Where the hell is Boy Bastos?

Do you guys think I look like this dude below?

-edit- changed the picture because my boss (yes as in you know, my employer) pointed out that I look more like him in this photo. -_-

YES THAT’S A REAL MAN WITH A PENIS. I, uhm, personally don’t think so but some kids from a little gathering I hosted yesterday claim that I do. He’s Lee Teuk, btw. Leader of a 13-member (yup, thir-fuckin’-teen!) Korean boyband Super Junior. Personally, I don’t think there’s even a slight semblance. I mean, look closely. He’s way prettier than me. And I’ve always claimed that he looks too GAY with a capital G.

Lee Teuk looks gay. Kring looks like Lee Teuk. Ergo, Kring looks gay. Aaaahhh. Now it makes sense.

In another news, there’s a rumor spreading among my HS batch mates that, well, I either got pregnant or have given birth. WTFLOLFTW!!!



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39 responses to “Where the hell is Boy Bastos?

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  2. Jake The Miserable

    Sino nga ba ang mas pogi at sino as mas maganda? 😀

  3. LoL. You really did research on Lee Teuk.

  4. Hey (Ate) Kring! I’m one of those people yesterday from the “li’l gathering”. 🙂 Now, that I’ve seen this picture of him, he does look like you here (Ok, please don’t throw tomatoes at me). :p

    Thank you so much for always hosting the gatherings. Yesterday was my second time and I always enjoy how you host the G’s.

    And on a sidenote, I love reading your blog. It’s so amusing and fun. ♥

  5. Ade

    LOL you do not look like that guy!

    …I think.

  6. tenshi

    Hi!i’m also there yesterday in that ‘little gathering’. and I agree with BJ >__<)v

  7. er.. yes im one of the kids from the gathering..

    hahaha… you do look like him.. but i i agree that HE is PRETTY AND GAY.. FTW… (>_<)

    and yes. i think you living in your world.. since you said your a little sexy vixen pwhahaha..

    but i u are ❤ and your WIT… with a capital W…

    and p.s HEECHUL IS LOVE<33 and on crack..

    ~~ tralala.~~


  8. funnysexy

    @ Jake
    Parehong siya…

    @ Marz
    Nah, I’ve known the dude since they debuted but it was only last year when I gave suju a second look. Hehehe.

    @ BJ
    Gah! But why can’t I still see it? >___< Thank you dear… That’s how I normally talk so I guess being loud and obnoxious comes out naturally. 😀 Hope to see you around here more often!

    @ Ade
    Read the other people’s comments. They apparently think otherwise. -_-

    @ Tenshi
    Which part of it? 😛

    @ Miki
    Awww… THANKS A LOT! Crack is Kring and Hee Chul’s GCF. Woooot!

  9. kring! just dropped by to say na… well, kahawig mo nga yung nasa pic… pero mas maganda sha sayo. hehehe. joke! ingatz! mishu kring…

  10. Wow! Kring ur going to have ur own .com soon??? exciting!!!
    hmmm layout… i think Coy can help u out for free or search ka ng mga free themes online, madame na jan nagkalat ehehehehe… pero if you can spend money on it, try to contact Karlo of pinoyblogero.com

    So when ang launch ng site mo!? sobrang exciting talaga toh…

  11. You look similar, yes. The dood looks pretty. You look like him. Ergo… yun na! I won’t volunteer Coy to help you out on your new layout for two reasons: (1) Coy as we all know is at the brink of insanity regarding academics and (2) because I believe you can wing yourself to get one on your own la. Did I already agree with you and the dood looking similar?

  12. okay i was at the 5G too and after you mentioned that someone said you look like teukie, thats all i could think about the rest of the gathering. ang lungkot no? XD

    the pic you have is not the prettiest teukie pic around. ayaw mo non maganda ka din. tsaka flawless yang si eeteuk. gar, i can’t find my pretty eeteuk pics 😦

    however,check this out for maximum in ghey eeteukness : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0IP1tfR8Eg&feature=related

    Also! A TeukChul pairing clip! They spoofed Princess HOurs. Fortunately babae si HeeChul dun. Here it is:

    Enjoy the crack!

    Also want to say that i enjoyed your MC-ing last sat. You were hilarious. Hope to see you in future gatherings hehe. Cheers! ^_^v

  13. Ade

    I can help you out with the layout. Just saying. 😛

  14. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. You’re now known to us as the “Teuky girl”. Well, a lot of the people from the gathering call you that now. :p

    And yeah, you’ll definitely see me around because I’m having fun reading hilarious, crack, sophisticated blog posts. 🙂


    PS. Umedetto for having a webhost! :3

  15. berna

    Hi ate Kring.:)
    haha. you look like LeeTeuk in their vid called “Happiness”. but in the picture you’ve posted, i can’t see any resemblance of you two. haha.

    anyway, i got many HeeChul clips here. just tell me if you want some.:)

  16. WAHHH…
    Ay oo nga tama si Fritz… busy pala si Coy sa thesis nya wahahahahaha… sorry nalimutan ko eh!

  17. funnysexy

    @ Cheskie
    Mare! Welcome to my blog! Lol kinasal ka na ba?

