iPhone. Everybody seems to be going gaga over it. Within minutes after getting their hands on Apple’s latest gadget, psychotic fans started taking their units apart if only to see what exactly makes the phone…. satanic magical. It’s supposed to be a phone, iPod, internet communications device, ice-shaver, tampon, inflatable raft and man-made poisonous toad in one. Furthermore, you can dip it in water and the liquid can ‘apparently’ cure AIDS.

Wow. We really have come a long way. Just a few years ago, mobile phones were as big as Shaquille O’Neal’s testicles and boy, we know they’re huge! The idea of video-calling and laser keypads were so farfetched that no one anticipated we could eventually have a message tone of a four year old girl, cursing her brains out.

But I have to give it to Apple. They truly are marketing genuises. I mean, I won’t be surprised if in the future people would deem it a necessity to live in an iHouse, ride and iCar, eat only iFood and name their kids iDavid/iMaria or iParis Hilton. iCarramba!!!




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5 responses to “iWutt??

  1. sid

    extremely funny man…..iMaria lmao

    but i guess, Apple is really great at marketing. They only showcased the glossy parts of this phone and hid all the missing features behind the huge multi touch display.

  2. elsa

    i hate complicated gadgets. all i can managed is to take a pic, send a msg, make a call. anything else and i might make the thing explode. D:

    you’ve been to HK already???

  3. Unfortunately I have no idea about the size of Shaquille O’Neal’s testicles, but I imagine them to be as huge as watermelon, cuz WTH my first phone was a brick! lol

  4. but if there’s one thing about the iPhone I do not like is the fact that it doesn’t have 3G. It just dawned to me that Americans don’t 3G. WHUT. I’m waiting for the next generations cater for the Asian and European market because we’re 3G whores. 8Dv

  5. funnysexy

    @ sid

    thank you. hmm.. it never really occured to me that the iphone still had missing features!

    @ elsa

    i like the fact though that my phone can store mp3’s so i don’t have to have a separate player. ^__^ but other than that, i’m the same with you. it’s all about the calls and text messaging, baby!

    @ “Ryochan” (yeah right)

    honey, just close your eyes and i’m pretty sure your imagination will take you places as to how big Shaq’s testicles are.. 😀

    @ Lina

    why, hallo thaaarrr, leenuh!! How’ve you been? oh yes, unfortunately here, the use of 3G’s rather limited coz inter-network provider usage is not yet allowed. gay.

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