8 Things I Learned in Singapore


So I treated my mom to a 5-day trip/vacation to Singapore for her birthday (I booked a bit early as I’m not too busy these days) and it was a really fun, long weekend. I promised her, however, that the next time she goes there with dad, Imma make them stay at the Fullerton and not at some red-district hotel like the one I booked for us. I hate myself sometimes, you know…

Also, I don’t normally blog about my travels and the things I see and do but I felt the need to write about this because uhhh… *points to title*

1. That you only need 4 hours or less to enjoy Sentosa.

“Wut? Wait, where am I? Huh? I’m such a tourist! Look, I even have a Sentosa map!”

The resort-island is apparently a must-see in the country and of course, we didn’t miss out on the chance to hang-out there, too. But after we’ve tried the Luge and Skyride and saw the dolphin show and the Underwater World thingy and went around to see some stuff, we were like “Uhm, what else do we do?” The other attractions didn’t interest us anymore but that’s just me and my mom- totez non-outdoorsy people. There were also “beaches” there but lolz I’m Filipino and I know my beaches.

2. That gay friends are made of rainbow-colored, glittery awesome.

Shan in blue and Jose in white. Fabulousity personified.

I met up with a very good friend, Shan Plameras who is now working there. I knew him back in college and even after graduation, we also worked together on some shows. He introduced me and my mom to his other friend, Jose, and I swear to gawd they’re half of the reason why my mom and I enjoyed the trip so much. Our tummies were hurting from laughing so much. We hung out on Friday night at Clarke Quay (more on that later) and on Sunday, they toured us around the malls of Orchard road and made our stay truly worthwhile. Thanks, badetssss!!!




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16 responses to “8 Things I Learned in Singapore

  1. Ang kulit ng bata. TOTEZ!

  2. That kid looks really naughty! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL I did not have a good time at Sentosa. Bored me to tears that place. Good thing Vivo City was nearby. pffffft! Only thing I got there were, um, ok, I did not just mention I bought something. Forget about it LOL

  3. I miss you already! come back, come back!:D
    super happy the weekend! yey! ganda ko dyan sa pic ha badet!

  4. Good to know that you had a great time on your trip. Bonggang-bongga ang bonding moments with mommy! 😀

    I am also hoping that i can do the same for my mom. Siguro giving her a free trip abroad will make her really happy at fulfillment din yun for me as a daughter.

    Nwei, baka yan na ngang batang makulit na yan ang soulmate mo LOLZ 😀

  5. Hainanese Chicken? Newton Circus 🙂 On using up your savings – at least enjoy … now back to the Salt Mines of Ortigas 🙂

  6. mitch

    Awww, I would love to treat my mom like that as well. You’re such a sweet daughter. 🙂

    LOL @ graphic-laden cigarette packs. Actually, some groups are pushing for the same “packaging” here in the Philippines, by having a bill passed by Congress to implement that kind of measure. If all falls into place, there will be emphysema-inspired photos in your favorite Marlboro lights soon. 😛

  7. funnysexy

    @ riajose

    @ Fritz
    I honestly think he has adhd though. Ha! I wont be surprised if you hoard-shopped at Hermes and Marc Jacobs there, babe… I mean, really. You’re too fasyon!

    @ Shan
    OMG BADET!!! SUPER THANK YOU!!! I swear you guys are the best. Magkaka-show uli tayo!!! PROMISE!!!

    @ Micamyx
    Ay, soulmate. May ganung factor… Haha! Don’t worry, a few more months of ipon, you’d be able to do that.

    @ Juned
    I didn’t try the Hainanese coz I think I’ve eaten that before. Circus, I didn’t hear about… lolz. That’s true, back to reality.

    @ Mitch
    Thank you. I hope my parents appreciates it. Also, I smoke Phillip Morris blue kthnxbi. ^_^;;

  8. HMP! You went here pala… too bad u were so busy with stuff…
    Actually Sentosa is only one of the Islands here in SG… dame pang mini – islands…

    You should have seen the Songs of the Sea as well… Hmmm pero I am not sure if your a fan of laser shows and fireworks, pero its cool…

    Too bad i havent got the chance to see u… Kahit Autograph lang masaya na ko!

  9. Kai

    take me with you to Singapore next time, okay? 😀
    They have awesome food there. XD

  10. Mara

    Yo! I have the same camera!! lol you guys look like you had fun xDD!!

  11. reya

    scary nung laaaaast

  12. Kaligayahan na nakasama namin kayo dito!!! Sa uulitin ah!!!!

    Fresh lang sa pic?! Hahaha! Ganda ng angle ni Shan oh!

  13. uy uy! i was there last weekend too. were you able to catch the sale in Takashimaya? plus Charles and Keith was uber uber cheap!!! bought 3 pairs bwehehehe!
    too bad it rained last weekend no?

  14. funnysexy

    @ umleo
    We wanted to watch the Songs of the Sea but it’s kinda late so we decided to ditch it instead. 😛 Also, I didn’t tell any of my friends there that I was even going to Singapore expect for Shan. Kinda wanted my mom to enjoy muna…

    @ Kai
    Lolz sure. Might be a while before I got back though.

    @ Mara
    Yup! We sure did, especially with teh fabulous friends.

    @ Reya

    @ Jose
    Honga!! Pagbalik niyo ng Pinas bonding ha!! *hugs*

    @ Sushi
    Really, you were? Oh yeah, lakas ng ulan! Same experience while we were shopping in HK. Boo. We didn’t really get to shop at Taka and also, CandK shoes were too girly for my taste. 😛

  15. Hi! Can i have your email adress as well as your other contact information? We would like to invite you for our media launch

  16. hahaha! funny kid! ladies and gentlemen the future of the Philippines… hehehe!
    yes, i saw that roaming peacocks in sentosa while waiting in line for the songs of the sea 😀
    and yes, four hours (or less) are enough to enjoy sentosa. lol!

    if there are two things I miss in singapore, its their 1) efficient MRT system and 2) the Danish pastries in Raffles! Yumeeee!

    Goodluck sa PBA!

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