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Why is My Dad So Cool?

I was rather surprised to hear that a lot of you (yes, my 2 readers) were amused by my post “Conversations with Dad…” and for that, I’ve decided to make a ‘series’ about it although I know I would probably fail but at least I even mentioned my intent. In the meantime, however, I think it’s but apt that I write an entry about him because seriously, he’s awesome like that.

To say that my father is a character is an understatement (you may actually blame him for what I turned out to be lol). I don’t know of a person he has met who didn’t have even a faint memory of him and believe me, he has met a lot.

My dad has been an educator since he was 19. That’s 33 years of teaching experience for you! Used to teach in some Chinese high school then moved to his alma matter where he’s been teaching since 1981. He was rather notorious, you know, especially in his younger days. Back when he was still a chain-smoker (he quit in ’90), he would smoke inside his own classroom while discussing algebra! Talk about hardcore. He was also one of the front-liners of the 1989 UST faculty union boycott and risked his job to fight for the rights of the employees. Now, if that isn’t pwnage, I don’t know what is.

Every student in the college, too, knew who he was and would give out an exasperated cry whenever they’d find out he’s going to be their prof. Don’t get me wrong. He is a great teacher. He really is. He knows his shit and brings out the best in his students. But he’s seriously strict and traditional. No ID, no grade. Forget about dying your hair or getting your ears pierced. Cheat and you’d never set foot within the walls of Santo Tomas. I honestly wish I was kidding…



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I Think I Like Jolina… Erm.

When I was much younger, I thought that Jolina Magdangal was some weird-ass celebrity trying to impress people with her flamboyantly gay clothes. I always got confuzzled whenever I watched her host on TV, with those Rainbow Bright-inspired outfits and accessories that would put any drag queen to shame.

But recently, I realized, hell. We pretty much have the same sense of fashion. I then began LOL-ing at myself and wondered when people would coin a word synonymous to “jologs” based on my name.

I don’t know why they had an inherent aversion towards her style then, given that it was so hip, so individualistic, so Tokyo. She never tired to conform, didn’t try to be your typical, boring pretty face whose name we never heard of again after G-mik. Most of all, she was a trendsetter.

Do you remember those butterfly hair clips with springs to make them look like they’re moving? Well, those were first seen on Jolina, when she guested on ‘Sang Linggo Na Po Sila, if I’m not mistaken. Same goes with those tacky mini clips that didn’t really do much for your hair except make you look like you’re 4 years old. 2 days after she wore them, the clips were already being mass-produced and sold in palengkes.



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Unsent aka Love, Kring

I have to get these outta my flat chest. So, just pretend I’m Alanis Morisette, singing that late ’90s mellow rock song back when she was still made of angst and didn’t go spreading her legs for magazines. I loved that girl, you know. And yes, this is my 2nd consecutive mush entry. It’s that time of the year, with the typhoons, flooding and all, when I feel the need to hang my self upside down. While crying blood.

Disclaimer: I hope I don’t come off as a snappy playgirl with a harlem of boys around her. I mean, I wouldn’t really mind and I’d even have an excuse to walk around in a dominatrix costume but sadly, I’m just your typical girl who’s been single since birth. YES I MUST MENTION IT IN EVERY SINGLE POST, MMKAY? May the guys I wrote these letters to not get to read this and cut off ties with me for eternity.

-Names have been changed to protect the persons involved. Whattalulz.-

Dear Rez,

You’re right. 10 times karma, that’s what I got. I never thought that breaking someone else’s heart at a young age of 13 will hunt me for the next decade. I was a kid then, what was I supposed to know? I have already apologized a long time ago and we’ve pretty much forgotten about each other since then but just now, I wished that life was just like plurk and my posting this would increase my karma.



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Why Romantic-Comedy Movies Win At Life

“Talking to you was like watching a romantic-comedy movie.”

Believe it or not, somebody actually told me that. I almost wanted to jump the guy who said it and like make-out with him or something until I was reminded that the leading ladies in such movies are not whores. So I composed my self.

Just in case you don’t know yet, I’m a sucker for romantic-comedy flicks. I mean, deep, thought-provoking films with epic cinematography are the shizniz and all but sappy love stories remind me that behind this whole “I’m-a-bitch-get-off-my-face-or-i-keel-you” image, I’m just a girl after all.

Hence, I give you a list of my favorite quotes from some of my fave movies because I’m a pathetic loser like that. Also, please get ready with a barf bag.

“If you love someone you say it, you say it right then, out loud. Otherwise the moment just… passes you by.” – My Best Friend’s Wedding

This is one of my all-time favorites! I have seen this movie about 10 times already and cried every single time. When I was younger, I thought this quote meant that you shouldn’t be afraid to tell that person that you love him/her because 1) you never know if he/she feels the same way for you or 2) it might be too late already. Recently, however, I realized this meant that when you feel that thing in your heart, don’t keep it in. Eventually it might wear off and it won’t mean the same anymore even if you still say it.

Throwing up yet? No? Read on…



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I Wanted To Be A Pop Star

Growing up, I really wanted to be a pop star. The ’90’s was indeed the time of the Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears and such and I remember watching only MTV and learning all the dance steps to their hit songs. Yes, I can even dare you to a “Wannabe” showdown and I’m confident I’d pwn your ass.

So I imagined myself performing in front of thousands of people and touring the world and winning awards and having fanboys asking for my autograph or downloading photos of my… concerts.

Yup, at a young age I already knew that I wanted to be a star. Not just as a pop star but a celebrity in general. Hell, I also wanted to be an actress. Like very badly. In fact, I’ve made that oh-so-ghei-only-drag-queens-sing-it song-“FAME” my life’s theme. My fascination with it got so bad that I used to have my younger cousins line up in front of a desk and pretend to be fans asking for my signature and smile. After one’s done, s/he goes to back to the end of the line to repeat the cycle. Also, at a mall when I was 12, a random man passed me by (‘coz really, why would he talk to me?) and I whispered under my breath, “Fucker… Someday you will spazz and flail when you see me. Itaga mo ‘yan sa bato.”

Well, I’m 23 now. Neither an actress nor a pop star. And it seriously made me wonder recently… “Am I a failure?” *insert dramatic scoring here* *close-up on my teary eyes and quivering lips* *fade to black*



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