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The Best Things in Life are Free (what a boring title)

We’ve all read those inspirational write-ups about how the best things in life are free and because I have no concept of originality whatsoever, I made my own list.

Present-o, The Best Things in Life are Free, Funny+Sexy version!!!

1. Going home late at night from a long day of work (and a little night-out) and snuggling beside your mom on your parents’ bed- though she’d most likely ask why you reek of smoke and liquor, which will force you to leap out and head straight to the shower.

2. Flying a kite on a windy Sunday afternoon with your nephews and nieces. Then pasting your evil boss’s picture on it just before the sun sets and deliberately entangling it with the Meralco wires till it bursts into flames.

3. When in school you have a really really bad case of diarrhea and you don’t want to poop in your building’s C.R.’s (because duh, it’s embarrassing!) and you manage to sneak into the gradeschoolers’ washrooms AND THEN you realize that you put the napkin in your pocket after you had lunch at KFC. Priceless.



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A Boring Blog. Bow.

Before you continue on reading this entry, please do me a favor. Stare at my layout. Just stare. Look at it! Scrutinize every pixel, text and hyperlink you’d lay eyes on. Then take a deep breath and ask yourself what’s wrong.

Yup. You’re right.

This is one fuckin’ boring blog.

During my break, I spent a few days blog-hopping just for an hour or two shuddup I have a life and got rather jealous of other people’s cool and funky blogs. They have all these widgets and sidebar thingies and buttonlinks and kick-ass graphics! I seriously pitied my lame “interface” with its red-gray color combination and plain-as-Mischa-Barton-without-make-up header. Like what the hell’s that? It is not a fair representation of my personality at all! I’m supposed to be loud. And gay. Shouldn’t there be random rainbows and web ads about cures for STD’s on this thing?



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Expensive Self-Lovin’

Falling hair. Acne breakouts. Delayed monthly period.

Stress can really give you a hard bitchslap on the cheek sometimes and make you believe that you’re one fugly retard. So I promised myself before finishing the show that in the next 2 weeks that I’d have my break (YES LOA FTW), I’d “find ME” and pamper it to no end (to perhaps feel a li’l beautiful again).

BUT HOLY MADDERFADDER GADDEMMET WHY MUST IT BE SO EXPENSIVE?!?!? I must’ve already spent a month’s worth of salary over ridiculous and senseless things and WTF I’m only halfway through my break!



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Rivermaya Bagong Liwanag

WARNING: THIS POST IS LONG AND NOT EVEN FUNNY. YEAH, IT HAS PHOTOS, TOO SOOO… It’s pretty much the explanation of why I was on hiatus the past 2 months.


I just came out of a war and it was called Bagong Liwanag.

Sigh. It’s over. Finally. For 2 months, my life was Rivermaya. Actually, until now, it hasn’t quite settled on me yet that the final credits have rolled already. Seems it was just like yesterday when we were having a meeting at the office about the title of the show (which eventually became the title of their EP) and how each episode would go. And I clearly remember locking myself up in my room and crying my eyes out because I didn’t want to take the project- it was too much pressure, I thought.

As you probably know, I ended up directing it and I’m sure I would’ve regretted it big time if I chickened out at the beginning. I mean, all the shoots were fun, starting from the auditions at UP to the eliminations at Mag:Net to the finals at Music Museum (if anyone back in college told me that I’d be directing a historic event IMO with some of the country’s top musical acts at my age, I would’ve laughed at them)!!!

me at work



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