A Boring Blog. Bow.

Before you continue on reading this entry, please do me a favor. Stare at my layout. Just stare. Look at it! Scrutinize every pixel, text and hyperlink you’d lay eyes on. Then take a deep breath and ask yourself what’s wrong.

Yup. You’re right.

This is one fuckin’ boring blog.

During my break, I spent a few days blog-hopping just for an hour or two shuddup I have a life and got rather jealous of other people’s cool and funky blogs. They have all these widgets and sidebar thingies and buttonlinks and kick-ass graphics! I seriously pitied my lame “interface” with its red-gray color combination and plain-as-Mischa-Barton-without-make-up header. Like what the hell’s that? It is not a fair representation of my personality at all! I’m supposed to be loud. And gay. Shouldn’t there be random rainbows and web ads about cures for STD’s on this thing?



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11 responses to “A Boring Blog. Bow.

  1. novelist10

    I with you on that! My friends and I’s blog is surprisingly plain, but we try to make up for it with our posts. I’ll link you if you link me (once I figure out how to link someone) *whispers* how do you link somebody?

  2. Ade

    Hey, I link you!

    Also, I won’t be reading this blog if it were boring. Stop your sudden bout of modesty, Kring. You’re awesome. I bet your other reader (my other personality, he calls himself “Larry”) can attest to that.

  3. funnysexy

    @ Novelist10
    Well, if you’re on wordpress then just go to the blogrol thingy, I guess… And uhm, what’s your url?

    @ Ade
    *checks Ade’s links* But I’m not there! *cries like an idiot* Although thanks a lot… You make me blush. And you know your blog’s awesome, too, right?

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  5. Ade

    And you know your blog’s awesome, too, right?

    It is?

  6. Hahaha, the layout is a plus the important thinhg is the substance. You`re doing just great!

  7. funnysexy

    @ Ade
    Yes. Otherwise my awesome self won’t be reading it. WOOOOT! XD

  8. finch

    (I don’t link anything I don’t like)
    This is bloggy, but it’s not all emo and whiney.

  9. funnysexy

    @ Finch
    Awww.. Thanks for volunteering but someone has agreed to help me already! But really, thanks! Though your photoshop skills might be helpful. XDXDDD

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