My Own Koreanovela

Dear Kring,

Please stop listening to those Korean songs on your mp3 player. I know they’re the shit and all but you won’t magically be transformed into some Yun Eun-hye look-alike who’d capture the heart of a handsome coffee shop owner.

Stop. It’s annoying.

Don’t you realize you’ve been doing that for years already and still no guy has come up to you yet, telling you that he has found your notebook-cum-diary and that he has searched long and hard for you because he has fallen in love with your thoughts?

You desperately try to mumble the lyrics, singing along with ’em but for heaven’s sake! Annyoung haseyo, kamsahamnida and shibbal aren’t the only worlds in Hanggul. You should do better than that. And even if you know by heart the lyrics to Delispice’s Go Baek, no random dude (whom you insist should look like Jo In Sung whatta ambisyosa) would offer to share his jacket with you whilst you get yourself wet, walking in the rain. It’s totally stupid, not romantic.



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16 responses to “My Own Koreanovela

  1. Is that a dude or a girl in that first picture? Koreans confuse me.

  2. I feel for you. Who doesn’t want a My Sassy Girl love story right? But really, I have a Korean patient married to a Filipina, all he does is shout at her all day long. Trust me, as racist as it sounds, Koreans aren’t all they seem to be on TV (or maybe they are). But this being a humor post, I guess I’ve taken this thing a tad too seriously now have I? Feel free to laugh at me now thanks. 🙂

  3. It’s a good thing,though. It seems people in Koreanovelas always die in the end of some tragic accident or mysterious disease.

  4. oh that a life!

    wanted boypren?

  5. funnysexy

    @ Joyfulchicken
    Totez a girl. Yun EUn-Hye from series like Goong and Coffee Prince! LOL.

    @ Philos
    I feel for you, dear, don’t worry. I soooo know what you’re talking about. But uhm, I think you guessed my motivation right with your last sentence. Ahehehe. But I shall laugh at you not.

    @ Onetamad
    Such is the fate of Koreans, I guess. It’s funny how none of them die of like, heart attacks or even old age. 😛

    @ Kulot
    Wanted Jo In Sung kthnxbi!

  6. In order to redeem myself, Yun EUn-Hye is really quite pretty! Err, not much in that picture though.

  7. querubin

    personally i’d agree with funny+sexy because gad knows i’ve been waiting for my own koreanovella to unfold (hopefully the romantic comedy kind, not the kind when women go blind, men give up thier eyes for them, and everyone still dies) and so far it’s a no flow, but just when you think koreanovellas don’t come true, you remember your friend, acquaintance really, who loved dbsk boybands and ended up dating (and seems to be very happy with) a genuine honest to goodness korean oppa.

    ewan. optimistic effect. bka it will happen to other people and not to me. still. it makes me totally not lose hope. u-know?

    bwahaha. Leeteuk!glasses. Ok pa yan. When you start wearing like his weird nonponytail ayan official na kambal na kayo. XD

  8. funnysexy

    @ Ade
    I think so, yes…

    @ Philos

    @ Querubin
    I’m not so sure if we’re thinking about the same girl but yes, I do believe in stories like that though I’m not so sure how it will end exactly. For all I know maybe it’d turn out like THE CLASSIC! Yatta! Also, I have a rather long hair. I’m cutting it short and dying it blond this month, which will totally make me Lee Teuk gay against my will. LOL.

  9. JOGULE! Learn that… it’s a Korean cuss word. LOLS!

  10. Kai

    yet another interesting blog. 🙂
    gimme some of the songs from your mp3, alryt? 😉

  11. funnysexy

    @ Riajose
    LOL. When I first read it I thought it was jologue, yanno like JOLOG wahahaha. Sige, I’ll use it na!

    @ Kai

  12. shokizuki

    KRINGU-CHAN~! You’re into Koreans :0
    Have you forgotten your Nino?
    parang kabaligtaran lang ng akin ang nangyari sayo ah xD
    From Korean idol fandom to Japanese..sayo reversed XD

    I don’t know if such kind of romantic ala koreanovela stories do come true…and if it does, I doubt it’ll happen to me XP


  13. Ade

    Also, I just cracked the secret code of this entry earlier. Ask Kring.

  14. funnysexy

    @ Shokizuki
    OF COURSE NOT. IT’S HIS BDAY TODAY WATDAHELL?? LOL. Also, actually I was into F4 cpop first then kpop before i moved over to jpop. I’m not really in the fandom now, I just like making fun of them, especially the super clowns(though I’ve always loved Korean films with a passion).

    oh yeah!! I missed those cons, I swear! My friend and his band played *points to Ade up there*

  15. shokizuki

    @kringu-chan – ehh??? they did?? sila ba ung tumugtog ng Laruku? astig un e…. napatigil kami sa activity na ginagawa namin XD
    Speakin of korean….pops in seoul in manila? Yay sige next con ha 🙂 sana me pera + jobs na kami para me meet-up + cosplay uli XP

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