6 Types of Guys I Want to Date

I only started dating about a year ago (yes, because I’m a fail like that) and I must say it’s been a fun ride so far. However, I do believe that one must explore and try out as many “fishes” out there in the ocean to find what suits her most. Hence, this list of guys I’d like to date…

1. The Rockstar
Profession: Musician, Writer, Director and the like
Idea of a date: Gig of his or his friends’ band- at Big Sky.
Pro: He’s a star. I’m a star. From the start, it’s already a match made in artsy-fartsy heaven.
Con: Groupies. FUCKING BREAST-FLASHING, ONE-NIGHT-STAND-OFFERING GROUPIES. And not to forget, mood swings.

Because of my work, I’m in the same circle as a lot of these “rockstars and artists” and it’s not that hard for me to meet one. But I remember this musician dude who was the first person who ever confessed his feelings for me and though he’s majorly hot and talented, he reeked of alcohol and yosi by default.

Seriously though, I think THE ROCKSTARS are hot. Won’t mind being asked out by one. Or two. Or five. Or more.



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38 responses to “6 Types of Guys I Want to Date

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  2. Ade

    Dominic Ochoa is a boy next door. Just saying.

  3. Coy

    So if I’m a Techie Guy AND a Boy Next Door, you’d date me uhm, twice? Just askin’.


    I can sing like a Rockstar. I think.

  4. If ever I really became a rockstar (I’m a frustrated writer and musician) or I’m totally a boy-next-door, I’m still not hoping because we have a major age gap (I’m a lot younger than you). Haha. 😛

  5. well I go with 1 and 2, pwede makidate?

  6. Does living a rock and roll style make me an honorable mention as #1?

    I’ve got the manky jeans and everything…

  7. funnysexy

    @ Ade
    Dominic Ochoa is a boy next door. Ade looks like DOminic Ochoa. Ergo? 😛 PS: Dominic was my dad’s student in Commerce.

    @ Coy
    You know who has a rockstar voice? Benj. And Poyt. You have boyband voice ^_^ I only go out with people who ask me out. Hence…

    @ The Deranged Writer (gawd, I hope you have a name)
    Awwww… How old are you? 12? Coz I’m 17!

    @ Kulot
    Is that a random question or a proposal?

    @ Onetamad
    Do you also have groupies and do you do drugs? Btw thanks for dropping by my blog! ^_^

  8. Well, ano sa palagay mo? just hit me

  9. seriouslie


    I mean, WTF!? Why aren’t WE on the list? LOL

  10. I’m like 4 of the above. Marry me! >_<

  11. Haha. Of course I have a name. I just don’t like using it as my name in blogging. 🙂

    I’m 17, and I don’t believe we have the same age. 😛

  12. Well, as they say, a day without groupies and drugs is like a day without sunshine…

  13. Kai

    “4. The Bisexual
    Con: He’d probably steal my collection of gay porn.”

    – LOL :)) As usual, I had fun reading your post. 😉 Blog more often! XD

  14. aw… parang wala ako sa list.. nyok nyok 😛 hehehe…

  15. funnysexy

    @ Seriouslie
    YOU MAKE ME SOUND SO OLD!! Ahahahaha. YOu mean 17 year old kids?

    @ Fritz
    Honey, do you mind telling me what those 4 types are? 😛

    @ Kai
    Thatks, dear! I think it’s rather odd though that you’re the only girl who has commented in this entry so far. YOU FTW! *hugs*

    @ Jehzeel
    Okay, what category are you in exactly? The smart blogger? 😉

  16. hehe seriously, i’d want to date nos 2-4. rockstars scare the shit out of me hehehe!

  17. Fuck, man, victor basa? LOL Go nao to the 6 types of girls you want to date LMAO

  18. I am a self-proclaimed #1, interestingly but don’t look it as #2, a hint of #3 here and there, and a licensed pro as #5. Let’s see anybody top that! HUHLOLZ!

  19. I don’t fall under those types of guys, all i can say is…

    I’m better than your ex, better than your next.


  20. #6

    Where do we line up?

  21. funnysexy

    @ Sushi
    There are a lot of cool rockstars, believe me. Then again, many of them dont shower, too so yeah, I do understand. 😀

    @ Poyt
    That would be controversial but wth… since when did I care, really? (Though I’m very mapili with my girls…)

    @ Fritz
    WHere’s the ring? HUHLOLZ (wtf nahawa na ko… >_<) But baka may magselos eh… Yiheeeeee!!!

    @ Hener
    When I received that quote though text, I almost threw my phone against the wall. XDXDXDDD

    @ Benj
    ORLY? 😛 Next blog event. LOL.

  22. Coy

    BTW, my mom wants to meet you later. My place. 😛

  23. Ely

    Geek and Businessman like Tony Stark? Ow… sorry Iron Man hangover.

  24. Ade




  25. girlieinthecity

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  26. Uy Kring! I think I fit three of the items on your list. Are you looking for the one who fits all six? 😛 Hehehe.

  27. M

    Boy next door ba ang mga security guard? Boy next to a door pala yun.


  28. anndie

    you actually look hot in that pic
    AHHAHA well of course you look hawtz all the time ❤

  29. Wow, you’re so cool! I’ve never seen a more honest set of description one would want from a date. Having given you a compliment, I’ll do the creepy thing and ask why a chicken wasn’t included? =Þ

  30. funnysexy

    @ Markku
    3? Not bad! And no, I’m not really looking for one that fits all six though I won’t mind dating a boy-next-door rockstar, who’s also a businessman/techie, with a white-collared job and happens to be bisexual, too!

    @ Philos
    UHM… Coz that’s like bestiality-level. O__o

  31. So after that talk about fishes you nitpick huh? :p

  32. haha have you met my bloggin’ friend Mariano? he’s a ROCKSTAR!!

    who would’ve brave the britney spears and christina aguilera songs? only to recreate them as rock!!!???

  33. Seriously, I gotta stop reading your blog in public places!!! XD

  34. funnysexy

    @ Philos
    It’s not really nitpicking, yanno? More like… standards. 😀

    @ Lethalverses
    Rly? Introduce me to him then!

    @ Blogie
    Why, what happened??

  35. I looked so stupid laughing by myself at a coffee shop while reading your blog… 😀

  36. Rich Muhlach

    Just read this blog (talk about delayed) and now I know what your description of “boy-next-door” is. And yes, I must admit I have those qualities. Also of The Businessman. Wala lang…

  37. Rich Muhlach

    “Perfume” comes to mind when I hear ‘J-Lo’, not “actress” 😛

    I’m a Data Analyst during the day but I have my ‘rakets’ at nights and weekends. Organizing social functions, running sports leagues, hosting parties, fundraising events. Tycoon in training hahaha. And a frustrated artista too :s

    From what I’ve read through you’re blog, you’re a director? Is that your full time job? Is it cool if we email each other? Mine’s richmuhlach@gmail.com 🙂

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