assume you’ve been to Japan, Australia and The Holy Land already. Okay, the last one may be a stretch but I at least wish you’re well-traveled.

Okay, this is really what I want to know- are you on your way to being the first female to ever create an empire in the country/region? Please, I beg of you, do not tell me you’re still doing segments and small shows like the ones I’m doing now because you know you can do much better. EMPIRE. Don’t you dare forget. EMPIRE. And how many films have you done already? Have you won awards yet? Please tell me you’ve also met and your heroes Gwak Jae Young, Wong Kar Wai and Iwai Shunji or have at least done something that would make them proud. EMPIRE.



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Names and Such

If you noticed, I don’t really do memes (well, I don’t “do” a lot of things, yanno. *nudge nudge* ^_^) but since it was The Noisy Man who tagged me and the topic is something I’d actually write about, I figured, why not? Well, I’m supposed to share the different names that different people call/has called me but I’m sure none of you really give a shit. Heh, I’m still doing the meme anyway.

Well, I have a weird name, albeit it has character. In fact, a lot people remember me because of it. KRING. C’mon. How can you forget that? Sure, it sounds jologs and funny but I actually have a very posh and non-ghei name on my birth certificate.

Sheena Jeanne (not “jin”. It’s French, bitch. ) Krystle – I think my parents were under the influence when they were thinking of a name for me. They were never a creative, artsy couple so it still boggles me that they came up with such a long, oddly-spelled name. I like it though. I mean, no offense meant but I just can’t imagine myself named… Anna. Or Joan. or Michelle.

Sheena – Unless you were gradeschool classmate or teacher, DO NOT call me this, I swear.



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“When I Grow Up I Wanna Be…”

“I swear, if I didn’t love my job, I would have long committed suicide.”

I plurked that message a couple of nights ago while I was busy writing a sequence guide in the office at 11 fakken pm. Now, I know I normally don’t write about my work here but I think it’s about time that I share the details of my day job and the misadventures that come along with it.

As you probably have read somewhere here, I work in production/media. Back in college, I told myself I won’t start my career in those big-ass networks (because ugh, the politics!) so I ended up in a small production house, which, btw, has done some really kick-ass shows. Mind you, production DOES NOT pay well unless you’re Sid Maderazo or I dunno, Ricky Lee and for noobs, it can be such a bitch.

I started as a writer/segment producer while I was still in school, hence, I was immediately made an SP when I moved to the new company. Because it’s showbusiness and I deal with artistas and talents and models and shit, people assume that it’s a glmorous job. Far from it! In fact, it’s so totally unglamorous, I sometimes feel like I do more manual labor than camote farmers.



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WordCamp Moments of Crack and Lulz

I know I have made an entry about WordCamp Phils already but I just thought I’d share this video with you (albeit it’s long overdued). These are just random video clips, mostly of me haha from that day, as compiled and edited by Coy. While watching it, I honestly thought I should just be on video all the time because in person, I’m more erm… let’s just say “weird-looking”.

Also in the video are Matt Mullenweg, Ria Jose, Billycoy, P0yt and KevJumba. PWNED.


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The Dream Date

She knocked on his bedroom door and no one answered. It was already half past nine when she got to his almost empty house, the notes on the fridge reminding her that the folks were out for the weekend. Slowly pushing the door open, she was welcomed by a hanging cardboard with an arrow hastily painted on it. It was pointing towards the ceiling but when she lifter her head, there was nothing there, except for the brown marks drawn by the leak on the roof.

She looked around, trying to find any traces of him and there was none. It started to worry her, after realizing that it was beyond unusual for him to message “i need u 2nyt. pls drop by the haus asap… i mean, f u can. tnx!”, especially on a Friday, when he’s supposed to be out getting wasted with friends.

And then she heard a familiar sound- the strumming of a guitar, and it dawned on her that it was coming from the rooftop.

“Is he being emo again?”, asked her, while rolling her eyes. She has gotten used to his bouts of self-pity and depression, where he’d sulk in the corner of his room and do a CSI or Scrubs or House marathon. But this time, it’s different because he actually went on the roof and played the guitar. He was only 14 when he attempted to learn the instrument.

The rooftop was an unchartered territory for her. After thinking long and hard of ways to get on the roof, she finally decided to let it go and take the fire exit ladder, which she never even knew existed. And on her last step, she looked up and saw what would be her “true-love snapshot”, according to Mitch Albom.



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