Rush Hours = Major Suckage

I hate rush hours with a passion.

Well, who doesn’t? If you enjoy rubbing bodies with random strangers, who, more often than not smell strange, whilst waiting for the next stop of your train, chances are you had a screwed up childhood.

You see, I live in the Novaliches/Fairview area but my office is at Ortigas and I commute to and fro work (No, my ‘rents won’t allow me to rent a condo unit/apartment ‘coz I’m sheltered like that). To those who aren’t from Manila or Pinas, it’s like living in New York and working in Houston. My place is so far, I think we already have a different timezone here.

But that’s not the point. I don’t have a car and unlike in college, I can’t just ask for my dad to fetch anytime I want. So to get to my work, I have to take a jeepney to a nearby mall, then an FX to the MRT station, take the train and then another jeepney to my office. I, indeed am a winner.




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6 responses to “Rush Hours = Major Suckage

  1. Anndie

    you need to pimp out more sex if you want more hits!!!

    ilove you kring
    I’ve been reading but not commenting

    gah. that must be tough
    I dont have to experience that much turmoil just to get to work but it is still hell.
    the facken subway keeps getting ppl who are sick and it takes forever to solve this emergency.

  2. Darla

    That jeepney thing is fascinating looking. We definitely don’t have things like that in America that I’ve ever seen.

    When I read the title of this, I immediatly thought of rush hour as in stuck in a car in bumper to bumper traffic. I’m such a suburban American. ^.^;

    Has it really been over a month already? Wow. Time goes by really fast. If you want more readers, I would suggest adding porn. Or at least a link to porn. Other than that, I don’t know what to tell you. 🙂

  3. funnysexy

    @ Andie:

    Wait, like talk more about sex or put random sexy pictures on my posts?

    It’s okay, hun! I can actually know some of the people who read this blog (through the stats) and most don’t comment! And thank you. I’ve walways wanted to try the NY subway system though I’ve heard of many horror stories. wth, I’m from Manila. If I can survive it here, I can survive anywhere.

    @ Darla:

    Yes, only Philippines has jeepneys. It’s a very cultural thingy but rather gay, for me. I swear I wish my rush hour experiences were like that, in the comfort of my own car.

    Yes, a month, even I was shocked. When you say porn, you don’t mean my OWN porn videos, do you?

  4. Ade

    Well, rush hour is teh suck! Just yesterday I was on a Taxi with the driver from hell. Long story.

  5. anndie

    more sexy pics of you of course!!

    DUDE. I SWEAR. I was in the Philippines and tried taking the MRT and LRT. What a struggle. I was so tired by the end of the day. lulz at the fact theres separate cars for men and women but thats understandable since it’s so crowded, people can easily feel up eachother.

  6. funnysexy

    @ Anndie

    Ahahaha. I plan to keep my anonymity here. Sexy pics shall be posted on LJ. XD Oh, you should’ve tried it on a rush hour, preferrably in the hot spot stations. It’s so crowded, I could sometimes feel a person’s dick poking my flesh. And hell, she’s a woman. Also, you don’t need to hold on to anything because you won’t get to move, falling isn’t gonna happen.

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