The Obligatory Year-End Post of Pwnage

I believe I should start this entry with an apology. Sorry sorry sorry for not updating for the last… uhh… 3 weeks. At first I just didn’t have anything to write about I was too lazy to post shuddup and when inspiration finally struck, my internet at home died on me. Hence, no entries on Christmas day and no online greetings for my fellow bloggers and 3 precious readers.

“Boohoo. Excuses, excuses! Kring, you suck!! *kicks*”, you are probably thinking to yourself right now, and guess what, I’m with you on that.

So anyway, 2007’s about to bid us farewell and we all know what that calls for… Yup! The Obligatory Year-End Post of Pwnage! This year had been more than amazing. I experienced so many firsts that it felt like I went through a series of rites of passage, as if I got circumcised over and over again (not like I actually know how it feels. I’ve already denied the existence of my penis).




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11 responses to “The Obligatory Year-End Post of Pwnage

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  2. Darla

    You look so cool in the headset being all professional! šŸ™‚ Happy (early) new year’s. I am definitely going to come to the Philippines to see you next year. Oh, and guess what I am doing for new year’s eve. Hint: It involves lots and lots of pretty men in ridiculous costumes singing and dancing and being uber-gay (as usual).

  3. funnysexy

    @ Ade
    happy New Year, too, m’dear!!

    @ Luna
    Yeah, I know… this year was crazy. ^_^ I missed you, huN!

    @ Darla
    lkcdhvlhflkhsdlkfhjsdhf NO FUCKING WAY OH SHIT!!! Oh man, that’s such a dream for me!! And yeah, just tell me when you’re coming and we’re gonna parteeeeyyyY!!!

  4. reya

    hoorah for libre!!

  5. anndie

    HAPPY NEW YEAR *___*

    my 07 sucked.
    glad yours was awesome :3

  6. funnysexy

    @ Reya
    Honga.. Pero Kelan?

    @ Anndie
    Well, cheer up, kiddo! 2008 will be awesome for you, I bet!
    And happy new year, too!

  7. cokskiblue

    Awesome year for you Kring! To a more smashing 2008! Cheers! šŸ™‚

    Nakakatawa yung edited images mo. Gamit mo Paint? hehe

  8. funnysexy

    @ Coy

    Happy new year, too! ^_^ Yes, dear! Kasi masyado formal pag PS. At least sa paint parang di ineffortan. Ahehehehe.

  9. SiHo Mara

    wow thats one hella of a year.
    hmm i wish my 07 was that exciting but sadly not
    anyway happy new year! and
    have an even cooler 08!!

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