Natsu Na Naman!

This entry is based on the spiel I wrote when I was forced to audition for a VJ hunt thingy. I R Ween.

Summer is just around the corner (probably just sitting around, smoking borolights yanno ahahaaherm wtf corny). I mean, how can you miss it when only after 5 minutes of coming out of the house, your collar is already wilted and your make-up has already melted like cheese?

Most people are probably gearing up to go to the beaches, bask under the sun in their skimpy bikinis and/or glorious bilbils and occasionally get wasted on the sand, complete with dried puke on their hair and a cartoon penis drawn on their cheek.

I mean, I’m fun and all and though I can only swim for 5 minutes max, I do enjoy hanging out in the beaches, ogling hot, half-naked guys, which seem to be as rare as kangaroos are in Alaska. But if you would ask me how I’d want to spend my summer, I’d want to go back to my childhood where summer is waking up every single day with a smile on my face, knowing that I didn’t have to go to school or work.



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3 responses to “Natsu Na Naman!

  1. I had a summer entry before. Can’t remember when na. But summer will always be Cagayan de Oro to me.

  2. Ade

    Summer would be so nice if it wasn’t so frickin’ hot.

  3. Since I spent summers at a village with plenty of kids, the club usually hosted summer camps where we could learn cool stuff like survival training, orienteering, rock-climibing, karate… and not-so-cool stuff like arts and crafts, philippine dances and… gymnastics. lol

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