Boobies, boobies, where forth art thou?

I am flat-chested. To even quote my friend, “I’m so flat, I’m concave”.

Okay, I know I shouldn’t be making such a big deal about it because majority of Asian women have small breasts anyway but you know what, just for tonight allow me to. I’m an A-cup and quite honestly I always get teased about it. Maybe not so much because of their size but because I myself tend to make fun of my “booblets (little boobs)” anyway.




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16 responses to “Boobies, boobies, where forth art thou?

  1. Darla

    I tend to feel the same way you do. I have what I like to call double Bs, which stands for barely B-cup. I’ve been told that my chest is the right size for my body type, but I feel short changed becase my mom has huge boobs. >.< I can’t say I’ve ever been unhappy enough with them to want them modified though. One thing I have read though is that, when you lose weight, one of the first places you lose weight from is your breasts. I thought this was crazy bs, but I went through a weight loss period over this past year, and my chest did get smaller and got larger when I started to gain weight back. Just an interesting fact to share.

  2. as far as I’ve seen, your boobs may not be the biggest but you’re NOT concave LOL see the positive side: you won’t have them hanging down at the age of 50 ^^; *shocking picture*
    one thing I can suggest is: GET PREGNANT! The milk you need to give, enlargens your boobs XD

  3. funnysexy

    @ Darla

    But at least yours got beyond the letter A! LOLZ! As I haven’t seen a picture of yours (which reminds me, I’m still waiting for it on my mail ^^;;), I can’t really say but if you’re caucasian, chances are you got boobies bigger than most of us. Or at least me. As for the facts, mine get a little bigger when I have my period.

    @ Ryochan
    Oh dear, wait til you touch it! I even got to stuff ’em with socks, just like what guys do with their crotch. But as I said,
    “I’m not gonna get milk in these mammary glands anytime soon” so it can’t really count. 😛

  4. well, for me your boobs are just fine ^_^ some guys don’t look at gurls through their boobs don’t worry XD

  5. Kelly

    Been bloghopping!!! 🙂

    Try gaining weight. I was so flat-chested before college that I did all of the things girls do to make it look bigger. College depressed me and well, I eat a lot, had a boyfriend, eat a lot, had a boyfriend and before I notice it, I am 38B already.

    Boobs are sometimes fat too, IMHO. You lose them when you lose weight, you gain them when you gain weight too.

    And that thing with boys enlarging once breasts? False. It’ll make it swollen, but not big. And oh, I heard it’s cancerous too! J/K


  6. mishi

    how the eff can makeup make your boobs look bigger? O_O

    i used to be reed thin in high school so i have no such breasts to speak of, but i tried gaining weight in college just for the sole purpose of having boobs. and it worked ya? ^_~ but now i have trouble losing the fat. will i go flat again if i turn anorexic?


    AHAHAHAHA that would work. gwen stefani had a guys chest before but lookit her now. that and having gavin rossdale fondle them. man, what i would give to have that…

  7. funnysexy

    @ Kirby

    Hmmm… I wonder how and why do you remember how my boobies look like. O_o

    @ Kelly

    Thanks for dropping by! The thing is, I gain and loose weight like an inflatable salbabida. Maybe I’m just crazy but I don’t notice any change in my bust size. But that’s true though. Weight does affect the boobies because have we ever seen a plump, flat-chested girl? No.

    However, swollen breasts would work for me.

    @ Mishi

    Bitch. Make-up can give one a cleavage or an illusion of having one. Reed thin? Pucha! I can’t imagine. You have jugs, Mishi. You can’t have breats lipo-sucted.

  8. Hoostane

    It could be worse my dear; you could have my chest of noticable unevenness.

    I’ve decided to go under the knife to even them out. I’d like it if one side actually cooperated and became the same size as the other breast but yknow.. it doesn’t want to conform.

  9. funnysexy

    @ Hoostane

    By “noticable unevenness”, what do you mean? Like Tara Reed kinda? O_o Oh, you had the surgery done already?

  10. Darla

    Right. Sorry about that. It’s beena bit of a hectic summer so far. I have time tonight though, so I’ll be sure to send them (and I’ll include a picture of me cosplaying as K8 lol).

  11. Ade

    Pics. Or not true. 😛

  12. Hoostane

    @ FunnySexy

    like i have an AA cup and a B cup, and I’m going to get plastic surgery this coming year.

  13. funnysexy

    @ Hoostane:

    Whoah! I sure hope the surgery turns out well. Man, didn’t know that was possible!

    @ Ade

    I fail at xhtml X____x. And for that i’ll give you the link instead. ->
    Will that work? ‘Coz mine sure aren’t any bigger.”

  14. tintin

    konting lamas lang kelangan nyan kring.

  15. kei

    of course we dont want to have our boobs sag down to our waist-line when we get older..i think it’s just fine to have least if ever you get married and have children,you would still look like a virgin-like-hot-mama-without-sagging-boobs hahaha!!

    your soon-to-be husband would be happy to look at you as if you were the young lady he has always been dreamin’ of.. (of course a lady who doesnt have her nipples hangging above her belt!) hahahaha!!

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