My Double Simian Line

A simian line is the singular horizontal crease on the palm created by the merging of the head line and the heart line. It’s not palmistry, my love. It’s dermatoglyphics, psychodiagnostic chirology and physiology. Yes, I had to throw you those omg!hyphaluting!scientific words so I won’t sound so new age.

Because the line is a combination of the heart and the head, it is believed that bearers find it difficult to separate thoughts from emotions. They are overly-focused to the extent of excluding everything else. It is interesting to note, however, that half the individuals with Downe Syndrome have simian lines. Pwned.

Characteristics of “simian-lined people”

1. Intense. So much so that people often assume that they’re angry.
2. Complex, forceful, goal-oriented, and egocentric. LOL.




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15 responses to “My Double Simian Line

  1. Guess who has a simian line as well 🙂

  2. Ade

    I also have a simian line as well!

  3. funnysexy

    @ Juned
    Hmmm… Arnold Schwarzi-what’s-his-name? LOL! YOU!

    @ Ade
    Yup, saw it already ftw. We should totez have a simian club.

  4. i also have on both hands’

  5. Ian

    And there I thought we all descended from apes. Heh.

  6. shiv prasad

    I also have double simian line.

  7. i also have double simian line…

  8. glim

    I have a pure simian line on my left hand and a semi – simian line (head line dominant) on my right hand.. what does that mean?.. X)

  9. Andrea

    My new baby boy has double simian lines, should i be worried? he has no chromosonal abnormalties or down syndrome either.

  10. Heather

    i have a double simian line too and i wanna know what that means. your articlie did help but its dont really answering what i would like to know. i what to know what comes from a double simian line in the future.

  11. I have a simian line on my right hand.I got a great link which talks a lot about the simian line. . It is commonly said that the simian line is associated with Down’s syndrome. What I think is that if you have a simian line and no Down’s syndrome you do have some of the physical traits of a person afflicted by it. But as far as your cognitive abilities are concerned, you go to the other extreme; you are very very intelligent. The two most common things that I have discovered about Simian’s (both normal and the ones affected by Down’s syndrome) is that they are very keen observers and also excel to a very high degree in sports,arts,music,theatre,acting and the like.

  12. Hello ‘Funny Sexy’,

    Interesting post, you mentioned Arnold Holtzman’s psychodiagnostich chirology – actually recently I wrote a review of his work, at:

    However, have you might also be interested in my review of the simian line, at:

    Especially, because the article describes a bit about the psychology behind the simian line, and a high frequency of simian lines in Asian people!!

    I hope you like it!

    Best wishes from The Netherlands,

    Martijn van Mensvoort

  13. Hello ‘Funny Sexy’,

    Interesting post! Especially since you mentioned Arnold Holtzman’s psychodiagnostic chirology – actually recently I presented an article about PDC, you can find it at:

    However, you might also be interested to take a look at my review of the simian line. My article presents some psychological qualities related to the simian line, and I also describe why the simian line is more often observed in Asian people!!

    You can find my simian line article at:

    I hope you like it!

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  14. Ashley

    I have simian lines on both hands. Well I know I’m weird but what the heck is normal anyway?

  15. Ritu

    I have also Simian Line in Both Hands But may i know in Simple Word Its Very Good Or Bad????But I never Feel that Its Bad in Mah Opinion But yaa My Thoughts is Very DIff From Others …Always i have Many question Going in my mInd and surprize that I find all Answer my self . 🙂 quite Interesting Fact naa lol

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