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Rush Hours = Major Suckage

I hate rush hours with a passion.

Well, who doesn’t? If you enjoy rubbing bodies with random strangers, who, more often than not smell strange, whilst waiting for the next stop of your train, chances are you had a screwed up childhood.

You see, I live in the Novaliches/Fairview area but my office is at Ortigas and I commute to and fro work (No, my ‘rents won’t allow me to rent a condo unit/apartment ‘coz I’m sheltered like that). To those who aren’t from Manila or Pinas, it’s like living in New York and working in Houston. My place is so far, I think we already have a different timezone here.

But that’s not the point. I don’t have a car and unlike in college, I can’t just ask for my dad to fetch anytime I want. So to get to my work, I have to take a jeepney to a nearby mall, then an FX to the MRT station, take the train and then another jeepney to my office. I, indeed am a winner.



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Boobies, boobies, where forth art thou?

I am flat-chested. To even quote my friend, “I’m so flat, I’m concave”.

Okay, I know I shouldn’t be making such a big deal about it because majority of Asian women have small breasts anyway but you know what, just for tonight allow me to. I’m an A-cup and quite honestly I always get teased about it. Maybe not so much because of their size but because I myself tend to make fun of my “booblets (little boobs)” anyway.



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Koreans for Sale!

I had an interesting conversation with my co-worker a few months back. He was telling me about how broke he was and wondering where the hell he’d get money from. Suddenly, a group of Koreans walked past us in a truly carefree manner, looking at the stars and laughing as if they were on the happy pill.

This made my co-worker comment:

“Kung puwede lang siguro magbenta ng mga Koreano, siguro ang yaman ko na! Takte, ang dami kasi nila dito eh. (If only I could sell Koreans, I bet I’d be filthy rich by now. Heck, look at them, they’re everywhere.)



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Let’s be BFF’s, please?

Don’t you sometimes wish you’re BFFs with someone you’ve seen on TV or watched in the movies? That compared to your current friends (whom you love with all your heart shuddup I don’t want to get in trouble here), they’re just exponentially cooler??

Well, you’re not alone ‘coz I’ve been thinking the same things. In fact, I figured I better just put ’em on my blog with the hope that the said people might stumble upon this entry and realize that I should be hanging out with them instead, spreading awesomeness together in this dark, forlorn world.

BFF #1: Sam Oh

I have actually met this girl a few months back and we would’ve started a great friendship if I wasn’t such an idiot and didn’t go “OMG! I love you! I always watch your show and I think you’re cool and great and please marry me yadda yadda yadda *bitchslapped*”. No kidding, I let the retard in me talk. She was really nice though, giggling at my silliness. Sam inspired me to do this list even. I mean, why would anyone NOT want to be BFFs with her? She’s bubbly and fun and triligual and a big dork and down to earth. I swear, I can think of 10 million other reasons why I wanna be BFFs with Sam Oh so if you’re reading this and you know her, please tell her about me. Sam, I totally see myself eating kimchi with you. Like totez.



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iPhone. Everybody seems to be going gaga over it. Within minutes after getting their hands on Apple’s latest gadget, psychotic fans started taking their units apart if only to see what exactly makes the phone…. satanic magical. It’s supposed to be a phone, iPod, internet communications device, ice-shaver, tampon, inflatable raft and man-made poisonous toad in one. Furthermore, you can dip it in water and the liquid can ‘apparently’ cure AIDS.

Wow. We really have come a long way. Just a few years ago, mobile phones were as big as Shaquille O’Neal’s testicles and boy, we know they’re huge! The idea of video-calling and laser keypads were so farfetched that no one anticipated we could eventually have a message tone of a four year old girl, cursing her brains out.

But I have to give it to Apple. They truly are marketing genuises. I mean, I won’t be surprised if in the future people would deem it a necessity to live in an iHouse, ride and iCar, eat only iFood and name their kids iDavid/iMaria or iParis Hilton. iCarramba!!!



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