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8 Things I Learned in Singapore


So I treated my mom to a 5-day trip/vacation to Singapore for her birthday (I booked a bit early as I’m not too busy these days) and it was a really fun, long weekend. I promised her, however, that the next time she goes there with dad, Imma make them stay at the Fullerton and not at some red-district hotel like the one I booked for us. I hate myself sometimes, you know…

Also, I don’t normally blog about my travels and the things I see and do but I felt the need to write about this because uhhh… *points to title*

1. That you only need 4 hours or less to enjoy Sentosa.

“Wut? Wait, where am I? Huh? I’m such a tourist! Look, I even have a Sentosa map!”

The resort-island is apparently a must-see in the country and of course, we didn’t miss out on the chance to hang-out there, too. But after we’ve tried the Luge and Skyride and saw the dolphin show and the Underwater World thingy and went around to see some stuff, we were like “Uhm, what else do we do?” The other attractions didn’t interest us anymore but that’s just me and my mom- totez non-outdoorsy people. There were also “beaches” there but lolz I’m Filipino and I know my beaches.

2. That gay friends are made of rainbow-colored, glittery awesome.

Shan in blue and Jose in white. Fabulousity personified.

I met up with a very good friend, Shan Plameras who is now working there. I knew him back in college and even after graduation, we also worked together on some shows. He introduced me and my mom to his other friend, Jose, and I swear to gawd they’re half of the reason why my mom and I enjoyed the trip so much. Our tummies were hurting from laughing so much. We hung out on Friday night at Clarke Quay (more on that later) and on Sunday, they toured us around the malls of Orchard road and made our stay truly worthwhile. Thanks, badetssss!!!



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Do Not Step on the Yellow Line or Imma Smack Yo’ Face!!!

I’ve been taking the MRT almost everyday the past 2 years and I’d like to believe that much like the other Manila commuters out there, I won’t have a hard time going around when I go abroad just because I’ve been to hell and back. Like when you’ve survived being trampled on by rabid korean popstar fangirls and nothing in life can faze you anymore. Yeah.

So lemme share with you some of the interesting “characters” I’ve encountered inside the train. I won’t include anymore that motherfucker who stole my wallet last June, which is really retarded as I ALWAYS ride the all-female coach *tears hair*. Zen, Kring… Zen.

Anyway, one time, I was already seated and then this girl came in from another station, stood in front of me and held onto the circural thing on the horizontal bars. Pretty normal, huh? Well, not until she lifted her arms ‘coz good lord, I saw a forest over there! I think she hadn’t shaved in a month or so and she was wearing this low-cut spaghett-strapped top, which kind of boggled me. I mean, why wear sleeveless tops when you haven’t shaved? Thing is, she looked like a nice, sweet girl, a little on the chubby side, and she even smiled at the other passengers so I thought what the hell, maybe she just lost her razor. Or maybe she’s half French.



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An Entry Full of Cheese

On June 3, 2007, I wrote a ‘letter’ to the person who’d eventually love me someday (‘coz I’m retarded like that). It’s called “Keso”, somehow a follow up to “An Open Letter to the One I Love”. Sorry but it’s Buwan ng Wika, hence, a Tagalog entry for you.

Balang araw, may magmamahal din sa akin ng lubus-lubusan. Yun bang iiiyak niya na lang ang umaapaw na pag-ibig sa kanyang puso. Gagawan niya ako ng awitin, susulatan ng tula at titingala sa mga tala habang abot langit ang ngiti – dahil ako ang kanyang naiisip. Higit sa lahat, ipagdarasal niya ako at matimtimang papangarapin na sanay mahalin ko rin siya.

Sa gabi, ako ang bida sa kanyang panaginip. Ang aking larawan ang magiging tanging laman ng kanyang pitaka, kasama ng perang iipunin niya para sa akin. Hihintayin niya ako sa trabaho kahit na matapos ako ng alas dos ng madaling araw at hindi uuwi hanggat ako’y payapa na sa aking kama .

Ipagluluto niya ako ng maasim na sinigang at hahanapin ang mga pelikulang matagal ko nang nais mapanood. Ipipinta niya ang aking mukha, lilinisin ang barado kong lababo at paliliguan ang aming mga aso. Hindi nya rin ako patitigilin sa aking bisyo, bagkus ay sasabayan ang mga trip ko sa buhay.

Gagalangin niya ang mga magulang ko, makikipag-basketball sa kapatid ko at magmamano sa aking lola. Patatawanin niya ang aking mga kaibigan at gagawin ang lahat, masigurado lang na ako’y masaya, hindi bilang alipin, ngunit isang taong nagmamahal – ng lubus-lubusan. At ang pagmamahal na ito’y magpapasaya rin sa kanya.

Balang araw, may hahawak rin ng aking kamay at hahalik sa aking mga labi. Yayakapin niya ako nang mahigpit at ibubulong sa aking tenga na hinding hindi niya ako pababayaan. At sa gitna ng kaguluhan, kasamaan at kahirapan sa buhay, magpapasalamat siya pagkat ako’y nakilala niya at matatanto niyang may mabuti at maganda at maaliwalas pa rin pala sa mundo.

Marahil ay hindi ko pa nga siya natatagpuan pero darating ang panahong makakapag-kape rin kami, habang pinanonood si haring araw na nagiging anino ng gabi. At sa iyo, sa taong magmamahal rin sa akin balang araw, ‘wag kang mag-alala. Pagdating ng panahong mabasa ko sa iyo itong munti kong komposisyon, mahal na rin kita – ng lubus lubusan.



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Funny+Sexy Videos: The Rick and Ashley Show

Episode title: “JAPAN”

starring Kring Elenzano and Eco Dela Sala

I wish I knew how to describe this video but I can only think of random words like “crack”, “WTF”, “lulz”, and “you… didn’t… do… that. O_o”.

Eco is one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world and you’d realize why. Enjoy, kids! Also, hindi po kami mga adik sa totoong buhay…



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Kitchen Facts: I Know Nothing About It

I am a very non-domisticated girl, just want to make that clear. I know more names of Japanese gay AV stars than I do household chores. Sad, really. But I won’t get into details anymore so as not to further embarrass myself but yeah, I’m not anywhere near settling down.

However, I’m currently liking a guy. Like really. Yiheeeeeeee! *nudge nudge* (yes, I just teased my own self because I’m matured like that) and I find my self wanting to learn how to cook so I can feed him with my awesome Filipino dishes and he’d be like “OMG KRING YOU ARE AN AWESOME GIRL!”. Yes, Flip food specifically because they don’t really have that where he lives.

So far, I only know how to cook 3 dishes, (besides your usual sunny side up, hot dog and other fried stuff) – RICE, YEMA and TUNA PESTO PASTA. Are rice and yema even considered “dishes”? Anyway few months ago I learned how to cook Adobong Manok, not from this guy. I asked my mom how to do it because I felt bad that some American dude who can’t even pronounce “manok” properly knows how to cook our national dish better than I do.

not the guy I like but if you know this man, please tell him I’d love to have cooking lessons with him. one-on-one.



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