I Think I Like Jolina… Erm.

When I was much younger, I thought that Jolina Magdangal was some weird-ass celebrity trying to impress people with her flamboyantly gay clothes. I always got confuzzled whenever I watched her host on TV, with those Rainbow Bright-inspired outfits and accessories that would put any drag queen to shame.

But recently, I realized, hell. We pretty much have the same sense of fashion. I then began LOL-ing at myself and wondered when people would coin a word synonymous to “jologs” based on my name.

I don’t know why they had an inherent aversion towards her style then, given that it was so hip, so individualistic, so Tokyo. She never tired to conform, didn’t try to be your typical, boring pretty face whose name we never heard of again after G-mik. Most of all, she was a trendsetter.

Do you remember those butterfly hair clips with springs to make them look like they’re moving? Well, those were first seen on Jolina, when she guested on ‘Sang Linggo Na Po Sila, if I’m not mistaken. Same goes with those tacky mini clips that didn’t really do much for your hair except make you look like you’re 4 years old. 2 days after she wore them, the clips were already being mass-produced and sold in palengkes.




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16 responses to “I Think I Like Jolina… Erm.

  1. o halos pareho kayo ng get up pala ni jolens kahapon, seen you having your snack sa tapat ng 7-11

  2. nan

    chuva-choo-choo! and she doesn’t sound paula dumb in pinoy idol πŸ™‚

  3. funnysexy

    @ Kulot
    OMG. I remember! I was surrounded by people and I was by myself, eating and smoking. LOL! Sino ka dun? I was wearing my Jap school girl outfit thingy. X__x

    @ Nan
    CHUVA-CHOO-CHOO FTMFW!!! Nag-mature na, ganun talaga.

  4. believe it or not, but she was my crush when I was in grade school.

  5. If people are calling her “jologs”, that’s their opinion. I guess the fact that people who dress differently made them say those kinds of things. But it will be really pointless if they would make a campaign and bash the girl down.

    As my own opinion on how Jolina dresses… I find the way she dresses “unorthodox” but in a good way. And I have to actually see you in a Jolina-like getup yet, but I can imagine it right now. Looks great.

  6. i was not one of them hehehe! di naman ako kasi taga sa building nyo, natulala na lang ako sa likod mo… sa tycoon kami, ayos na ayos sa yosi at nova ba yun? i wanted to approach you kaso naunahan ng hiya

  7. shokizuki

    Come to think of it…. mukhang me similarities nga kayo XD

  8. Never been a fan, but I’ve always thought that she’s cute.

  9. She may seem “jologs”, but she wore what she wanted. She wasn’t marketing anything. She was just flat out being herself.

    I have immense respect for people who stand their ground and express themselves unabashedly. Sort of the kind of respect I have for you, funnysexy. πŸ˜€

  10. funnysexy

    @ Billycoy
    Uhm, believe it or not, I can actually believe it. LOL.

    @ The Deranged Writer
    Well, I’m 23 years old so please don’t expect me to be wearing those damned pins and butterfly thingies on my hair Hehehe. However, I do wear colorful platform shoes and other rainbow bright-inspired outfits, when I feel like it. XDXDXDDD Not sure if I’d wear ’em in blog events but we’ll see… ^_~

    @ Kulot
    Next time you see me, feel free to say hi and introduce yorself. Oh, believe me. It wasn’t the first time a blogger from the area appraoched me so it’s all good. Also, Mr. Chips. And Phillip Morris. FTW.

    @ Shokizuki
    Sana sa fashion lang and not anywhere else.

    @ Philos
    I never really thought she was cute but she’s very interesting…

    @ Mistervade
    Thank you, mistervader.

  11. reya


  12. I like Jolina way back too. I remember purchasing the official soundtrack of FLAMES, the first Marvin-Jolina movie πŸ˜€

    Sabi nila dati frat daw si Jolina because of her constant change of hair highlights and her colorful nailpolish. She was indeed a trendsetter way back.

    I wanna watch that Documentary. San ba pwede kumuha o humiram ng copy?

  13. Jayvee

    Partner na naman ulit sila ni Marvin sa 7.

    Match made in heaven 8->

  14. i like jolens too… and im a fan of her loveteam with marvin…

    hey babe πŸ˜‰

  15. It’s the “guilty pleasures” like this that make life worth living, and a reminder that we shouldn’t take it too seriously. There’s also a technological aspect; for instance, we’ve written about how cameras captured Rick Astley’s visit to Manila. πŸ™‚

  16. JM

    Napanood ko yung dokyu na yun sa Film class namin sa UP masscomm. Hehe, ang galing! πŸ˜›

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