Kring Celebrity Look-alikes

“Excuse me, miss… Do I know you?”, asked a random stranger in the MRT.

“Uhh… I’m not sure.” I confuzzledly replied.

“I swear I know you!”

“Were you from UST, too?”


She stared at me for 10 more seconds before her eureka moment.

“OMGsh! Song Hye Kyo?! I didn’t know you speak English!”

My phone alarmed and I awoke from what would’ve been a pretty cool dream.

Eversince I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to look like a celebrity. From Sporty Spice to J.Lo and even to San Cai. However, I never once achieved my ideal “look”, mainly because uhm… I’m “speshul” like that.

Recently, my friends and I were talking about the artistas who look like us (or vice-versa). Well, I may have looked like Aiza Seguerra when I was like 5 but I swear to gawd, I’d stab with a plastic spork whoever will say that I still look like her to this day.

Out of boredom (not really. I just don’t want to go back to work yet), I present to you… the “Kring celebrity look-alikes according to people who suffered from brain damage woot!”




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20 responses to “Kring Celebrity Look-alikes

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  2. Ade

    Well, we have something in common. I made out with Drew too. Um wait.

  3. funnysexy

    Well, we have something in common. I made out with Drew too. Um wait.

    Oh so you’re the guy he was talking about! HEY ADE! HOW ARE YOU?! I haven’t read your blog in a while!

  4. Darla

    I’ve never been told I look like anyone except my parents lol.

  5. good that you’re compared to women! In my case, it sucks when people say I look like a random guy! XD

  6. reya

    kyoko fukada?? haha. asa~

    dapat nilagay mo dyan si eugene domingo.. speaking of which, nuod tau sine!

  7. Kring, I believe you’re freakin’ crazy. I was laughing at home and my cousins all thought I’m insane, well I am but still. LOL!

    Panalo ung Tina Paner pramis XD

  8. funnysexy

    @ Darla

    That’s the thing though… It’s very rare for people to say I even remotely look like my parents but given a chance, I’d rather look like my mom. ~_^;;

    @ Hydee

    Are you serious? Now I wanna see your picture! ^^

    @ Reya
    Lul. Dba siya sa Minami-kun no koibito? See? Nino can mistaken me for Kyoko! Woot! Don’t worry, matatapos din ‘tong project ko. Then we can watch movies everyday. And drink. And be the chain-smokers that we are. AYMISHU.

    @ Angel
    Oist! Ahahaha! Yound this post funny? Thanks! I was just stating facts though. 😛 Pero I swear, Tina Paner = Me = DENIED.

  9. iya villana daw oh!

    hehehe labyu :p XD

  10. finch

    that’s interesting.creatively brilliant. 😉

    michelle-bayle she has your soul-piercing-eyes

    for more lookalikes lol =)

  11. Rossi

    I think you’re a sort of combo b/t Michelle and Fukada, personally ^_^.

    and yes, speaking as your 3 readers, i demand nay! I command you to blog more, k?

  12. cokskiblue

    Yeah, I agree – you’re more like a Fukada-Bayle hybrid. 😀

    3 readers? Make it 5. You can count me as two. 😛

    Waiting for your next vlog, Kring. 😀

  13. funnysexy

    @ Kirby
    OO. IYA VILLANA. Y_Y BAKET? hhmmm … ahehhe.

    @ Finch

    michelle-bayle she has your soul-piercing-eyes

    whoah. my eyes are soul-piercing? @_@

    @ Rossi
    i will blog more. just wait. i’m about to be done with this project… *sigh*

    @ Coy
    oh believe me, i’ll give you more. i’ll just finish this RM thing and then i’m good. 😉 i should be called kring fukayle though, don’t you think? <- ang korni ko shiyet.

  14. finch

    yes-it-is 😉 do you like fruit-shakes? lol 🙂

  15. cokskiblue

    Hi Kring! Got a new blog. 🙂

    I moved to http://ThisIsCoy.Net . Hope you join the vlogging campaign if you have the time. Thanks!

  16. Ok, I miss your entries so much :3 *whacks self for not visiting here XD*

    Obviously, if everyone is like you, we could have achieved world peace *in a VERY crackified way, yes XDD*

  17. kring ang daya mo… di mo sinama si mel lozano un talaga hawig mo, may ass pa….(

  18. also she was deferred from paying when she was told by someone that she’s “too pretty to pay”

  19. funnysexy

    @ Shoki
    me =/= world peace achiever-person thingy. LOL

    @ Pasaynative
    uhm. Okay. Unang-una. Di ko kilala si Mel Lozano at wala pang nakapag-banggit na kamukha ko siya. 2nd, how do we even look the same? @__@ She’s pretty. Exactly.

  20. You should try yung myheritage celebrity look alike app. Fun stuff, I tell you.

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