Am I lezbo? Yes! If you are, too…

No, this is not to proclaim to the world (via the intahnetzzz) that I prefer the bees more than the birds nor is this a desperate attempt for guys, preferably the hot ones to hook up with me and perhaps convert me back to “straightness”. I refuse to talk about my sexual preferences, really, but I tell you this much now- some girls just want to make me swear off the idea of being with the opposite sex. If they ever decide in some cosmical way to spend their time with me and iunno, make out and such then gaddemmet!!! I’m all in, baby!

Kitagawa Keiko

2 words: Sailor Mars. Eversince I laid eyes on her some years ago on Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon , I knew that we were meant to be. (Yes, there was a live action version of the anime… And yes, they had blue/yellow hair and PVC costumes. You can stop scratching your head now. >_>) Okay, maybe we’re not really so OTP but to this day, I still believe that she is the prettiest Asian girl in the biz… like ever. She is to me the epitome of drop dead pretty. She almost looks too perfect that I often mistake her for a doll. No, not the blow up kind, you perve!




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16 responses to “Am I lezbo? Yes! If you are, too…

  1. Amber

    I still believe Lee JunKi is a girl. It doesn’t matter how much facial hair appears or how deep the voice is. Lee Junki=flat chested woman.

  2. well, if i was a girl and i saw dem above pics too, i’d be a lesbian convert too in a heartbeat. good thing i was born with a stick. hahaha.

  3. RJ

    You like girls too? What a coincidence! Me too! We should totally go out :p

  4. funnysexy

    @ Amber
    Wait, he has a deep voice?

    @ Ralphot
    But you see, I don’t need a stick to like ’em girls. It’s all about organic love…

    @ RJ
    You think so? XDXDDD

  5. Darla

    Sailor Mars is really pretty. Not enough to make me want to swear off men, but pretty none the less. Ito’s quite pretty too. I’m more inclined to doubt my sexuality when I look at the Johnny’s boys. They may be boys, but some of them are more feminine than me, and it really makes me wonder sometimes.

  6. anndie

    isnt he a boy?

  7. Ade

    Aoi Sora used to be hot, but her latest videos show that she’s now reed-thin. Yech. 😦

  8. Kitagawa Keiko is beautiful, but she can’t act worth shit.

    Lee Jun Ki…I’d do her, er. Waaaaait. XD

  9. funnysexy

    @ Darla
    Ahahaha! I totez feel you, girl… Actually, I might become full-blown lesbian when I go to Japan because pretty much most people younger than me or my age, whatever the gender may be, have more estrogen than me.

    @ Anndie

    Jun-ki? Yeah. Uhm, You didn’t read ’til the last part of my post, no?

    @ Ade
    Well, if I get screwed by that fug comedian day and night, I’d be skinny, too!

    @ Luna
    ;____; That’s why she isn’t as popular as I think she should be. I mean, look at Suzuki Ann, who looks like a goldfish. She’s been paired with most Johnnys than I could count. -_-

  10. Heya! First time to comment here 😛

    ROFLMAO@Lee Jun-Ki XD I seriously thought that you didn’t Jun-Ki as a guy [insert LMAO smiley here] XD You are so right…I love Yuna Ito too, but don’t worry..I’m not going to snatch her from you…I just want her to have the love that she so deserves ❤ You’re right about Sailor MarsKitagawa Keiko about being pretty 🙂

  11. Aoi Sora. Sigh. I have been a fan of her ever since I first saw her on YouTube doing something that I should not say here. hehehe.

    BTW, thanks a lot for constantly checking out my previous posts. Keep commenting and you may get on the top commentators, and have a chance to be featured every month! ^_^ Happy Blogging!

  12. funnysexy

    @ Shokizuki
    You’re here! Welcome! I actually was in denial that junki is a guy for a long time but I had to accept the truth. Ito must be going out with someone, right?

    @ Karlo
    OMGSH I KNOW THE VIDS THAT YOU SPEAK OF!! shdksfgdfksdgfk. Wow, you feature your top commentators? That’d be interesting.

    ps: How old are you? You look the same age as my baby brother!

  13. I don’t know if she’s going out w/ someone right now but I really love her voice ❤ *rewatches Nana & Nana2 XD*

    EH?! I thought you’re going out w/ her already? XD

  14. funnysexy

    Obviously not, otherwise she won’t be in the list… Teehee. Though I really wish. And I still refuse to watch Nana.

  15. Yeah, a lot of people can’t get over the fact that she just can’t act no matter how pretty she is.

  16. ali

    Kitagawa Keiko

    AH. I didn’t know who the heck she was when Reya mentioned her to me (We were talking about Sakuran and how one oiran there was fug and looked like an obaachan and how they should’ve cast someone more beautiful, and Reya brought Kitagawa Keiko up). >.<;; Now I know? xD

    Personally, though, I’d turn lezzie for Leah Dizon, Aragaki Yui and Takeuchi Yuko. ❤

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