Like I’m So Like Random and Stuff Like Yanno

This past week had been… wow. It wasn’t really hectic or crazy but let’s just say I had quite a few discoveries and/or realizations one of which is that I’m male.

First and foremost, I have a new favorite band- A Korean indie group called The Melody. OMFG THEIR SELF-TITLED ALBUM IS SO MUCH THE SHIT, IT WILL PWN YOUR FACE!!! (I love how I write with so much class and maturity lol) There’s not a song in the album that I don’t like, I swear. But of course, Love Box and Remember top my list! Here’s the live version of Love Box, which apparently is also from the Coffee Prince OST but I wouldn’t know as I haven’t seen the series yet. Seriously, you don’t even need to know Hanggul to know good music. One of these days, I’ll do a pimp post of my fave Asian artists…

I spent about 3 days at Ilocos Norte and I tell you, Pagudpud is soooo underrated. Hell, my country is underrated. We got to Pagudpud at around 10pm and I kid you not, I P.I.’d like I never have before when I looked up at the sky and saw the stars in their full glory. I’m a stars person and if others search for surf spots or dive sites, I look for the best star spots. I can’t even explain how beautiful the skies were. And the sunset was beyond breath-taking, too. And did I mention that the blue water looks like it was jobos’d? Only God can come up with a production design like that! Exquisite.



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15 responses to “Like I’m So Like Random and Stuff Like Yanno

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  2. Pagudpud, magaganda yung mga bitches ay beaches dun, dumaan ka na rin sana sa Bangui sa may mga windmill…

  3. You seem to travel a lot.
    Are you some sort of assassin?

    The ratio of gay to straight men is probably pretty much the same as it has always been. People are just more open about it now,
    I guess.

    I have a friend who always falls for gay dudes. Maybe gay men are just your type. ^_^

  4. Ade


  5. Ade

    Also, I used to be the first commenter in your entries. Nauunahan na ako. šŸ˜¦

  6. funnysexy

    @ Kulot
    Bitches? Meron? Yup, of course we went to the windmill farm, too and wtf at the beauty!!

    @ Onetamad
    Assassin? I wish (I kinda wanted to be a ninja, yanno)! It’s for my job, you see.. šŸ˜€ Also, it could be that less men are in denial now. You’re totez right about me having weird fondness for gay guys. It’s been like that since forever.

    @ Ade
    IMU WTF!! It’s okay, dear. Maybe coz I havent visited your blog lately so yeah, you didnt realize i have a new post. šŸ˜€

  7. Ade

    Hindi. Sikat ka lang. šŸ˜›

  8. Uhm, can you tell me why some of the most awesome and cutest guys in the world are gay???

    i really know how you feel on this and in matter of factly tone–i hate this. hahaha

    idk about the tongue ring. if you can handle the pain, then proceed with such. goodluck.

  9. My high school crush is bisexual

    My college crush is not sure about if he’s bi or gay

    My online crush way back is now gay

    Oh and even my celebrity crush way back is reportedly gay

    Hay bakit ganun kasi? grrrr but i love them pa rin šŸ˜€

    I predict you will get a boyfriend this year…

    …. and get married next year LOL

  10. Don’t worry about the ratio. Out of the 4 women for every guy, 1.5 are already married, half are aesthetically challenged… So there’s only 1 more girl in the race with you. (Kaya nga lang, there’s a non-female also in the mix vying for that guy LOL)

  11. 4 to 1? this is base on study right?

    but base on Philippine culture, that will not be possible right?

    NOT most awesome and cutest guys in the world are gay, how come that i am straight?

    scarcity of papable i think is happening to you nyahahaha!

  12. funnysexy

    @ Brando
    I had braces for 4 1/2 years and major shit were done in my mouth… I’d like to believe I can handle it. šŸ˜›

    @ Micamyx
    Maybe that’s why we don’t have boyfriends? LOL. Also, uhm, sana di ka mag-dilang anghel. I don’t plan to get married within the next 10 years, sorry.. X_x

    @ Blogie
    And chances are, yung non-female na yun ang pipiliin ng guy. Ugh! Sad. But happy din coz I have fondness for gay couples, too. Cute!

  13. Woah. As in seriously? in the next TEN years?

  14. querubin

    ooh. kpop recomm. will check out. šŸ˜€

    ghei. idk. i like super junior. half of which act ghei all the time. pero we all say they aren’t. maybe we are all in denial. which doesnt really answer your question.

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