5 FunnySexy Beauty Must-Haves

“Kring, how do you keep your skin so nice and smooth?”, a colleague once asked me. I was flattered beyond belief until I realized that she has a 400/450 vision and she wasn’t wearing any glasses or contacts. I don’t have the best skin in the world but I must say it has improved A LOT from how it was about 4 years ago. No shit. My breakouts were so tragic, a zit would sprout ON a boil bigger zit and they’d have like zit conventions on my face, which resulted to ugly scars and blemishes- in the shape of the Philippine map.

So I don’t really know what that intro has to do with my entry lolz because I present to you the *points to title*. And also, I have no intentions of becoming a beauty blogger anytime soon as that actually requires knowledge of beauty products and tips and such. These are just the things I use that rock my Sponge Bob socks and I thought I might as well share ’em.

1. Pond’s Cold Cream

You can never go wrong with this product. Generations of women have attested to the awesomeness of the Pond’s Cold Cream and in fact, I learned about it ‘coz my mom has been using it since time immemorial. For me, it’s the best make-up and dirt remover and it’s very very affordable. If you’re also like me who does Britney Spears impersonations for a massage, you may use it for your facial erm… massage and it really does soothe your skin. Why buy those expensive make-up removers when IMO, this is the only thing that does the trick?




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9 responses to “5 FunnySexy Beauty Must-Haves

  1. Naks! The last cheesy part rocks!
    Hey, Imma try that petroleum jelly on my cracked heels. Could it be used on the face, too?
    Is the St. Ives Hair Repair Serum affordable? My hair is “buhaghag” and I wonder if it could make it shiny and silky without treatments, etc? I don’t like having chemicals on my hair.
    A person could learn something from your blog ah! More power!

  2. I can’t believe I clicked (read the rest of this entry) after seeing the title lol.

    Personally, I use Cetaphil and Nivea Men’s foam and wash. No sunblock, though, because TAN is the MAN.

  3. Kai

    This is an unusual post from FunnySexy.
    I have to admit that the Ponds Cold Cream is great! Learned it from my mom too πŸ™‚

  4. Mara

    Damn, I wanna get my hands on these!!! Are these only available in the Philippines or is there some way I can order them online?

  5. i totally agree with eyeliner! πŸ™‚

    and the last part πŸ˜€

    — my comments are so random!!! DX don’t kill me πŸ˜€

  6. I only have the umbiez LOL XD

    I will check the products you mentioned weee

  7. This site deserves some ads from Ponds or Vaseline or Max Factor! Shushality! Pero true, Ponds Cold Cream is a classic!

  8. “nothing beats happiness, peace, contentment and love- they give you that natural glow and a million dollar smile. ^_^”

    -yan ang panalong linya!


  9. i used to use petroleum jelly too ‘coz my lips crack like the lands in drought-ridden Africa until one day, a gay friend asked me if i just slathered on lechon on my lips. 😐 my holy grail for cracked lips now is the face shop’s plus+ 1 extensive lip cream. it works wonders and my lips heal faster. i sometimes wonder though if it’s actually just petroleum jelly in a more expensive tube. haha. and yes, i have to agree with the eyeliner. i rarely go out without wearing one. πŸ™‚

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