    @ umleo23
    Well, it’s actually .ph. I asked Karlo about it already lol and of course he wouldn’t do it for free. And Coy’s drowning in his thesis so I don’t want to disturb him anymore. 😉

    @ Fritz
    So I should use my awesome and tried and tested powers of bullying? I KNEW IT! I’m the Sassy Girl incarnate! -_- Yes you agreed already.

    @ Querubin
    Which is exactly why I don’t look like him coz his skin is just… wtf creamy. And he’s a guy! Also, believe me, I’ve watched all the HeeChul crack I can get my hands on. Seen both already but thanks for the links!

    @ Ade

    @ BJ
    Teuki girl imnida. LOLFTW.

    @ Berna
    I’ve seen that video of gay and uhm, still trying to figure it out… Hahahaha!

  18. mel

    oh Hi Ate Kring!! still remember meh? mansss! sana nga talagang sinamahan ko na lang si Jhocel para nakita din kita in person ^^

  19. anndie

    sino ba si boy bastos

  20. yet another funny post. keep it comin’ man.

    and just out of curiousity… about this lee teuk dude- so did you do all that research about him? or was that all conveniently spoon-fed to you by your boss (quite a disturbing thought on its own, really)?

  21. eek. edit. curiosity. i correct my ass.

  22. LoL @ the photo change. It’s more like he looks like you and not the other way around XD. I’ve seen this blog a couple of times before when I was browsing blogs in wordpress and from ‘blog ni Inday‘- not just after the 5G.

    btw are you changing domains too? funnysexy.ph isn’t working when I typed it in :/

  23. querubin

    okay. idk if you’ve seen this. i think you look like teukie in this gif. O, ikaw bka mas gusto mo itong gif na ito. ^^;; okay, tama na @.@

  24. Kai

    1st: You are prettier than that gay guy. LOL :)) Though I have to say that he looks “PRETTY.”

    2nd: You don’t look pregnant. You’re thin! HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY LOOK PREGGERS? Caca-F needs glasses! :))

    3rd: Soooo happy that BB is finally on YouTube! YEY! XD

  25. @ Mel
    Hi! Were you Mellific on LJ?

    @ Anndie
    Si Stanley Gumapak, Jr. nga…

    @ Renzie
    Why, thanks, dear! ^__^ Well, I’ve known Lee Teuk since ’06 but I kinda got more interested in him ever since the girls pointed it out. Also, I googled that pic with my boss and he flipped. 😛

    @ Marz
    Wait, blogniinday? HOW? O__o

    @ Querobin
    So I think it’s okay to conclude that I look like ITUK when he’s on crack… or vice versa?

    @ KAI
    ILU!!! I think Caca-F secretly hated me back in HS, that’s why. PROMOTE PROMOTE PROMOTE BB!!

  26. tenshi

    i mean…i agree with Bj that you look like Leeteuk…*and that ur blog is interesting and fun*

    i’ve seen that you changed the photo xD ~and now you look more like Leeteuk =D wahahaha!LEEETTTEEEEUUUKKK!!!!!!! v(^^) pissu!

  27. Mel

    yep! Im the one on LJ and multiply ^^

  28. Lee Teuk looks gay. Kring looks like Lee Teuk. Ergo, Kring looks gay. Aaaahhh. Now it makes sense.

    ^IT REALLY DOES!!!! =P

  29. kring… funny how lotsa people bring up that question! hehehe… well, nope not married and not in my list of plans in the near future! career muna! hehehe… di ka pa rn nagbabago… well, it’s good to know na you’re doing this, at least we still get to be updated with your life and also, i’m happy that you get to live your dream! 🙂 God bless..

  30. zhen

    ei kring its me ZHEN…
    uhmm the one initiate calling u TEUKIE…
    and the one who will give u clips of heechul…
    see they all agreed to me…
    nice choice of pic coz thats the pic of TEUKIE thats really resemble to u…
    girl admit it..
    teukie is not gay…
    u really do like him…
    hope to see u on the next gathering…

  31. Ha! You do look a lot like the Korean guy. Yay?

  32. funnysexy

    @ TinTin
    OMG @ Mishi’s collage of win! LOLZZZZ!

    @ Cheskie
    Same to you, dear… Same to you. 😉

    @ Zhen
    You made a legendary comment, dear. And now the world will hear it. Ahahahaha. Hey! There’s nothing wrong with being gay!

    @ Joyfulchicken
    I’m not sure if I should be happy that I look like a dude. Well, in fairness, he’s cute and flawless and girlier than me. 😉

  33. zhen

    am I???
    wooohhh…..what can i say….
    being gay is not bad…
    it is more fun…
    i mean fun to be with…..as friends…
    but dont consider ur self gay coz u look like TEUKIE
    wait EHB vid that u ask…
    HEECHUL is not present in all EHB ep..
    but ill give u only ep.where chullie was there…
    and i gave u vid wer u can really see the real attitude of heechul..

  34. utakGAGO

    KRING IZ NEVER gayz! that guy’s gay, but not you!

    haha kamping-kampi eh no. 😀 anyway, napadaan!! 😀

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  36. anndie

    who the fork is that =/

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  38. Great body i love japanese

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