The Evolution of my Hair

When I was 11, my hair kinda died on me. If it wasn’t stuck on my scalp, I would’ve buried it beside my the grave of my 3rd grade diary (ain’t shitting with yah!) but you see, I had to live with it.

It had been puffy and brittle and dried ever since and quite honestly, it’s one of my biggest frustrations in life. I mean, who wants to have walis tambo for hair? Over the years, I’ve come to realize that no matter how fug you may be, hell, even if you have an eye above your bellybutton, if you have great hair, guys wouldn’t mind getting into your pants.

Also, just so you know, none of those hair products you see on TV work. NONE. At least, for me. So in my quest to have better hair, I’ve concentrated on the style, not so much the quality anymore because each strand of this goddam mane looks like it came from the pubis area.



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10 responses to “The Evolution of my Hair

  1. Ade

    But I love your jologs brown hair. 😦

  2. arc

    ooohhh nice ‘do. be happy with your hair, at least you can domesticate it. it’d nice to have hair that doesn’t need a fuckton of hair wax (as in Bench Fix Hair Wax, not the wax they use in giving people the Brazilian) just to tame it.

    heck, i’ve come to the conclusion that my hair is actually a symbiotic, independently-minded organism that defies gravity and all the combs in this planet. sucks. ‘>>

  3. Ade

    Seriously, Kring, Arc is creeping me out. Should we ban him?

    Oh shit, wrong window.

  4. funnysexy

    @ Ade
    Damn, I would’ve kept it if I played DoTA. They kinda go together yanno…

    @ Arc
    Geez. Tnx.

  5. LOL video of pawnage! 😀 I haven’t posted my Regine’s salon experience. Dang! I should.. NAO! Is your solo photo for your passport? Hehe

  6. funnysexy

    @ Poyt
    LOL. I cropped it from a picture with Coy staring at some wall at the background. Ahahaha. But yeah, I might as well use that for my NBI clearance (passport requires blue bg and my ears have to be showing out).

  7. You want to bleach your hair? 😦

  8. Sinead O’Connor look ? 🙂

    The boy Cut should look interesting.

  9. anndie


  10. wahhh! grabe namang buhok yang nasa pic! nakaka turn off!!! wahahahahaha
    pero sure ako inde naman ganyan ang buhok mo Kring hindi ba???

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