Conversation with Dad and Girl Trouble

“Don’t you have any suitors or a boyfriend, maybe?”, randomly asked my dad as he was driving me to the MRT station a few days ago. I nearly accidentally stabbed my eye with my mascara brush and to say that I was taken aback by his statement is an understatement.

I’m pretty close with my parents and we do talk a lot but topics like their sex life and my issues with love remain to be undiscussed (thank gawd). So yeah, I basically just answered him with a flamboyant “OMG NO I HAVE NONE KTHNXBI!”


I did see a hint of repressed chuckle when he said that.

“I don’t know why! You ask them guys, not me!”

“Naku anak, you’re not getting any younger ha…”

I swear to the heavens that I flipped and flailed inside the car and even did triple cartwheels with a split at the end. I could not believe my ears! Did my dad just insinuate that I start copulating having relationships with people or the hour glass would die on me?



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19 responses to “Conversation with Dad and Girl Trouble

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  2. Ade

    LOL, you might actually have someone interested in you, you’re prolly just too dense to figure it out. 😛

  3. Ha ha . I have been there done that four times over and probably be there again. 🙂

    I would agree with Ade looks like there are a number of persons whi have er a genuine interest in you , excluding the cyber stalkers. Some are just to timid to act. When in doubt attack!! (^_^)Y

  4. funnysexy

    @ Ade
    Dense or in denial… you decide. LOL. No one has told me anything directly so I don’t want to assume, yanno. 😉

    @ Juned
    Dear, but I don’t get it. Wait. I kinda do. I have a lot of issues. I don’t think it’s them… it’s me. 😛

  5. hyd

    Well, my parents bug me about that too. I know that at 18, some of the girls my aged have had boyfriends already and some often change theirs like undies. D: I told them that I’m not even interested about getting committed because I can’t even take care of myself. XD I can’t also imagine myself being with a guy. But I do want to have a family when I’m at the right age. NBSB might mean very high standards or just plain ugly/snobbish…I always believed it has something to do with my standards. Hahaha.

  6. ahahahaha!! thats so funny…. my parents have both given up the thought that i’ll have a boyfriend ever… my mom has been “urging” and i MEAN urging me since i was in gr 7… and my dad…. he didn’t like the idea of me dating til i was 18… he’s not past that point and tells everyone i won’t ever date anyone…. *sigh* good thing though… i can tell how awkward it’d be…

  7. hahaha!

    your dad is as cool as you are! 😀

    hmm, requirement mo ba na taga-Binondo? marami kong kilala dun! hahahaha!!

  8. Edwin from nowhere...

    hi, i guess the earlier comments is correct… maybe he’s there somewhere and i believe you’re a great lady, no worries you’ll meet him soon.

    Anyway i’m no net stalker it so happen i saw your vids and blog and can’t help to comment. maybe if i we’re your age i’ll make the effort to be one of your friend…you’re such a fun and interesting girl.

    from nowhere…

  9. dude, when your dad started the conversation, I just knew that he already had someone in mind for you 🙂


    you think you need to interact with more dudes perhaps? at least get more exposure? for some strange reason, my female buds all seem to think i hold the solution to their relationship woes by having me pimp for them on- and off-cyberspace. always thought that finding someone is a numbers game of sorts. yanno? 😀


  10. funnysexy

    @ Hyd
    Dear, you’re 18, probably not even in college yet. I think you should tell your parents to worry when you’re already done with school and doing fine with your career coz then you have no other excuses anymore. 😀

    @ Lilone
    thanks for dropping by my blog! ^^ maybe you can lie to them and tell them you’re dating someone even if you’re not to give them hope. 😉

    @ Ploplo
    My dad’s not -that- cool but he’s a character, I tell yah! Di naman requirement… Kasi my dad’s office is at Binondo. baka lang may ma-reto saken na taga dun.

    @ Edwin
    Hi! *waves* thanks for dropping by and even leaving a comment. Hope to see you around more often. 😉 even if you’re from… nowhere.

    @ Renzie
    believe me, i interact. and try to get to know as much people as i can… just that i have this whole “friends-zone” thing going (according to one guy) and i apparently give off this “omg! let’s be friends and have beer and do karaoke and shit like that!” aura that they tend to see me as that- a friend. but it works for me so i don’t complain. 😉 ahluveeet!

  11. I didn’t mean someone who was his student in 1983! – For the lulz! 😀

    It’s already a good thing in there that the folks are already open with those kinds of stuff in your life. Implied but not stated, they’d say halfway “you know your limits” or stuff like that. And I’m not sure if I am making sense right now, thanks to prohibited drugs.

    I think your dad has someone in mind for you. Or maybe nothing. O ewan. :d

    Panahon na upang ipamalas sa buong mundo ang iyong natatanging kariktan na nagbibigay-liwanag sa kasibulan ng mundo. Ngayon na ang tamang panahon upang sila sy magsumamba sa ‘yong nagniningas na kagandahan.

  12. finch

    “yoda to kring , use the force.” lol

  13. at least your dad doesn’t go up to your friends and ask them to look for a boyfriend –or worse– a hubby for you.

    my dad doesn’t but MY MUM DOES. dyahe.

  14. haha! parents! you just gotta love ’em. they do mean well most of the time. i’ve had my share. heck my dad even bought this shirt that says waited too long to find the right man which hung over a skeleton. asar!!!!

  15. Joe

    Parents. Haha

    Reminds me of my mom. Lately she’s being nosy about my relationship/s but I just had to tell her I don’t have any cos I’m already married to my study, thesis, structural crap, etc (but most of all because I’m not good-looking). And I can’t figure her out, one time she’s cool with my being single(she doesn’t want me to marry at an early age), another time she’s concerned about me fishing a girl because I’m growing old and my hair is growing too thin daw. Pucha. Quoting her, “baka di ka makapag-asawa kasi nakakalbo ka na” WTF

    Anyway, just dropped by. This really cheered me up, Kring. Good luck to us!

  16. Coy

    Miss you, Sweet Pea. 🙂

    (Ayan ha. Nagparamdam na. LOLz)

  17. You better hurry. Your eggs are dying as I type this.

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