Unsent aka Love, Kring

I have to get these outta my flat chest. So, just pretend I’m Alanis Morisette, singing that late ’90s mellow rock song back when she was still made of angst and didn’t go spreading her legs for magazines. I loved that girl, you know. And yes, this is my 2nd consecutive mush entry. It’s that time of the year, with the typhoons, flooding and all, when I feel the need to hang my self upside down. While crying blood.

Disclaimer: I hope I don’t come off as a snappy playgirl with a harlem of boys around her. I mean, I wouldn’t really mind and I’d even have an excuse to walk around in a dominatrix costume but sadly, I’m just your typical girl who’s been single since birth. YES I MUST MENTION IT IN EVERY SINGLE POST, MMKAY? May the guys I wrote these letters to not get to read this and cut off ties with me for eternity.

-Names have been changed to protect the persons involved. Whattalulz.-

Dear Rez,

You’re right. 10 times karma, that’s what I got. I never thought that breaking someone else’s heart at a young age of 13 will hunt me for the next decade. I was a kid then, what was I supposed to know? I have already apologized a long time ago and we’ve pretty much forgotten about each other since then but just now, I wished that life was just like plurk and my posting this would increase my karma.



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26 responses to “Unsent aka Love, Kring

  1. Hoping you’d see J.C. again 😀

  2. Parang kilala ko si Mark? Hulaan na ba to???

  3. wait lang. kilala ba ni karen yung mga to?? ill ask her!!

  4. You made me cry!

    Hope we all find the guys who deserve us. Mwah!

  5. sus JC! kaw pala ang first love nya, sana magkita ulit kayo

  6. funnysexy

    @ Micamyx
    Yeah, I hope so, too. But he has long cut off his ties with his high school buddies and last I heard of him, he works in Libis. Yeah. Eastwood FTW.

    @ P0yt
    LOL. Maybe yes, maybe no. Anu ba ‘to, Da Who? Ahahaha.

    @ Jayvee
    Some. Not the recent ones though, mostly my first love and those I had a thing with in the past. But knowing Capco, she prolly has forgotten by now. X__x

    @ Ria Jose
    Awwww… *hugs* Well, if not the guys who deserve us, at least those who are hot enough to make out with. OH YEAH!!

    @ Kulot
    Yeah, pag na-meet mo, pasabi na lang…

  7. nan

    I think the “Don’t be too assuming” part is teh best. 😀

  8. So it’s Fritz-Kring FTW 😀

  9. PFT! Di na tayo friends! LOL!

  10. May the guys I wrote these letters to not get to read this and cut off ties with me for eternity.

    LOLZ ganun? Haha ang cute ng entry na ‘to!

  11. funnysexy

    @ Hener
    Anubear, yung ilan diyan HS pa ko!!! Ahahaha.

    @ Nan
    LOL. Thanks! And totally…

    @ Fritz
    I love you, too. But why just a semi hard-on? Huhuhu.

    @ Micamyx

    @ Riajose

    @ Dianne
    SALAMAT!! 😉

  12. Ah, what a charmed life you lead, my dear…

  13. I have found that “connections” are everything. I found a girl that I really connected with back in ’00, but things didn’t work out. We kept in touch, though. Five or so years later, we were together. Then we broke up, then we got back together. Then we broke up, but we’re together again. It’s a roller coaster, more often than not, but she’s the only one who makes me want to stay on.

  14. Ade

    I’d love to do this too, but I’m prolly get sued for libel or something.

  15. Diane

    Hello! I hope you don’t mind if I make “Unsent Letters” blog entry too. Wala lang natuwa kasi ako talaga 🙂

  16. funnysexy

    @ Mistervader
    I guess so… Ahahaha.

    @ OneTamad
    I guess I’ll just wait for him then to yanno, tell me he wants me. And then we’d see from there.

    @ Ade
    Libel??? LOL!! As long as you don’t say the names and it’s not that obvious, they can’t sue you!!

    @ Diane
    Go ahead.

  17. Wow… this is a cool idea, you sure have tons of cool ideas. I have dozens of unsent letters myself, but it’s only fun reading about someone else’s miseries. Kudos to you for coming to terms with these.

  18. reya

    hey, its been a long time..

    at wooooooow ha! long list of men..

  19. funnysexy

    LOL so i bet you had a blast reading my miseries!! 😛 And thanks, I’m totally over now.

    @ REYA
    MOTHER EFFIN WIN!!! Di na tayo natuloy lumabas!!

  20. shokizuki

    andami boys ng lola ko XD

  21. wow, dami boylets! good luck sis..

  22. RJ

    What ^ she said. Boylets galore!

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