Funny+Sexy Videos: The Rick and Ashley Show

Episode title: “JAPAN”

starring Kring Elenzano and Eco Dela Sala

I wish I knew how to describe this video but I can only think of random words like “crack”, “WTF”, “lulz”, and “you… didn’t… do… that. O_o”.

Eco is one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world and you’d realize why. Enjoy, kids! Also, hindi po kami mga adik sa totoong buhay…




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15 responses to “Funny+Sexy Videos: The Rick and Ashley Show


  2. funnysexy

    dear fritz,
    alam mo namang mahal kita. seryoso ‘to. *HUGGLEGLOMPS* ahlabyu, babe.

  3. hanef… wala sa credits yung bulak… major supporting role din siya ha… supporintg the nose. LOL!

    keep it coming !

  4. anndie


    okay does this guy have a blog
    he is cute

  5. funnysexyguy

    Anak ng teteng! 🙂 wala talaga kayong magawa 🙂

    Go get a visa before i hurt you!!! hahahaha

  6. Kai

    you + kuya eco = perfect 😉

  7. Oh eheheh very funny kring ehehehehe

    Hey I am currently in Tokyo!!! I have been here for a month already…
    HHHmmmm let me do u a favor… u want something from Japan???
    Let me know, ill buy it for u then on Dec pag uwi ko bigay ko sau!!! (oo alam ko matagal pa)
    Pero at least I can get u something from here dba?

    Do let me know. 😉

  8. What did I just watch? :-/

    Anyway, no matter what Rick says, Elmo can be used as a visa under international law.

  9. @umleo23
    naks naman bro! how sweet! e ako gusto ko ng heyo kitty! bilhan mo ako wahaha!

    anyway, to kring
    this video is awesome, galing, effort! panalo…

    by the way, hope ok lang na magtanong, why were you crying yesterday?

  10. funnysexy

    @ jaydj
    We will! Lol salamat!

    @ Anndie
    He doesn’t have a blog but he has a multiply account. Link, you want?

    @ Kai
    Uy, may magse-seloooosss.. JOKE.

    @ Umleo
    Really? Whatchu doing there? Uhm, can you get me a Japanese guy, please? Preferrably a Johnny. Or better yet just get me Ninomiya of Arashi. I’d be forever indebted to you. 🙂

    @ Joyfulchiken
    You’ve been warned. Told yah, it’s crack and nothing but…

    @ Kulot
    OMG YOU SAW ME AGAIN!! WHy didn’t you approach me? Why was I crying? It’s personal. 😉 But thanks anyway. 😀

  11. @Kring:

    Hmmm I got assigned here for about a month so babalik na me ng Singapore by this coming Sunday… Pero before I go back, its a must na pumunta ako ng DisneyLand wahahahahaha

    Inde ko kayang iuwi sau yang mga buhay na lalake na yan!!! Inde yan kasya sa luggage ko… Unless sila ang pauwiin ko at maiwan na lang ako dito! bwahahahahaha Seryoso Na! ANO GUSTO MO??? KIMONO??? LOLX

    Hello kitty??? Noh ba yan… eniwei sige sige ibibili kita! eh kailan ba tau magkakaroon ng pagkakataon na magkita kita sus eh ang tagal tagal ko pang uuwi ng Pilipinas! December pa ako uuwi…

  12. ecomambo

    woah! Ang Pogi ni Eco! =p

  13. ano ba nahithit niyo? laurel or pandan?! lolz

  14. Hehe… I was laughing my heart out when you broke into a song hehe… I was like, come on, sing already… dance… and then there it was hehe…

  15. anndie

    yes i want this boy’s multiply account
    even better

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