Let’s be BFF’s, please?

Don’t you sometimes wish you’re BFFs with someone you’ve seen on TV or watched in the movies? That compared to your current friends (whom you love with all your heart shuddup I don’t want to get in trouble here), they’re just exponentially cooler??

Well, you’re not alone ‘coz I’ve been thinking the same things. In fact, I figured I better just put ’em on my blog with the hope that the said people might stumble upon this entry and realize that I should be hanging out with them instead, spreading awesomeness together in this dark, forlorn world.

BFF #1: Sam Oh

I have actually met this girl a few months back and we would’ve started a great friendship if I wasn’t such an idiot and didn’t go “OMG! I love you! I always watch your show and I think you’re cool and great and please marry me yadda yadda yadda *bitchslapped*”. No kidding, I let the retard in me talk. She was really nice though, giggling at my silliness. Sam inspired me to do this list even. I mean, why would anyone NOT want to be BFFs with her? She’s bubbly and fun and triligual and a big dork and down to earth. I swear, I can think of 10 million other reasons why I wanna be BFFs with Sam Oh so if you’re reading this and you know her, please tell her about me. Sam, I totally see myself eating kimchi with you. Like totez.




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8 responses to “Let’s be BFF’s, please?

  1. elsa

    Ok i’ll be nino’s misstress. who is that in the first pic?? what shows have she been in??

  2. Darla

    I like Tyra Banks too. I hate reality TV, but I adore Top Model. I should have never watched the Tokyo season because I was curious about Japanese fasion. It got me hooked. I think Tyra seems like a fun person.

    Ah! And Dawson! I loved that show too. I was a total DawsonxJoey OTper, so I was a bit pissed at the finale (that, and I had a bet with my friend over who she would end up with and had to pay out five bucks).

    And of course Nino just plain rocks. I’d rather spend my quality alone time with Aibaka though. 🙂

    This is an interesting subject. When I was younger, I never really dreamed of being friends with idols (I rebelled against the America pop girls at a young age). I tended to go more on the fictional side of things. I still think Hermione Granger and I would get along fabulously and I would give my right arm to solve a mystery with Nancy Drew. I guess I never really saw a celeb when I was growing up I wanted to be friends with. … no, wait, I take that back. I was crazy about the Olsen twins as a kid. I think I wanted to be them more than be their friend though. As for the boys, I just wanted to date them. 🙂 Now, though, I’m thinking it would be interesting to be friends with one of the idols boys that wants to learn English. I like helping me friends who aren’t native speakers, and I think I’d have lots of fun trying to teach an idol boy english (and not in a dirty way lol). That, or this is just my inner writing tutor’s desire to get access to all their songs so I can correct the horrible English in some of them speaking.

  3. funnysexy

    @ elsa

    But nino’s faithful. He’s a one-woman-man! LOLAME. XD Sam Oh’s a local celebrity of Korean descent. She hosts this show on cable and has appeared in mags and such. She was actually pretty amazed at my knowlege of Korean entertainment!

    @ Darlz

    Wow, that was a long AND awesome comment (coz by now you prolly know already that i LOVE long comments). Anyhows, I dunno why I never really got to follow season 3. I think I started watching it on season 4.

    For a time I wanted Joey to end up with Pacey coz i didn’t liek Dawson until eventually I realized that they were meant to be and that they’re soulmates and all but it was too late. THAT SHOW PWNZ THE OC OR ONE TREE HILL.

    Ahahaha! I wanted to be part of the Spice Girls when I was younger. And I never really had foreigner friends growing up ‘coz you know, my country’s pretty homogenous. But wouldn’t it be fun to have an idol friend and be shiny while walking in the streets with him (not to mention be envied by the fans)??

  4. Darla

    Yeah, I think having an idol friend would be awesome. I don’t know how much I’d show it off for the sake of the idol’s privacy, but, if he/she was ok with it, I might share personal pics and moments with fellow fans (I love reading about idol personal stories and seeing non-official photos. Makes them seem so much more human to me). However, if I ran into a bitchy fan, I’d totally rub it in lol. I think, though, especially if I was friends with a guy idol, that I might be a little scared sometimes because, to be blunt, some of those fangirl bitches are crazy! Especially if I got taken for a girlfriend instead of a friend by the crazier ones. I’ve told myself though that, if God truely loves me lol, I happen to make friends with an idol when I’m abroad, my story is that I’m his/her English tutor, and I’m sticking to it (although, if it’s a really hot johnny’s boy, the urge to resist molesting him in public might be too much to bear).

  5. mea

    i loooove ninomiya kazunari from here to hell tooo!!! ayeee!!

  6. funnysexy

    @ Mea

    Hands off, Mea. That bastard’s mine!!!!! *clings on Shohei Yamada Tarou KazuNino*

  7. mea

    bitch. *grabs nino’s hand and runs away*

  8. funnysexy

    @ Mea

    Who you calling bitch, bitch? Shuddup. I got proof of how OTP we are!

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