Rivermaya Bagong Liwanag

WARNING: THIS POST IS LONG AND NOT EVEN FUNNY. YEAH, IT HAS PHOTOS, TOO SOOO… It’s pretty much the explanation of why I was on hiatus the past 2 months.


I just came out of a war and it was called Bagong Liwanag.

Sigh. It’s over. Finally. For 2 months, my life was Rivermaya. Actually, until now, it hasn’t quite settled on me yet that the final credits have rolled already. Seems it was just like yesterday when we were having a meeting at the office about the title of the show (which eventually became the title of their EP) and how each episode would go. And I clearly remember locking myself up in my room and crying my eyes out because I didn’t want to take the project- it was too much pressure, I thought.

As you probably know, I ended up directing it and I’m sure I would’ve regretted it big time if I chickened out at the beginning. I mean, all the shoots were fun, starting from the auditions at UP to the eliminations at Mag:Net to the finals at Music Museum (if anyone back in college told me that I’d be directing a historic event IMO with some of the country’s top musical acts at my age, I would’ve laughed at them)!!!

me at work




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25 responses to “Rivermaya Bagong Liwanag

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  2. anndie


    ang sexy mo talaga~~~

    mann kring you accomplished so much
    ilang taon ka ba? srsly – i am so jealous guy~

  3. Rossi

    aww…congratulations, kiddo! It sounds like it was a brilliant life time experience. and you make one sexy director, babe.

    p.s: the picture with you in green shirt and aviator glasses = ROCK STAR!!!…and the tongue thing totally remind me of Jin XD

  4. you look hottttttttttttt and sexaaaaaaaaay.

    looks like you’ve been having ablast, and a great experience 🙂

    I wish you many many more exciting projects to come in the future (and maybe one day you’ll get to go to japan, too!)

  5. Wow… you’re awesome! After all the work and tiring stuff, it feels good to be part of history, right? 🙂

  6. Bibi

    Hey babe!!! i miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You’re still looking great !!! <33333

    and congrats with the job done!!!!!!

  7. funnysexy

    @ Anndie
    Thanks! I realized that that angle is rather flattering for me. 😛 About the sexy part… Hmmm… Not that sure. XD I’m 22 and not to fish or anything and it was a great accomplishment don’t get me wrong but I still believe there’s more out there than what I’ve seen or done. It was a humbling experience to say the least. ^^;;

    @ Rossi
    Hell yeah you bet!! I saw to it that I had the makeup artist do me first before every shoot. Ahahahaha.

    ps: Have you forgotten Jin and I are sisters??

    @ Milu
    Everything I’m doing here is but a preparation for my career in Japan. LOL.

    @ Hydee
    Actually yeah, that’s what my boss has been telling me. But I try not to think about it that much. Although it’s been a great experience, that’s true.

    @ Bibi
    BABE! I know! I miss you, too! Thanks thanks! Finally I’d get back to my old life. Woot!

  8. KRINGU-CHAN! It’s been a while :0 thesis sucks kaya yan..mas naging busy ata kami kesa sayo ^___^;;

    HOMG! I *rabu* Rivermaya’s bassist so much :0 (though I don’t know his name LOLZ XD) Whenever Plastic Tree is currently involved as my as-of-now-my-current-fandom (yeah….my fandom even before I met Shige and Kanjani8 and JE XD), their music always reminded me of Rivermaya…

    I’ve been able to watch only a few parts of it though >__<;; But OMEDETOU TO YOU AND TO RIVERMAYA 😀 Hoping you more projects to come and Rivermaya w/ a good year full of music 🙂

  9. Pau

    Hey, I went to high school with Mike. Other than that, I got nothing.

  10. sounds like a very big milestone for you!! congrats kring~ ^^

  11. Darla

    That’s so awesome. I’m s proud of you! You’ll be directing the likes of Nino before you know it. 🙂 Makes me look forward to one day having a fulfilling job.

  12. Ade

    Do I sense a budding love team between a certain awesome blogger I follow and the new vocalist of an awesome band?

  13. @ Pau
    So! Another Atenista, eh?

    @ Beekers
    Salamat! I hope to do more of these stuff and hopefully have my own wikipedia page someday. XD

    @ Darla
    Oh how I miss you, honey! How’s Japan? How are you?????? ZOMG MISS SO MUCH!!

    @ Ade
    But. Jay’s. Only. Like. 18. >_<;; He’s a cute li’l kid but I’m liking someone else… Ahehehe.

  14. Ayun, nakita ko na rin ang idol in the flesh. Nyehehe. Beauty and talents. Pwede pa-autograph? 😀

    Antagal nang two months, huh. Welcome back rakenrol! Pagawa rin ako ng music vid. LOLz.

  15. …Dondake Q-Q;;wow SUGEEEE CONGRATS!!!!!!! wow ur actually gettin there i cnt blieve this*shock* ur so YOUNG & pretty girls with ur potential tend to be gravures no><;;? U’ll get to jp.zettai!& far in life criously.
    WORK HARD FOR ALL OF US !!!GO GO GO♪♪ here’s a song 4 u i tought it suited u rofl :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0HihMsEkRY

  16. funnysexy

    @ Jake
    Nye! Erm, salamat. Pero hindi pa ako artista o celebrity para magbigay ng otograp. Hehehe. Music Video? Sige ba! Nino?

    @ Amanda
    Zankyu! I have no intention of being a gravure idol whatsoever so don’t worry. Plus, my flat chest fails me by default. Unofrtunaely my speaker died on me and I can’t listen to the song yet but thanks, nonetheless!!

  17. cokskiblue

    Congratulations on the job well done, Kring! To more success and awesome projects! Cheers, sexaayy!

    Coy 🙂

  18. reya

    nice. congrats

  19. finch

    I heart your tongue

    is that from your mom or dad ? lol!
    & btW felicitaciones! 🙂

  20. funnysexy

    @ Coy
    Thanks, dear! O, don’t forget our collab ah! ^^

    @ reya

    @ Finch
    I’d like to believe from my mom… And thanks!

  21. so that’s what you’ve been up to. hehehe.

    in that pic with francis, it looks like you two are of same height. double hehehe. (inside joke there :P)

  22. hello everybody im so happy for jason and to the rest of maya surelly guys i’m gonna support you. even here in guimaras you guys got lots of supporters.keep up the good work LIWANAG is always on your side. GOD BLESS EVERYBODY

  23. Darla

    I miss you too! And Japan is freaking awesome. Yukan Club is retard gold and some friends and I went stalking at Shige’s school’s festival. Good times. 🙂

  24. waaaaaaaa! kasali ka pala sa bagong liwanag 😀

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