This is the Entry Where I Show You My Boobs

Do you remember this recent post? Why O__o? Well, one of my winnar friends, Mishi (the girl I was with at the iblog afterparty) made a really crack collage that would totally make Korean fangirls hate me.

my layout ate this image. whadachamp.

LOL. I just sit and wait until this reaches the Korean netizens. Who knows, I might start getting comments like “sHUt uP U d0NT luK Lyk TEUKIE OppA 1 BiT, U wHor3!!!111one!” or even end up getting poisoned by one of them! I won’t mind meeting Gackt this Lee Teuk kid someday though. I mean, I have a male Korean celebrity for a twin- it’s supposed to be a good thing, right?

In another note (which is related to the title), I’ve finally accepted that most guys have bigger boobs than me. Serious. Even my mother would laugh at my chest when she sees me in tight tops. I mean, I’m so flat, I look like this topless.




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30 responses to “This is the Entry Where I Show You My Boobs

  1. Nasaan ang booby? hehehehe

  2. adik! (shakes head and ROTFLMAO)

    that’ll show them poisonoids and boobie stalkers hahaha

  3. sef

    Is it true, the wall feels like your boobs? So hard… maybe you have implants?

  4. Pau

    I’d like to take the opportunity to (once again) fantasize about Ade’s boobs.

  5. funnysexy

    @ Jayvee F

    @ Alfie Miras
    Uhm, up there… XDXDXDDD

    @ Jester-in-Exile
    LOL. That’s what snorting bread crumbs can do to your brain. 😉 Boobie stalkers! Wahahahaha ftw.

    @ Sef
    Implants? If there were implants to make one’s boobies non-existrnt, then yes. I DO HAVE IMPLANTS THEN. Also, you can feel my ribcage.

    @ Pau
    And maybe Mike’s, too *tries to erase image from the BGBRF. O_o*

  6. GO MOOBIES! (man boobies).

    Pau, I heard someone say that the manblog should change their link to LOL. kidding. You’re all handsome still.

  7. now that’s an attention grabbing title

    …and that lee teuk, what a pretty guy

  8. Now I can’t stop imagining that the wall beside me has nipples, and I’m scared. Thanks a lot.

  9. nyahahahah! you must perform the exercise called ummm! it goes like this “i must, i must, i must increase my bust” so that you third post will be much exiting.

  10. and oh! by the way i added you in my blogroll, and you got a unique name on the list :))

  11. You didn’t show your boobs! Lies! ALL LIES!

  12. I think i saw you yesterday. Not sure if it’s you or Lee teuk though… LOL

  13. Ade

    “I’ve finally accepted that most guys have bigger boobs than me. ”

    … Hey!

  14. Wow, the Koreans put the ABS-CBN/GMA rivalry to shame.

    Also, boobs?

  15. Pau

    @Funnysexy: It is a proud moment for my family when Mikey’s claim to fame is his mantits.

    @Poyt: Holy Shet! Who told you about our rebranding project?!

  16. It was supposed to comment the korean look-alike thingy; but once you mentioned about boobs, I forgot what I was supposed to say.

  17. Hmmm… at least you have washboard abs right? Btw, you might prefer being mistaken for this photo of Gackt hehe

  18. funnysexy

    @ Poyt

    @ Jaywalker
    He is indeed pretty! And a lot of guys turn gay for him.

    @ Joyfulchicken
    You’re welcome… 😉

    @ Kulot
    Oh, believe me! I’ve been doing that since I was in third grade. Also… LOL @ my blogroll name. XDXDXDDD

    @ Baddie
    Nyehehehe. PWND.

    @ Hener
    Where? At LTO? Coz if yes, then I was right. I thought I saw somebody who looked like you. Ahahaha. I lost my license and had to get a temporary one.

    @ Ade
    Guilty much? *insert grin here*

    @ Onetamad
    Wow, the Koreans put the ABS-CBN/GMA rivalry to shame.

    Uhm, what do you mean? Also, they’re booblets or tiny boobs.

    @ Pau
    I’m sure he was pretty proud of it, too.

    @ Arsenal
    There you go! ^_______^

    @ Philos
    It only goes to show that you have not seen me me nekkid yet coz I DON’T HAVE WASHBOARD ABS AT ALL. My babyfats haven’t left me yet.

  19. HAHA! Great chest analogy hahaha!

  20. @Philos: Hey…Gackt ain’t so bad…

  21. You know how some people get all rabid about being a kapuso or kapamilya? These Koreans bring rivalry to another level altogether. Also, they have taekwondo skillz.

    You know what they say about people with tiny boobs… They say, “she has tiny boobs,” basically.

  22. Kai

    I want to say something but it’s kinda awkward to comment about your “booblets” since you’re my boss. LOL :))

  23. Ade

    I wanna say something to the like of “serial taxi…” but you might throw another cookie at me. In a painful manner.

  24. funnysexy

    @ Runawaycat
    Geez.. Thanks. ^_^;;;

    @ Onetamad
    is this KBS vs MBC vs SBS?

    @ Kai
    OMG TOTEZ, right?

    @ Ade
    Magnaye, I think our relationship has evolved to another level as you’ve seen me fall off my chair twice and do the “Kuya, beer tower naman!” movement. Also, my friends like you. Hangout with us more often or I’d throw a cookie again. (I actually forgot the cookie incident until you posted this comment. And goodluck with Poyt’s photos. We’re both dead once people see them.)

  25. wahehehehe.. are you made at me?? 😛

  26. Funny post… That’s all coz I’m TOTEZ retarded today.

  27. Ang kyut kyut mo naman.
    Oi, di lang boobs ang inasahan ko dito ah. hehe

  28. Hehe. I have no words.

  29. querubin

    wow, i drop by (cos imma really bored yo) and i find the kringteuk collage. alavetsomuch. ❤

    should someone post this up at soompi or something and wait for the fantardiness that will follow? just a suggestment.

    and in case you haven’t seen yet (which you prolly have but w/e):

    Two in One: Heechul Talks About Eeteuk & SuKiRa (Eeteuk’s radio show with Eunhyuk) on Urinals a.k.a. Eetuek Reads Fangurl Minds

    Palagay ko magkakasundo kayo ni Teukie kasi xa walang balakang,ikaw walang boobs.Ewan ko lang.

    Peace! ❤

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