Why is My Dad So Cool?

I was rather surprised to hear that a lot of you (yes, my 2 readers) were amused by my post “Conversations with Dad…” and for that, I’ve decided to make a ‘series’ about it although I know I would probably fail but at least I even mentioned my intent. In the meantime, however, I think it’s but apt that I write an entry about him because seriously, he’s awesome like that.

To say that my father is a character is an understatement (you may actually blame him for what I turned out to be lol). I don’t know of a person he has met who didn’t have even a faint memory of him and believe me, he has met a lot.

My dad has been an educator since he was 19. That’s 33 years of teaching experience for you! Used to teach in some Chinese high school then moved to his alma matter where he’s been teaching since 1981. He was rather notorious, you know, especially in his younger days. Back when he was still a chain-smoker (he quit in ’90), he would smoke inside his own classroom while discussing algebra! Talk about hardcore. He was also one of the front-liners of the 1989 UST faculty union boycott and risked his job to fight for the rights of the employees. Now, if that isn’t pwnage, I don’t know what is.

Every student in the college, too, knew who he was and would give out an exasperated cry whenever they’d find out he’s going to be their prof. Don’t get me wrong. He is a great teacher. He really is. He knows his shit and brings out the best in his students. But he’s seriously strict and traditional. No ID, no grade. Forget about dying your hair or getting your ears pierced. Cheat and you’d never set foot within the walls of Santo Tomas. I honestly wish I was kidding…




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19 responses to “Why is My Dad So Cool?

  1. That made me cry. *HUGS*

    Being a teacher is hard. Being a Math teacher is harder. Being a GOOD MATH TEACHER is close to impossible. Sir Elezano FTW! 😉

  2. funnysexy


    dear, when are you coming here to Manila again? Sleepover at my place? Yes? And hang-out with my dad! ILU. *hugs*

  3. As you know, I’m a teacher myself, so heartwarming tales about teachers are boss in my book.

    My friends have all the coolest parents! I want cool parents, especially the mother and the father!

  4. nan

    He’s an instant fave character! I’m looking forward to more Dad blues 😉

  5. reya

    LOL. gusto mo me bayag? XD

  6. “‘Sino ba’ng sikat na combo ngayon?” = AWESOME. Congrats for having such an awesome dad!

  7. Rich Muhlach

    Pwede ba mangligaw? At para ma-impress dad mo, pagsisibak kita nang tubig at pagiigib nang kahoy! 🙂

    I’ll even create a metal armour for my go-nads ala Iron Man. I mean you wanted steel balls, right? No, wait.

  8. funnysexy

    @ Mistervader
    Yup! Teachers and teacher stories rock! And yes, my parents are extremely conservative but are characters, my father especially.

    @ Nan
    LOL Thanks! Will keep you updated, guys!

    @ Reya
    OO naman. Di ba, sinigaw ko pa yan sa Sbarro?

    @ Paolo
    LOL inoeryt? Shoemart for SM and combo for bands make me do the banana dance.

    @ Rich Mulach
    Ahaha. Impressive… Thing is, I don’t know you yet. 😛

  9. Buti nalang AB ako, hindi commerce. Hehe

  10. Pero parang gusto ko siya maging prof.. LOL

  11. mitch

    Wow, daddy’s girl na daddy’s girl ang pagkakakuwento. Cheers to girls who are proud of their fathers! 🙂

  12. Ade

    “Puuuunyeta!” – Can you take a video of this?

  13. funnysexy

    @ Hener
    Don’t worry, I’d tell him to teach sa LegMa. lulz.

    @ Mitch
    But I’m not much of a daddy’s girl though. I’m equally close with my mom. Though I’m glad you liked this entry!! Thanks!

    @ Ade
    dear ade, how am I supposed to take a video of my dad when he’s fuming mad? 😛

  14. Hehe… Cool dad, I’d love to meet him and hang out hehe… but I’d be scared to be in the shoes of your manliligaw hehe

  15. Kai

    i would so love to meet your terror/funny dad XD

  16. “Miss, if you’re not going to do something about this, we’d have to see each other at the vice-rector’s office.” – to a coordinator who was going to reprimand me for a non-offense. Boo. — hmm… parang alam ko ito?

    “‘Pag nakita kita dyan sa The Buzz, ‘di mo na ko makaka-usap muli.” – when I told him I wanted to be an artista. — wahaha!
    “‘Sino ba’ng sikat na combo ngayon?” — combo?! combo! hehe

    “This is Kring, my daughter. She’s a TV director now, you know… Cum Laude ‘yan!” – dad, I love you. Seriously. *hugs* – sweeeeeet!

    I miss you Kring!

  17. funnysexy

    Hence, I don’ really have a “manliligaw”. LULZ.

    Game. Overnight sa house!

    @ Faye
    Aaaawww… Miss you, too, ma’am Faye!! LOVE YOU PO!

  18. Kai

    game! game! overnight pag sembreak ko! :))

  19. It’s cool that you are so proud of your Dad. No wonder you turned out that way! (not sarcastic, BTW, LOL). Hindi ko pala siya nameet.

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