An Open Letter to the One I Love

I e-mailed this letter last April 26, 2007 to everyone on my address book, except for the person I wrote this for. I dunno if it’s such a good idea to put this up here but if it will inspire even just one person, then it is worth it. Guys, prepare the barf bag. No, really.

Note: It’s in Tagalog so if you can’t understand, well, sorry… This is best read with a sappy love song playing in the background like Friend of Mine, Time after Time or heck, any song from Boyzone.


Dahil ako’y duwag at takot masaktan, sasabihin ko na lamang sa’yo ito sa e-mail at magbabaka-sakaling mai-forward sa ‘yo to ng mga taong inuubos ang araw nila na yun lamang ang ginagawa. Pwede rin sana sa text brigade pero yayaman ang service providers sakin sa dami ng gusto kong sabihin.

Unang una, mahal kita. Ata. Palagay ko… Oo. Mahal nga kita. Matagal-tagal rin bago ko ito natanggap kasi lagi akong nakikipag-talo sa sarili ko. “I love him so much that I can’t be in love with him”, parati kong dinidiin sa aking utak. Ew. Korni. Sarap lagyan ng Dairy Cream at asin. Pero totoo naman- kasi ‘pag nahulog ang loob ko sa ‘yo, paniguradong masasabi ko ‘yon. At masisira ang friendship. At magla-laklak ako ng Liquid Sosa.

Ngunit hindi. After five years, hindi ko pa rin nasasabi, magkaibigan pa rin tayo, at ang Sosa naging solid na.




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18 responses to “An Open Letter to the One I Love

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  2. aaaaaw! tawag dyan martyr! tulad ko. pwede bang kopyahin ang kabuuan ng liham mo? hehehehe.

    natuwa naman ako sa sosa na solid! Solid Sosa!

  3. funnysexy

    @ AJ
    Sure, ateh… pa-link na lang dito or credits something. Sana marami maka-relate at ma-realize kong marami talagang tulad natin!

  4. Ade


    Hindi ka mashadong cheesy. Hala, nagsusulat din ako ng emo shit. valentine’s day preparation much?

  5. cafemelrose

    WHAT?! That’s it? You’re not in love with him anymore? I know the heart can heal, but how did it heal for you? Kasi, parang cliffhanger naman. 😦 Sorry ah, pero, I’m just human – I’m curious! 🙂

  6. JM

    Wow, I never realized you ooze with cheesiness! Haha. NEvertheless, it was a very heart-warming letter Kring! Pang-maalaala mo kaya ang level! Hahahaha =P

  7. Coy


    You still LOVE him? *sigh*

  8. funnysexy

    @ Ade
    I know. YOU DO WRITE SOME MEAN EMO SHIT, ACTUALLY. ahahahha. Thanks, hun!

    @ Cafemelrose
    Hello! Welcome to my blog. I still love him, I suppose but I’m not IN LOVE with him anymore. We talked about it. There was some awesome closure so it did help in my moving on and letting go. It’s like a book, I think. Tayo naman magde-desisyon kung gusto na nating isara. It just took me 5 years. LOL.

    @ JM
    Thank you!! I swear I’m so cheesy, you can put me on a popcorn or frenchfries. I don’t normally show it on this blog coz uhm, yeah.. funnysexy. 😛

    @ Coy

  9. awww.

    unrequited love nga naman o.
    ayos lang yan. meron ding tao na naghihintay lang sau kaso di mo pinapansin/napapansin. malay mo.

  10. Natawa ako sa part na yung Liquid Sosa ay solid na.

    Haha, I can see how you inject some kind of ‘hilarity’ between the lines of a mushy letter. Lol.

  11. Hello. I have to confess something… I’ve been visiting your blog for quite a while already but this is going to be the first time to comment. Sorry for that. XD

    Solid Sosa? WTF?! Haha.

    Actually, I can relate to your letter somehow. My best friend happened to be the one I really liked during high school and then the time came I confessed my feeling for her, she told me that she has somebody else already.

    And to think that you’ve mentioned “buddies” on your letter reminded me of her again. We call each other “buddies”, that’s why. Ouch. It’s been a long time since our last talk. *sigh*

  12. funnysexy

    @ Bulitas
    I know! I’m such a veteran when it comes to unrequited love. And lahat yan na sinabi sakin. Tama sila, pero lam mona, matigas ang uli. Happy balentayms din.

    @ UtakGAGU
    I’m still FunnySexy afterall… Ahahaha.

    @ Dan Hellbound
    That’s precisely why I posted this up. Baka may maka-relate eh and sana na-touch ka nga… Salamat!

  13. cafemelrose

    Nakaka-relate niya itong post mo dito. That is why I felt the urge to comment. Anyways, four to five years rin din ang unrequited love ko. It’s funny that nakita kong post na ‘to at a good time. So salamat, kasi at least, I found someone else that went through what I have. 🙂

    P.S. – Spot on about relating it to a book. That’s how I base my life too. It’s just this certain person got tangled within the chapters. I’ve closed that btw! And it feels great.

  14. Ade


    Let’s not broadcast that, mkay? 😦

  15. anndie

    ang touching ;A; nakakaiyak

  16. Unrequited love = SUCKS!

    Closure = GOOOOD!

  17. adding your blog to my links. 🙂

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