I Need Balls (the kind that hang inside a scrotum)

Reality check: My balls aren’t as big as I thought they were. I’ve always felt that I could conquer the world and pwn everyone’s faces if I wanted to but now I’m seriously doubting my skills. Starting Monday, I’d have to deal with and prove myself to some of the industry’s biggest names and I swear to God my testicles are now in my throat- and wtf, did I mention I’m a tranny girl?

Orayt, let me explain. Do you know how it feels to want something so bad for a long time and the moment it’s given to you, you suddenly want to chop it into little pieces, fry and eat it and then poop it out the window? Well, I’m having such a dilemma. I want to do it, holy fuck I do. My boss is right. This gig will put my name on the map BUT. THE. PRESSURE’S. GIVING. ME. A. NERVOUS. BREAKDOWN. KTHNXBI. Thinking about it makes me vomit inside my mouth, to be honest.




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8 responses to “I Need Balls (the kind that hang inside a scrotum)

  1. Rossi

    Dear lovely Kring,

    You will kick some Bootie. Balls or no Balls. Have no Fear. Why?

    B/c you’re Kring. ā¤


    p.s: i know it’s kinda wrong but i like the spice girls. i think their tunes are hugely catchy :D. there i admit it. hehe

  2. Darla

    You’re awesome and you will do amazingly well. If you start to feel really scared, just think of something silly, like Aiba being beaten up by a kangaroo (always makes me laugh).

  3. Ade

    More details please. šŸ˜›

  4. funnysexy

    Dear Rossi,

    Why must you be so awesome. You never fail to spoil me with your compliments and humor. But wait, I liked (and hated at the same time) the Spice Girls, too. I was so envious of their platforms! They’re coming back. Win.

    Love, Kring

    @ Darla

    LOLERZ!! You are right. Or maybe Aiba’s English. Yeah, that’d work. Or Nino shouting “Okaasan, yatta!” after pranking Ohno.

    @ Ade

    I actually didn’t want to include more details about it. šŸ˜› 1. ‘Coz my boss might fire me for talking about my work on my blog when it’s supposed to be confidential and 2. I’m kinda embarrassed about it. Ahehehe.

  5. you cannot f*ck using your balls. if you have bigger balls you have “LUSLOS” hehe. And you need operation.

  6. wow! overshare?!?!?!?

    hmmm putting your name on the map isn’t really always pretty. If your name was put there because of one big embarrassment that would be cool hahahaha

    but it’s worth the stress and trouble if your name’s there embossed in silver or gold right? just do your thing. you have balls, i’ve seen them na. i mean your tv shows ^_^

  7. funnysexy

    @ Yeah Balls

    -_- Yes, I do understand that you cannot fuck using yoru balls. But you cannot face the client with penis either. So yeah.. balls ftw!

    @ Kirby

    Thanks, dear! I don’t exactly want my name on the map because of embarrassment, kowkay? And I dunno what else you’ve seen other than ARK though. šŸ˜›

  8. kring.

    your names tells it all. if you need the balls. call me. i have a few friends willing to lend you one. but im guessing you have more balls in terms of having it. get it? ohwell, i dont knwo how you do the underline trick with this blog this. like i said, how many 22 year olds can you find someone like you.

    you got the balls. and is hair raising!

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