Losing weight, FunnySexy style

About 27 of my officemates commented last Monday that I was fat and/or gaining weight. And that’s saying a lot since there are only 15 people in our company. WTF. That’s why I rarely wear sleeveless shirts. My arms are as huge as Batista’s, except that they’re all flabs.

I don’t know what’s wrong with my body, really. It’s like an inflatable salbabida. I’d pig out over the weekend and I’d look like Star Jones (pre-gastric operation) two days after but at the same time I’d get sick for four days and people would ask if I had liposuction.

However, I’m not exactly skinny right now and I feel the need to share with you, my beloved two readers, my tried and tested ways of being Paris Hiton-thin if only to inspire me to lose weight myself.




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13 responses to “Losing weight, FunnySexy style

  1. Ade

    Re: The picture — HOLY FUCKING SHIT OH MY GOD

  2. RJ


  3. heart_music_

    holy shit those are some fat women 0.0

  4. Anndie


    let’s lose weight together.

  5. Pau

    “About 27 of my officemates commented last Monday that I was fat and/or gaining weight. And that’s saying a lot since there are only 15 people in our company.”

    That was good.

  6. OMFG! now i’ll have nightmares for the rest of my skinny life.

  7. elsa


  8. cokskiblue

    My colleagues are saying the same stuff about me! Too bad I can’t deflate as fast as you could. Thanks for the tips! 😛

    Vlog naman! 🙂

  9. Ipagpatawad mo kung ngayon lang ako nakadalaw sa ‘yong blog. Salamat kung nakadalaw ka sa’kin at nakapag-iwan ng comment du’n sa isa kong entry.

    Ayun. Rakenrol naman ng mga advices mo. Pero cool ‘yun, huh. Something out of the ordinary. Hayuf ‘yung picture. Hindi ko alam kung masusuka ako o matatawa o mananalangin.

    NEVER talaga kasi naging kaso sa’kin ang pagtaba. Halos walong beses ako kumain araw-araw (plus shipping and handling), pero underweight pa rin ako. The fast metabolism. I can eat, eat, eat without getting fat, fat, fat.

    “you listen to Jpop/rock (pero Tagalog ang entires mo! WINNAR!) Kaka-aliw…” – Oo. Kung Jpoprock listener ka rin, magkakasundo na rin tayo (kasi mahirap talagang maghanap ng kasundo sa mga ganitong bagay). Sa ngayon, trip kong mga banda ‘yung Remioromen), Spitz, Bump Of Chicken, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, at (tulad ng marami) L’Arc~en~Ciel, among many others. Pati si Fred Panopio tsaka Englebert Humperdinck pero biro lang ‘yan. Tagalog talaga ako mag-blog at magsulat kasi ‘yun lang talaga ang alam ko. 64mb lang kasi utak ko.

  10. For the first time in my life I’ve seen a mistake in you and your blog entry :0

    Kring > Career > Internet >Love

    XD Ok about the pics, how could they be able to stand and wear those bikinis is the greatest mystery for me tonight than how I’ll be able to level up in Maple Story when what I only have are the basic weapons, and is stuck in a place where there are lots of strong monsters to eliminate me O______o;;

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