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The Misadventures of the Palawan Gang (2/3)

Why, hello thaaarrr! Why am I updating again, you may ask… Well, here’s the bidjo of the 2nd day of our Palawan trip and believe me, this is much more crack than the first one. I had hesitations of including some of the clips that I used, the reasons of which, you will find out when you watch.

Please don’t look at me funny when you see me in person. I’m just like that and you gotta deal. Another reason why I don’t get guys. LOLERSKATES.



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Where the hell is Boy Bastos?

Do you guys think I look like this dude below?

-edit- changed the picture because my boss (yes as in you know, my employer) pointed out that I look more like him in this photo. -_-

YES THAT’S A REAL MAN WITH A PENIS. I, uhm, personally don’t think so but some kids from a little gathering I hosted yesterday claim that I do. He’s Lee Teuk, btw. Leader of a 13-member (yup, thir-fuckin’-teen!) Korean boyband Super Junior. Personally, I don’t think there’s even a slight semblance. I mean, look closely. He’s way prettier than me. And I’ve always claimed that he looks too GAY with a capital G.

Lee Teuk looks gay. Kring looks like Lee Teuk. Ergo, Kring looks gay. Aaaahhh. Now it makes sense.

In another news, there’s a rumor spreading among my HS batch mates that, well, I either got pregnant or have given birth. WTFLOLFTW!!!



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The Misadventures of the Palawan Gang (1/3)

I thought of writing a mad-awesome intro about this post, perhaps to explain why I feel the need to lose weight or why I’ve always wanted to be a popstar or why I’d vote for SHRIMP (yes, as in the crustacean), if ever it runs for presidency. But then I decided to just let the video speak for itself.

This is the first day of our vacation in Palawan, which was so much with the win! YOU. HAVE. TO. GO. THERE. srsly. And you’re lakkeh ‘coz this vid is the director’s cut- the extended version of the original one with highlights which include:

1. Crocodiles making out
2. Butterflies copulating
3. Stiff cocks
4. Big-boobed midget statues
5. Bare-footed hungry humans

I know you want to watch already.



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My Double Simian Line

A simian line is the singular horizontal crease on the palm created by the merging of the head line and the heart line. It’s not palmistry, my love. It’s dermatoglyphics, psychodiagnostic chirology and physiology. Yes, I had to throw you those omg!hyphaluting!scientific words so I won’t sound so new age.

Because the line is a combination of the heart and the head, it is believed that bearers find it difficult to separate thoughts from emotions. They are overly-focused to the extent of excluding everything else. It is interesting to note, however, that half the individuals with Downe Syndrome have simian lines. Pwned.

Characteristics of “simian-lined people”

1. Intense. So much so that people often assume that they’re angry.
2. Complex, forceful, goal-oriented, and egocentric. LOL.



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