“Coming Out Hair”

“Coming Out Hair”, that’s what my friends call it. One asked if I already got fed up hiding in the closet, that I decided to “come out” by looking more butch than Aiza Seguerra. I don’t know what’s the big deal about it, really. I was tired of my long, damaged hair so I pretty much chopped it all off (not in a G.I. Jane kinda way, mmkay?) and ended up getting varied reactions from people.

Ego, friend of a blogger friend: Kring! You uhm, cut your hair… O_o Are you depressed?

Heysel, long time friend: Why, hello tharr, tita Jovy! (referring to my mom. We apparently look like twins now.)

Ms. Elvie, our accountant: Nice! You’re so pretty! It looks better on you!

P0yt, tanggera: WTF, dude. -_-

Wil, retarded friend: Aiza!!! *sings* pagdating ng panahon… Wahahahahahaha!!!

Boss: Who is this guy? Kring?! What the hell???
Me: Shuddup. It looks hot. Imma get more guys with this ‘do!
Boss: Oh yeah, and girls, too. *smirks*
Me: Is that supposed to be a bad thing?

NO. I’M NOT A LEZBO. THERE’S NO REASON FOR ME TO COME OUT, TOO BECAUSE I WAS NEVER IN THE CLOSET TO BEGIN WITH. I honestly just wanted to look completely like a certain leader of a Korean boyband lol and ended up looking like a gay guy pretending to be a girl who’s trying to look androgynous. Confused? Me, too.

Pics after the jump! (Huh? Where do we jump? Is it New Year’s Eve already? Why am I so corny?)



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16 responses to ““Coming Out Hair”

  1. Ade

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL I remember the band calling you AIZA!

  2. It’s nice. I love the layering and the highlights. 🙂

  3. Kai

    ooohhhhMMMMMYYYYYgaaaawwwddddd! XD
    i looooooove your hair!

    *yes, I type like to emphasize my reaction. LOL :))*

  4. Now if only you can find a rich young bachelor with a coffee shop he recently opened and have him owe you a favor. I suppose that’s easy enough to manage right? :p

  5. Hey, I used to have a similar hairstyle. High five!

    And yes, you can definitely get girls with that ‘do 😛

  6. funnysexy

    @ Ade
    But they also called me a “rocker \m/”… lol!

    @ Riajose
    Thanks! But I didn’t really get highlights. 😀

    @ Kai
    BUT. YOU. HAVEN’T. SEEN. ME. IN. PERSON. YET. WRU? Y U NOT IN THE OFFICE??? (won’t be back til monday, yanno… 😛

    @ Philos
    Right. So if you know anyone who fits that category, feel free to introduce me to him. I’d willingly disguise myself as a dude, especially if he’s hot.

    @ Joyfulchicken
    I could imagine you with this hairstyle and you prolly looking like Jay Chou. 😀 Which – let me add – is sooo not a bad thing. 😛

  7. Coy

    Awesome Kringy. Looks great as usual.


  8. shokizuki

    The hair looks great though I still want your long hair back XP

  9. Joe

    Wha..why?? Belated happy birthday, Kring. The next time we meet I may have to ask you the same question, “are you depressed?” Hehehe

  10. I had it in my mind to greet you on your very birthday but I dun have your number. Anyway, tomorrow (Friday, June 26, 7pm, Taste Asia at MOA) we’ll have a Coke Parteh and Coy needs a date! You should be there, ok? SHOULD because you look smokin’ HOT with the hair! (which remind me, I need a haircut badly now). Please, PLEASE come tomorrow, ok? Wear anything black, red, or white (or be either the angel or the devil). See you! Happy birthday, Kring!

  11. Hot! Uy belated pala. =)

  12. Coy


    Huhwhatz? LOL.

  13. i’ve noticed a lot of long-haired gals having their locks chopped off. must be in THE heat. 😀

  14. funnysexy

    @ Coy
    Thanks, carebear! ^_^

    @ Shokizuki
    The great thing about hair is that, they grow long again eventually. LOL. Zankyu!

    @ Joe
    But we were together last night and you didn’t ask me that!

    @ Fritz
    LOL sira ka talaga! Pero salamat, kuya!! >:D<

    @ Markku
    Thank you!

    @ Tintin

    @ Mnel
    For me it’s not so much the heat as it is the fact that I wanna keep on reinventing myself. I’m Madonna, btw. NIce to meet yah! 😀

  15. Kring! Love the hair!! It looks… healthy.

    nuff said. hehehe..

    mishu kring.

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