A Message for Ade and Coy

I’ve been hearing some stuff floating around lately and to be honest with you, I think they’re very much with the LOL. People have been asking me what’s the deal and all but uhm, I’m no celebrity and this is not The Buzz. However, here are some messages for Ade and Coy, which are even on video. (I mean, I’m not a vlogger for nothing).



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27 responses to “A Message for Ade and Coy

  1. HUHLOLZ ang bilis!

  2. Ang kulit!!! HI PAPA AAAADE!

  3. Ade


    I swear, I woke up at around 4pm, groggy and with a massive hangover when I opened my browser and got to your site. And when I saw the latest entry (this, duh) I was like wtf jbkejbvhvjhvmdc;;;;;

    … so yeah, it was a shock. Heh.

  4. Ms FunnySexy, You are getting quite popular 🙂

  5. HUHLOLZ is Baddie’s originally. I nicked it so I can sound cool on twitter and in my commentz. Can’t wait for the next post (please get Mannequin, the band, to do your background muzak para sakto!) LOLX

  6. Didn’t you forget anyone by some chance?

  7. funnysexy

    @ Poyt
    HUHlolz inoeryt?

    @ Ria
    Ayan na.. ang true confessions ni Ria for Ade! RIA + ADE = RADE!!!

    @ Ade
    It was a schock?? I Thpugh thought you knew all along… *insert fluttering eyelashes here*

    @ Juned
    Erm thanks geez… With whom? LOLZ.

    @ Fritz
    YOu’re still cool even without the HUHLOZ, mmmkay? LOL @ loud muzak… tapos tungkol sa soiled tampon yung post ko.

    @ Benj
    I did? may you tell me who exactly?

  8. great greetings indeed

  9. What is this commotion? I thought you were into girls??? 😛

  10. funnysexy

    @ kulot
    much thanks to poyt and ria

    @ Benj
    aaawwwww… waaaiiii…

    @ Markku
    Hahahaha then again, these aren’t MY messages anyway? They’re Ria’s and Poyt’s!

  11. @Markku – Don’t you get it? Kring + Poyt + Ria = Greatest Threesome EVAH! 😛

    @Benj – Don’t worry, I’d go out with you too, coz like I don’t have standards and sh*t like those. Kidding! 😛

  12. the_bestest

    Can somebody show me the gaylingo handbook where “totez” came from? Or is that an attempt to coin a trendy new word ala mean girls? It just sounds so…out of place in a sentence.

  13. Wait… why am I logged into my old gazette acct? Anyway, it’s a LOl again.

  14. funnysexy

    @ The_bestest
    Uhm, how long have you been online? O_o Wait, do you know what PWN is? How about LOL or BRB? Coz I’ve been totez using it since like uhm, forever and like ohmahgawd! FASHADA!

    @ Gazette
    Double LOL? 😛

  15. the_bestest


    LOL, and BRB are circa the 90’s. PWN is much newer but if you’ve noticed, the term is actually cool enough to make it to mainstream use. Unlike this word you are trying so desperately to “market”…yeah, you get the drift.

    Btw, I’ve been online since before you discovered your ego, dear. And that’s saying a lot.

    Approve this please? So we can have a little fun? =)

  16. funnysexy

    @ The_bestest

    LOL BRB TOTEZ PWNED. Ahahahahahaha!!! I shall end here.

  17. Joe

    “Didn’t you forget anyone by some chance?”

    Haha Kring. May naalala ka ba? Lolz

  18. funnysexy

    @ Joe
    Uhm… Si Joseph Christian, my first love? 😛 😛 😛 at wow! new email much?

  19. Wow, issue na pala ang “totez”. Plus, this the_bestest person is trying to PWN people by NOT posting their email address or link.

    Where’s the fun in that?

    WAIT, KRING, WHEN DID YOU START DESPERATELY TRYING TO MARKET WORDS? lol Plus, are you gay, by any chance? Haggard-o Versoza! Try to market that!

  20. *their – her/him/it – I dunno really. LOL

  21. im spending more than 3 minutes erasing and retyping a comment but i cant think of anything witty to say.

    over the top ito!

  22. wow you got a hater. i wish i had a hater

  23. Kai

    haters are soooo last season.
    grow up.

  24. Wow! This is totez cool! Even learned a new word… that should help me raise my cool level from negative. :p

  25. Haters are the shitznitz. HUWHAT?! MWAHUGS!

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