Koreans for Sale!

I had an interesting conversation with my co-worker a few months back. He was telling me about how broke he was and wondering where the hell he’d get money from. Suddenly, a group of Koreans walked past us in a truly carefree manner, looking at the stars and laughing as if they were on the happy pill.

This made my co-worker comment:

“Kung puwede lang siguro magbenta ng mga Koreano, siguro ang yaman ko na! Takte, ang dami kasi nila dito eh. (If only I could sell Koreans, I bet I’d be filthy rich by now. Heck, look at them, they’re everywhere.)




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16 responses to “Koreans for Sale!

  1. oh…i happened to see the link in my friends’ page…

    the Koreans going in my university are so many that they almost outnumber my classmates…if fangirl and crack thoughts too can be sold, we could be billionaires…XDDD

  2. hahaha you like yaoi too XD

    well i guess your post says all the ranting we could ever think of regarding koreans.

    yeah we’re infested! hmmmm why not japanese! that would be cool! seeing all these cute little girls in mini skirts walk around town hehehe

  3. funnysexy

    @ Deepotpot

    Thanks for dropping by here. Whoah, wait up, where do you go to school? O__o Why so many? I was from UST and I guess I’m fortunate enough to see so many Korean kids there, so much so that they’d outnumber us!!

    Girl, if crack can be sold, I’d be married to Nino now.

    @ Kirby

    Hmmm.. Do I like yaoi? Let’s just say I don’t enjoy the anime version as much as the live ones. Woooottt!! Ahahaha. And oh, I thought of including the “Where the fuck are the Japanese?? I WANT ‘EM!!” part but I might sound like a racist. Although seriously, they could be hanging out at Salcedo. X__x

  4. reya


    un lang

  5. Ade

    Koreans are here because they feel that they have more financial opportunity here. Weirdly, lots of Koreans do make it rich here. Funny thing is, they love it here, even if most Filipinos don’t. They also say that Filipinos don’t love their motherland as much as they love their motherland (and ours, apparently). I actually have to agree with them. Most of us only wish to escape poverty by migrating to other countries. But Koreans go here to make money. They find ways. Us Filipinos, this is our country, and we can’t seem to find opportunities here. I don’t think it’s our “giving preferential treatment to foreigners that to our own countrymen” attitude. That’s bull. I seriously think it’s a genuine lack of willingness to do hard work and not wanting to see the good in our country that keeps us back. For once we Filipinos have to stop the victim syndrome and be proactive.

    Also, if you have a Korean for sale that looks like that actress from “My Girl” or the one from “The Princess Hours”, I’d be willing to pay double for her. 😛

    Thanks for dropping by my (frequently copied) blog. Really appreciate your comment! 🙂

  6. Ade

    Also, the korean Infestation started in our village. They started studying in UP Diliman (a short jeep ride away from our place). There were Koreans in our village as early as 1995-97.

  7. funnysexy

    @ Ade:

    I agree. Filipinos should start loving our country even just a bit more. I was reading this magazine yesternight with foreigners explaining why they love the Pinas and yanno wut, they’re right. As one guy put it “if you throw a nugget of gold on the ground and kick it around for 400 years, it would look more like a ball of dirt than gold, right?” So yeah.

    Some guy said it all started in Baguio, others said in P’que. All I know is there are no Koreans in Novaliches. Nova FTW!!! ^_^;;

    Thanks for dropping by, too. Just wondering though… Did you happen to be a member of Flame back in college?

  8. Koreans are pretty, but I like Japanese women better. However, both can really have heavily-accented English that’s just hard to understand.

    The Korean invasion is somewhat helpful in moving our economy. However, there’s this issue of Koreans using Filipino dummies in Baguio to be able to setup business. I don’t know why it has to be a big deal, well, except, of course, if they aren’t paying the proper taxes for such businesses. Or maybe the government just wants to extract more tax money from these foreigners.

  9. Ade

    Flame? No. I wish I was, but my writing was crappy back then.

    Okay, my writing’s still crappy now, but a little less crappy than before.

    Also, the Journ students hogged Flame. /bitter 😛

    You from UST-AB also?

  10. funnysexy

    @ prudence:

    hey! Thanks for dropping by my blog. And because I’m biased, I’d say I like Japanese girls/boys/culture better. Heck, I like anything Japanese, porn included.

    About that issue, I’ve been watching in the news lately that many Korean businesses are being closed down by the authorities ‘coz they have no permits or are even illegal aliens here.

    @ Ade:

    Yups! UST-CA batch 2006. Oh, I’m sure you would’ve faired well then. My kabarkada was one of the heads in my batch and she ended up as the EIC of the Dapitan thingy. i actually sent her one of my compositions and she was like “How do I say this nicely… Hmmm… Dear, I love you BUT YOU SUCK.” I think I died a little inside.

  11. Ade

    No way! You’re CA also?! Small world!

    About Flame: no way I would get in. I only learned how to write after I graduated. Weird, yes?

  12. funnysexy

    Yes way! Did you happen to be a part of an org before? Baka we knew each other back then and Ade’s not your real name and I’d be like “OMG I knew it was you, Roberto!” Aheheheheeerrrmmm… corny

    Are you serious? I bet you already had the talent but just never tried.

  13. Ade

    Um, I never joined any AB orgs. I just realized that I didn’t join any orgs at all.

  14. haha nice post.I loved it…especially the Lee JunKi and Sandara Park comments.

    sayang, lumipat na kasi ung family ko a year before dumating ung mga koreans dyan. [trip ko pa naman makakita ng koreans. :))]

  15. tintin

    haha shet natawa ako. panalo. pero wtf totoo ha. milyon na sila dito. yata. wala nakong pake sa stats. pero grabe oo nga. kung pwede lang sila ibenta isa-isa or buy one take one or isang whole package at 35 pesos each or sige tubuan ko na, 50 pesos. aba. yayaman nga tayo. wtf.

    may yunho for sale ba?

  16. this really gives me an idea too~
    maybe someday i’ll work for nautilus or something similar to Culture Crash in the Philippines and do a comic about koreans & pinoys~ lawls

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