Wisdom My Ass!

I have anodontia.

According to my oral X-ray (a friend used to giggle like an effing schoolgirl whenever he heard or read the word ‘oral’ and it annoyed the hell out of me), I have 2 out of the normally 4 wisdom teeth. One was pulled out last January 4, 2006 and the other one, well, is making its presence felt. Bitch.

Don’t get me wrong. I probably won’t be too affected by the tiny bone protruding from my upper left gums if I didn’t know how much of a horrible experience it is to have one’s wisdom tooth removed. No, really. I think I know it a tad too much. Here’s an exerpt from my old blog.




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5 responses to “Wisdom My Ass!

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  2. Ade

    Yowch. Okay, I find it weird that at 24, my wisdom teeth aren’t showing up. Does that mean I’m not getting any smarter? Or does that mean I’m into a lot of oral torture (tee-hee) in my old age?

  3. I had mine removed as well. I have them here actually. The dentist was able to take them out without breaking them apart!

  4. having wisdom teeth is a living hell… I still have mine X__X;;

  5. the drawing is so funny!!!!!!!!!!!! But yeah having an impacted wisdom tooth is not that funny! ouch!

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