The First Kiss

In time, I’d forget how you look like. Your eyes, your prominent cheekbones, the spiked hair you wanted to have dyed. Perhaps I’d even forget your name and the sound of your voice will slowly fade from my memories. We spent just a few hours together anyway and I did not have a clue of your existence prior to that fateful night.

I’d move on with my life and you will, too, a million miles away from me. We’d never see each other again as our love story was merely meant to be 9 hours long. The credits rolled a little too early.

But let it be known that I will never forget about you. You, who held my hand as we walked on the pavement by the sea. We did not care if we stood out among the crowd of people in jogging wear and sweatshirts. For once, I felt like someone was there to take care of me and I was reminded that I, too, am a woman. I will not forget how your fingers encased my palm nor how your pulse beat against mine.




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32 responses to “The First Kiss

  1. Coy

    Awww… This is sweet, Kringy. 🙂

    I just realized. I don’t remember my first kiss. It’s either I was too young to remember it (like 4? LOL) or it was with someone not-that-special. Fail.

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  3. Tama si Coy, sweet entry…

    Pero I felt something else when I was reading it…
    Its kinda erotic to me…. wahahahhahahaha

  4. JM

    Suhweeet! Kakakileg! Haha. =P

  5. Ade

    Anniversary nostalgia much?

  6. naks! nanuot sa aking kaibuturan, kaya pala naghahanap ka ng bf sa palawan e!

    seriously, its a sweet thing to post it here… hay… (kilig)

  7. Whatever happened to him? =)

    The only reason I won’t ever forget my first kiss is because…ummm…
    the dude’s name’s Jomer

    I srsly hope the code worked.

  8. funnysexy

    @ Coy
    Uhm, 4 years old? LOL. I waited for so long for my first kiss and I didn’t want to screw it up.

    @ Umleo
    OMG EROTIC FTW!!! I plan to publish a hentai an adult novel one day. And I had a lot of training reading too much yaoi grwoing up.

    @ JM
    Ahehehe salamat!

    @ Ade
    You know me. Hopeless romantic bitch desu!

    @ Kulot
    Naghahanap naman ata ako ng “the one” kahit saan eh. LOL. One time nga pumunta ako ng Bilibid tapos nag- uhm nevermind. XDXD

    @ Helga
    He’s back in Australia now thought we’re kind of in touch. Gawd, I hope he doesn’t read this entry though. Kinda embarrassing…

    @ jehzlau
    Some guy, not from here. Also, I’m not mad at you anobear?

  9. yaoi? U mean, wahhhhhhhhhh yah i know!? Oh holy crap!

    I just felt different when i was reading this lines:

    “I will not forget how your fingers encased my palm nor how your pulse beat against mine.”

    and the…

    “Yours was the first mouth I tasted.”

    ***Okay Leo, you know what?, you’re a perv*** (–‘)

  10. reading this entry made me reminisce my first kiss with my current pet. technically, he wasn’t really my first yet it felt like he was. hihi. kilig mode.

    btw, napadaan at nagparamdam. haha. FC na ko agad dito. Take Care!

  11. That’s sweet 🙂 The first kiss is always memorable, ano?

    Kailan kaya ang first kiss ko wahaha

  12. funnysexy

    @ umleo

    @ Mnel
    Awww… Pet you mean like a dog or is that what you call your boy? LOL. Thanks for dropping by and see you around! ^_^

    @ Micamyx
    Well, apparently, for a lot of people hindi. Which sucks, really. I made sure mine will. But I was about to turn 22 when I had it so it’s not too late for you, don’t worry. 😉

  13. utakGAGO

    NOT that I’m a pervert but I had my first kiss (not with anyone blood-related) when I was… in Grade 5 or six. That kiss is honest, by the way.

    The phrase “nibbled your lower lip” is just great. :p

  14. Wow and I am only 21! 🙂

    I am actually anticipating for that first special kiss of mine. I want it to be perfect and real 🙂

    Laplapan galore LOL just kidding XD

    Woah, SSB ka rin pala? Let’s do a group blog then! 😀

  15. OH! NO!!!!!!!! I AM NOT!!!!
    I searched in wikipedia… and it gave me the crap! wahahaha

  16. Mitch

    Aww. Nothing beats the first kiss. 🙂 Or at least, the feeling when you had it. Winner. 🙂

  17. Oh f*ck, no, you did not just post this entry. LOL. I remember my first kiss. It was a b*tch.

  18. Kumusta naman mga Ateh… I’m 25, had a “bf” but no first kiss yet. Any volunters?

    I can only wish if I do have that experience, I’ll write about it as beautifully as you did Kring. 🙂

    *sloooow clap*

  19. Aww. Tagos to sa ribcage at sa puso at sa likod.
    Kaka divirginize ko lang dito sa blog mo at masasabi kong,
    panalo, nag-enjoy ako!

  20. Coy

    @Riajose No kiss from the bf? Pero may holding hands while walking naman? 😛

  21. wahahaha! i almost fell down from my chair while reading that umleo23, nyahahaha!

  22. @kulot: wahahahaha good thing i tried searching for it, before saying YES to Kring to go ahead with her planned novel!?! wahahahaha

  23. @Coy – No HHWWPSSP! 😦 Just a pitik-sundot encounter… which I think would be good blog entry.

  24. funnysexy

    @ UtakGago
    Why, thank you! And the feeling was great, too.

    @ Micamyx
    Lolyeah. I think my barkada even coined the term SSB (everybody else uses NBSB) and yup, I’m turning 23 this year. All’s not lost for you, dear.

    @ Mitch
    And even if it sucked, you’d remember it nonetheless…

    @ P0yt
    Oh hell yeah, I did!

    @ Ria
    OMG O_o are you serious? Kamusta naman boyfriend mo? Anjan naman si Ade. ^_^;;

    @ Samjuan
    Welcome! Sana mag-enjoy ka rin sa ibang entries ko though most of them don’t make much sense. FTW.

    @ Kulot

  25. laugh trip toh ha! at ako ang napag tripan nitong si Kulot at Kring… ehehehehehe
    (biglang :() Okay next entry pls… wahahahaha

    Seryoso na:
    Woah your only turning 23, Kring? how old were u ba when u experienced this so called first kiss?

  26. sweet. first kisses are the bomb (seriously, do people still use the bomb? hahaha!)
    ” For once, I felt like someone was there to take care of me and I was reminded that I, too, am a woman” — sarap no?

  27. uhumm! why are you asking those personal and deep question now umleo23?

    Go go go! and look she’s just 22 turning 23 yeah!

  28. jo z

    i really likes this entry when i read it a year ago. sweet.

  29. I am glad you are giddy. 🙂

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