Happy 1st Blogsary! (and Thoughts on Turning 23)

Sooo… after 12 months and 52 posts, the 26th finally marked the 1st anniversary of my Funny+Sexy blog. FTW! I’m glad to have met many people through this blog and I hope to keep my 2 readers happy for another funnysexy year. <- wth so showbiz ew.

But that’s not the highlight of my week, really. You see, I turned 23 on the 24th (lol got it? 23 on the 24th? ahahahahaerm). Not excited about it one bit but it can’t be helped. I srsly feel old. I mean 2 years ago I took delight at seeing people’s faces when they find out how young I was to be doing what I do. But now, they ask me and kinda just… nod.

However, after reading Tuesdays with Morrie, I realized one shouldn’t be afraid of growing old. There were a lot of things I’ve learned the past couple of years that made me the person that I am. If I was stuck at being 13 for the rest of my life then it wouldn’t be so fun, would it? So I have no choice but to embrace my age and just make the most out of it.

And so, to be dramatic and shit, I decided for the sake of this post to list the things I would want to tell my 13 year old self if we get the chance to meet each other and maybe give her a pat on the back with a grin on my face. I bet she’d be soooo freaked out at how awesome she’d turn out to be. Nakanamp!




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15 responses to “Happy 1st Blogsary! (and Thoughts on Turning 23)

  1. you feel old??? …. And im in my late 20’s!

  2. funnysexy

    @ Jayvee F.
    Unfortunately, dear, I do… Inoeryt? X_x

  3. paolo.

    Happy Birthday! Happy Blogsary! Anywho, post-summer really makes people think about age — most especially when your company starts hiring 20-year-old big-shots-to-be, when, during your time, you were the youngest person in the room. Fret not — you could always skip celebrating birthdays, omit from blogging about ’em, refuse greetings, etc, etc to retain your age. (denial, lol) I’ve been 15 for almost 8 years now! It was nice meeting you during the Coke thing!

  4. argh! if you’re old, then i’m like ancient!
    happy birthday!

  5. Ade

    You’re not old. Hmp.

    *walks my 25-year-old self away from your blog with the aid of a walking cane*

  6. wow ate pala kita πŸ˜€ ur 2 years old than me.. yey! heehee.. πŸ˜€

  7. I LOLLED at the funky lola photo. You should replace your banner with that!

    “Take care of your skin and and teeth. And do shampoo your hair, please.” – I’ll remember to this tell my 13 year old self as well.

  8. funnysexy

    @ Paolo
    You are totally right about the whole company hiring thing. What the hell happened to the fact that everyone else were my ate’s and kuya’s?? But I can’t skip celebrating it ‘coz it’s just too much love lol! Nice meeting you, too.

    @ Sushi
    Thanks a lot, dear!

    @ Ade
    *helps lolo walk away…*

    @ Jehzeel Laurente
    You’re only 16?????? *gasp!*

    @ P0yt
    Di pa kasi uso ang rebonding dati, teh… Sikat nun ang phrase na “mahangin ba sa labas?” LOLZ.

  9. i love reading your stuff. i wish i can write like you. i love you little sister from another mother! but you seem more mature than me. hahaha!!! cheers to cancerians! cheers to us! cheers to single gals who dream of love!

    love you!

  10. Kringy, I’m 26. And boyfriendless. And a virgin. YEY TO US! πŸ˜€

  11. Happy birthday! (last last week) and Happy blogsary! (last week) πŸ™‚

    I hope you meet your 13 yr old self just like in the movie The Kid. You’re definitely wise enough to give her tips now. πŸ™‚

  12. Mitch

    Belated Happy Birthday Kring :)I’ll also be turning 23 soon (2 months from now). Funny how you look 10 years back.

    I guess, when we were much younger, 10 years seemed so far pa. But when you actually reached that point, 10 years seemed to pass so quickly.

    And now, we’re actually more than two decades old!

    But hey, like what I tell myself, age is just a number. πŸ™‚

    BTW, Corrs says hello! Told her I chanced upon you in the Interwebs. We met recently after a long, long time. Masyado din kasing busy ang lola mo. Hehe She’s with Pinoy Dream Academy right now. πŸ™‚

  13. RJ

    I came out of my cave just to say I like older wimminz =O

    also, belated lol.

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  15. 52 posts in 12 months? One post in week HOOOOOO!!!

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